DUBUQUE, Iowa (lifwynnfoundation.org) — when some people may pick to put metal studs on their winter tires to combat the ice and snow, the Iowa DOT claims these studs space not necessary and also can even reason damage come roads.

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However, Dubuque publicly Works says they have not checked out much damages to roads led to by studded tires. Manager of public Works, john Klosterman says he has actually not also seen many world using studded tires anyway.

“Studded tires to be really renowned one time. It appears that popular isn’t fairly there now, yet as that relates come the roads over the years us really haven’t seen damage related.”

Kevin Hennings of Tandem tires in Dubuque has his own theory as to why studded tires may have dropped in demand.

“With the method snow tires are made today they have actually a hill rating top top them and that is together a an excellent tire you really don’t require studs.”

Hennings likewise explains though, that because of the hills in Dubuque some vehicles, like mail trucks and school buses, may benefit from studded tires.

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The state that Iowa enables studded tires during the months of November with March up until the very first of work April.