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CategoriesNooks and also cranniesYesteryearSemantic enigmasThe human body beautifulRed tape, white liesSpeculative scienceThis sceptred isleRoot of all evilEthical conundrumsThis sporting lifeStage and also screenBirds and the bees speculative SCIENCEIf any kind of number multiply by zero is zero, and any number separated by itself is one, and any number separated by zero is infinity, what is zero split by zero? ZERO split by zero is quite indeterminate. Because that if A is B times C, then A split by B is C. However zero is same to zero times any type of number whatever. Therefore zero divided by zero is any kind of number whatever. Ivor Etherington, Easdale, Argyll. MUST any kind of number multiply by zero always equal zero? once only digits are put to paper, it seems so, however when to express in simple language, a different result is possible: if you multiply the total value that the adjust in her pocket by zero, the original amount remains. An additional example of the result of tangible quantities: taking two circles who circumferences have been calculated indigenous their similar radii, and dividing the one of either right into the other will never acquire you to one. Jack Belck, USA (nbelck
siue.edu) to SAY that "any number split by zero is infinity" is not fairly correct. Considering typical arithmetic, the is not feasible to divide by zero. This is since "dividing by x" is really just a shorthand means of saying "calculating the lot which gives the original when multiplied by x". Because multiplying by zero always gives zero, we really cannot division anything non-zero by zero. In fact, remembering the "dividing through ..." is a shorthand for something involving multiplication, even dividing. The "infinity" notation is, in this sense, a convenient shorthand, yet not one the is universally valid. In short, if us remember the "division by" and "infinity" room convenient symbol that room sometimes, however not always, useful, climate it shouldn"t it is in too hard to believe that zero split by zero really is no definable. Dave Donaghy, bath (ddonahey
mltsa.uk.lucent.com) mathematics is an abstract language which defines the action of the points which we contact numbers. The reality that it have the right to be concerned the real civilization is fortuitous and convenient. However it is much from always the case. Pi is a number in any proper feeling (as as well is e - the number i talk around below). These numbers have actually an exciting property, amongst others - it is difficult to create them down, uneven you accept part error, since they save an unlimited "number" of digits. Therefore in any kind of "real" experiment one will constantly get into the chaos which Jack Belck describes (above). Top top the various other hand, 0/0 is undefined, no indeterminate. This could sound pedantic but leads come some vital consequences. The can method a certain value under given conditions and also only once those conditions are applied, for example if i take a role such as: f(x)=(1-exp(x))/x then when x=0: f(x=0)=-1, because although once x=0, f(x)=0/0 it viewpoints this value in an ordered way. Try it out through a item of graph record and a bag calculator, or do the Taylor expansion of exp(x). (Dr) Simon Evans, London (s.j.evans01
ic.ac.uk) The questioner is asking united state to follow through the consequences of some hypotheses in a basic number system. (They carry out not apply to any number device of any use, as defined by previous answers.) His 2nd hypothesis gives zero divided by zero equals one and the third gives zero divided by zero equates to infinity. Indigenous this we can instantly conclude that in any kind of number device satisfying his hypotheses, infinity is equal to one.If we additionally assume the "zero separated by zero" method "the distinctive number which gives zero when muliplied by zero", we see that zero is likewise equal come the common value the one and infinity, and also to any other number that may exist in the device under consideration.To sum up: under the conditions given, every number is equal to the exact same value, contact it zero, one, infinity or every little thing you like. Pelham Barton, Birmingham, UK Must any number multiplied by zero always equal zero?If you main point the full value of readjust in your pocket money,the original amount at some point remains. GAUTHAM, HYDERABAD INDIA add your answer

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