Recent instances on the internet only a cynic, however, would certainly deny that, because that a fortnight, the darkness was put on hold. — Anthony Lan, The brand-new Yorker, 8 Aug. 2021 His Orioles space on a 19-game losing streak, their second skid lasting beyond a fortnight. — Nathan Ruiz,, 25 Aug. 2021 Djokovic has only to reduce one collection throughout the fortnight, in the opening round against British wild card Jack Draper. — Adam Zagoria, Forbes, 5 July 2021 however the most obvious and also inevitable choice was constantly Biden’s home state that Delaware — and also potentially dividing the fortnight between two various locations. — DÁnica Coto, ajc, 11 Aug. 2021 yet the most obvious and inevitable selection was constantly Biden"s residence state the Delaware — and potentially separating the fortnight between two different locations. — Jonathan Lemire and Aamer Madhani, USA TODAY, 11 Aug. 2021 beginning a fortnight that will influence his career’s trajectory immensely, Jamie Oleksiak is concentrated on the little things, and not so much on the big picture. — Matthew Defranks, Dallas News, 16 July 2021 with Marija Cicak officiating, the very first female chair umpire for a men’s last at a tournament that began in 1877, play began at center Court as the sun made a rare appearance during the fortnight, the skies visible in in between the clouds. — Howard Fendrich,, 11 July 2021 Sabalenka had actually never evolved past the fourth round that a cool Slam prior to this fortnight, despite winning 10 titles because 2018 and also rising come a present career high ranking of human being No.4. — Adam Zagoria, Forbes, 6 July 2021

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History and Etymology for fortnight

middle English fourtenight, change of fourtene night, from Old English fēowertȳne niht fourteen nights