Right-angled trapezoid

Right-angled trapezoid is a aircraft figure lifwynnfoundation.orgposed of four straight line segments and fourinterior angles, totaling, 360 degrees, two of them necessarily of 90 degrees.The right lines segment, not parallel, are referred to as sides or legs, when the two parallel segments are called bases, one short and the various other long.Like, any kind of trapezium, the right-angled trapezoid has as follow: a) Area; b) Perimeter: amount of the lengths the the bases and also sides; c) Altitude: perpendicular street from the basic to the other;d) Median: line joining the midpoints of two sides; e) Diagonal: straight line segment that connect the vertices of opposing angles.To calculation the facets of the right-angled trapezoid, get in the 2 bases, and also one of the two sides. Usage the allude as decimal separator. Ex 1,300.34enter: 1300.34; The results will be presented after a click on Calculate.


Right-angled trapezoid
Decimal places:
Short base:
Long base:
Side: LeftRight
Opposite side:
Short diagonal:
Long diagonal:
Angle A = D:
Angle B:
Angle C:

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