Sorry if this has actually been posted before, yet I have the right to never gain a directly answer on this. I hear, "no, it's illegal", "yes, nothing native the cats back is fine." Anyone? will I fail emissions and also inspection? Thanks!


I lived in Houston for years through a catless h pipe and also straight v exhaust. Passed emissions annually as well. As lengthy as you have the rear o2 sensors turned turn off (tune or MIL eliminators) friend are good to go!

Damn. I didn't think an off-road pipe would certainly pass. That's awesome. I'm obtaining ready to install part aftermarket cats to quiet mine down. Long tubes, off-road xpipe and flows room a little loud.

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How the hell have you managed to gain an inspection? ns live in university Station, and also I can't acquire my fucking automobile inspected anywhere. I've obtained an off road X-pipe with solitary chamber mufflers, and no one will also touch my car.

I believe you are forced to have actually mufflers. Many counties have db boundaries or legislations that can penalize friend on an exhaust the is too loud. Staying clear of to the law, a muffler is one emissions device. Even installing aftermarket mufflers is technically grey area illegal. Regulation enforcement often tends to look at away here in Texas. What year is her car? A straightforward obd2 inspect is every they examine on emissions if 96 or newer. When I stayed in Austin, I had a 5 gas analyzer inspect my low and high idle numbers. Yet it to be a 93 jeep yj 4.0 obd1. Removed mufflers lower back pressure, however I don't think you'll litter a examine engine light. In my county there space no emissions checks.

I evaluate the reply. I'm in a '14. My mechanic I usage to take it my old Mustang to stated it's legal, i think it varies county by county? ns was walk to take it them into a shop and also have them electro polished because they're no really shiny and also just have em install while it's there. Assumption: v I'll discover out tomorrow.

I don't think that's legal. I'm running X pipe and also roush exhaust and it's plenty loud. Ns honestly can't imagine having actually anything louder.

Just acquire yourself some "pass thru" mufflers and also you'll be good to go.

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