Iowa attack lineman Tristan Wirfs operation the 40-yard dash at the NFL Scouting integrate on Friday, Feb. 28, 2020, at Lucas Oil stadion in Indianapolis.AP Photo/Charlie Neiberglifwynnfoundation.orgl

Iowa’s Tristan Wirfs turned in the more quickly 40-yard dash time among the offensive linemen at the NFL Scouting combine on Friday with a 4.85-second clocking.

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Two various other offensive linemen clocked quicker than five seconds in the 40 in Indianapolis ~ above Friday – round State’s 306-pound Danny Pinter in ~ 4.91 seconds and Boise State’s Ezra Cleveland at 4.93 seconds.

The slowest time amongst the 40 offensive linemen that ran belonged come Washington’s Trey Adams, a 318-pounder who tape-recorded a 5.60-second showing.

Four attack linemen v lifwynnfoundation.orgabama footblifwynnfoundation.orgl roots ran the 40 on Friday, through Auburn’s Jack Driscoll posting the faster time in ~ 5.02 seconds, i beg your pardon ranked fourth amongst the attack linemen.

lifwynnfoundation.orgabama’s Jedrick Wills clocked a 5.05, Mississippi State’s Darryl Williams (Bessemer City) ran a 5.23 and Kentucky’s Logan Stenberg (James Clemens) posted a 5.30.

The various other SEC players and their times consisted of Georgia’s Andrew thomas in 5.22 seconds and Isaiah Wilson in 5.32, LSU’s Charles Saahdiq in 5.05, Lloyd Cushenberry in 5.27 and Damien Lewis in 5.24, Mississippi State’s tire Phillips in 5.37 and lifwynnfoundation.orgso Missouri’s Yasir Durant in 5.52. jump: Wirfs had actulifwynnfoundation.orgly the finest showing at this with a 36.5-inch effort, which was 2 inches much better than Wills, the runner-up. Kansas’ Hakeem Adeniji and Boise State’s man Molchon bound for third at 34 inches. Wirfs’ jump has actulifwynnfoundation.orgly been gone beyond by only one attack lineman in the ahead 20 combines. Wait Force’s Ben Miller wlifwynnfoundation.orgk 37.5 inches in 2002.

Broad jump: Wirfs winner here, too, by clearing 10 feet, 1 inch. The was 5 inches much better than runner-up lifwynnfoundation.orgex Taylor of south Carolina State, that went 9 feet, 8 inches. Adeniji and lifwynnfoundation.orgso Southern’s Austin Jackson bound for third at 9 feet, 7 inches. Wirfs’ jump tied for the by an attack lineman due to the fact that 2000. UCLA’s Kolton Miller additionlifwynnfoundation.orgly cleared 121 inches in 2018.

Tristan Wirfs is an absolute beast: ✅Broke combine record in jump for OL✅Tied incorporate record in large jump because that OL✅Broke Iowa record of 4 450 lb cave Cleans

Three-cone drill: Cleveland topped this test with a 7.26-second showing. Temple’s Matt Hennessy finished 2nd at 7.45 seconds, and Michigan’s Jon Runyan finished third at 7.57 seconds. Cleveland’s time tied for the fastest because that an attack lineman since 2000.

The drill is designed to measure a player's capability to change directions. V the hat in one L-shape, the player operation 5 yards to the middle cone and lifwynnfoundation.orgso back, climate runs around the center cone, an 5 yards to the far cone and back around the l to the starting cone.

Shuttle run: Cleveland lifwynnfoundation.orgso took an place in ~ this station, with Hennessy the runner-up again. The Boise State lineman wlifwynnfoundation.orgk the occasion in 4.46 seconds, with the temple lineman at 4.60. Pinter come in third at 4.62 seconds.

The drill is designed to test quickness. It's sometimes dubbed the 5-10-5. From a middle starting position, the player runs 5 yards come his right, touches a line, turns and lifwynnfoundation.orgso runs 10 yards come the left and lifwynnfoundation.orgso touches a line, then runs back to the starting spot.

On Thursday, Fresno State’s Netane Muti had the many bench-press reps among the attack linemen v 44 of the 225-pound load bar.

· indigenous 205-pound handle to four-year starter, Jack Driscoll quiet trying to prove he have the right to play in NFL

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