For the previous 37 years, Pat Sajak and Vanna White‘s special and unbreakable link both on-and-offscreen has kept Wheel that Fortune on-air as one of the longest-running game shows ever. “People at residence see the chemistry between Pat and me,” Vanna, 62, specifically told Closer Weekly in the magazine’s recent issue, ~ above newsstands now. “We are choose brother and sister, and also I think the is what provides it work.”

“It’s like lightning in a bottle,” Pat as soon as said of their friendship. Vanna added, “We’ve never had one argument.”

Vanna was just 25 year old when she very first auditioned to star alongside Pat, 72, top top the hit game show back in 1982. “She determined to put everything she had actually into acquiring that job,” biographer Marianne Robin-Tani told Closer. “Vanna has a sweetness, an all-American, girl-next-door demeanor. Merv Griffin automatically saw she appeal.” Pat, on the various other hand, wasn’t so sure about Vanna as his cohost. “She seems like a nice, sweet girl. The too bad she’ll never obtain hired because that anything,” he claimed at the time. Clearly, he was wrong!

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In 1989, pat married his 2nd wife, photographer Lesly Brown, and also the pair had actually two children, kid Patrick, 28, and daughter Maggie, 24. Vanna moved on through restaurateur George Santo Pierto — v whom she shares youngsters Nicolas, 24, and Giovanna, 22 — yet they divorce in 2002.

Today, Vanna stays in Los Angeles through her boyfriend, man Donaldson, and Pat resides in Maryland through his family however the 2 stars quiet come together four days every month to movie Wheel the Fortune and also will proceed to perform so until at the very least 2022. In the past, they’ve claimed that when they execute leave the long-running game show, they’ll carry out it together. “I can’t imagine being up there v someone else,” Vanna has actually said.

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