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Located out in the Pacific Ocean, the islands of Hawaii space rich in wildlife. Yep, a motley crew the mammals, birds, and also marine creatures live in and around America’s 50th state, from rarely monk seals to mongooses, humpback whales come handsome honeycreepers. Yet are there snakes in Hawaii? Well, yes and also no…

Because this speck ~ above the USA map is therefore darn remote, almost all of Hawaii’s larger mammals and insects have actually been presented to the islands either straight or indirect by humans. Hawaii is home to a an extremely delicate ecosystem and also it’s feared that the introduction of snakes could have a disastrous effect on the region’s organic environment. Border patrols and also conservationists have gone to great lengths come ensure serpents don’t gain a foothold here.

So, there are just two species of snake recognized to live in Hawaii, neither of which intimidates the local ecosystem. What’s more, punishments because that importing snakes are currently pretty severe, including a good of as much as $200,000 or 3 years in prison. However some snakes can just have actually made it with the net, and there’s a thin chance you might encounter among the following…

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Garter snake

Brahminy blind snake

Blaine Hansel, CC by 2.0 via Wikimedia Commons

There have actually been two instances in i beg your pardon a delivery of Christmas tree from the United states has carried Hawaii the unwanted present of a garter snake. In 2004, a 13-inch garter line was found at a supermarket when a delivery of the festive items to be unloaded indigenous a shipping container. The Christmas trees had actually been ceded from a company in Oregon. In 2020, an additional garter snake was discovered inside a delivery of Christmas trees, despite on this chance the line was injured in transit and died shortly after arriving in Hawaii.

The garter line is commonly found throughout north America. Though they are venomous, they’re considered to be basically harmless come humans. The gift of the garter snake is a very weak neurotoxin and they can only develop a very tiny quantity of the stuff, i do not have anything near enough to do any kind of serious harm to a person. That said, their bites have the right to be painful and lead to swelling; hardly the finest start to a sun-splashed vacation on the Na Pali Coast, eh?

How perform snakes gain to Hawaii?

In most cases snakes room accidentally imported into Hawaii either within cargo shipments or inside planes or boats that come indigenous other countries or islands where snakes are common. The only snake to with Hawaii through its own means is the yellow-bellied sea line which lives mainly in the waters about Hawaii. Over there may likewise be black industry traders that import snakes to be kept as illegal pets, despite the serious risk of punishment.

Are there any kind of dangerous snake in Hawaii?

Of the two snakes that live in Hawaii, it’s the yellow-bellied sea line is the most dangerous, producing a an effective venom that is capable of death a person. The brahminy blind snake, however, is just one of the world’s smallest and also poses no danger to humans.

Are there any type of snakes aboriginal to Hawaii?

There are no snakes native to Hawaii. Of the two species of snake the live ~ above Hawaii, one to be accidentally introduced, whilst the other swam indigenous the waters the the Indo-Pacific. All other snakes discovered in Hawaii have actually either to be accidentally or illegally imported.

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How come there are no snake in Hawaii?

There room snakes in Hawaii, yet only people that have been accidentally introduced by human beings over the centuries. There are no snakes normally living in Hawaii because the islands are so isolated native the remainder of the world and much the the neighborhood fauna evolved separately come creatures throughout phibìc America, south America, Africa, Asia, and also Europe.

Why room snakes illegal in Hawaii?

Keeping snakes as pets in Hawaii is illegal since of the potential impact that snakes can have ~ above the herbal ecosystem the the islands. Snakes more than likely wouldn’t have actually a natural predator here, so they might devastate the food chain through eating also much, seeing their populace numbers explode past control.