At the very least two Connecticut lawmakers space bringing earlier a proposal come return tolls come the state’s highways."data-ellipsis="false">

Two years back Connecticut lawmakers to be unable to find the votes because that Gov. Ned Lamont’s digital toll proposal, now the unique transportation money is walk broke, however will tolls be part of the solution? At least two lawmakers desire to resurrect tolls from the politics graveyard.

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“We knew that the transportation fund was running out of dough last year,” Lamont stated Monday during his everyday press briefing.

It’s been increased by the pandemic and also the reduction in automobile traffic and rise in electric vehicle ownership.

“We probably are walking to acquire a couple hundred million dollars indigenous the feds for transportation related aid so we have a little bit of time so us can manage through this. The legislature’s walking to have to make up their mind on this,” Lamont said.



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The governor claimed he will certainly propose methods to advanced revenue because that the special transportation fund in February during his budget plan address.

In the meantime, at the very least two lawmakers want to recovery the debate over tolls.

“There’s a many fiscal uncertainty as we go into this upcoming session yet one point that is absolutely clean is that the special transportation money is unsustainable in its present form,” Sen. Will certainly Haskell, a Democrat from Wilton, said.

The distinct transportation money is where all the money to boost Connecticut’s roadways comes from and also it’s funded by the gas tax and other sales taxes.

“I’m a big believer in the reality that you can’t complain about a trouble unless you propose a solution to the problem,” Haskell said.

Haskell’s equipment is installing electronic tolls top top interstates 84, 91, 95, and portions of route 15.

He knows it’s unlikely to go anywhere yet that doesn’t matter.

“Legislators have actually one month a year to show our constituents and also to present voters that we’re serious about addressing the difficulties that Connecticut occupants face. The other 11 months a year are committed to compromise and also negotiation,” Haskell said.

Patrick Sasser, founder of No Tolls CT, said: “I’m not sure why they want to go this route once we the civilization have to be begging for the previous two years for our lawmakers come dig right into why the costs of DOT space so high.”

Sasser stated it’s frustrating that lawmakers would certainly raise the worry again this year.

“Before we go placing up these tolls, prior to we start taxing people one more tax to drive on the highways, we need to be looking in ~ where have the right to we minimize costs,” the said.

“Let’s destruction into how we deserve to make these projects an ext affordable and how we can do it within our means," he added.

Haskell trust tolls is a fairer means to charge customers of Connecticut"s roadways for their use.

“It’s simply not true that if you poll for tolls you shed at the polls,” Haskell said.

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Lamont decreased to say just how he plans to raise revenue to support the special transportation fund yet it i will not ~ be tolls.

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