If you own a red eared slider, provide it the nutrient it demands to thrive. Back the red eared slider has a lengthy lifespan and is straightforward to care for, helping it have actually a healthier body is a big boon.

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Red eared slider food in the wild are small fish, rotting animals and other aquatic creatures. They room a carnivore and also the red eared slider food list consists of primarily meat. Yet as lock age, they often tend to become omnivores.

So providing the best red eared slider food is what owers must be in the very first place. Selecting the right red eared slider food diet will certainly make your pet a lot of healthier and also happier.

Below is a perform of 10 finest food for a red eared slider we have actually selected the most carefully and also objectively.


Top 10 best Red Eared Slider Food testimonial 2021

Top 10 best Red Eared Slider Food testimonial 2021

#1 Fluker’s Aquatic turtle Buffet mix Food


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The very first item top top this list originates from Fluker’s. They are a famous pet manufacturer and what they have been transferring to customers is unquestionable.

This product is not just the finest food for infant red eared slider, but additionally ideal food for grown-ups. It has what food can a red eared slider eat and also all the essential nutrients and also minerals for your pet.

This feed comes in a pellet kind and blended with mealworms, freeze-dried shrimp. These include what your red eared slider needs, friend don’t need the enhancement of various other nutrients.

However, you re welcome follow the feeding overview from the manufacturer. Lock recommend that you only feed the red eared slider as soon as a day. Carry out not overfeed them, as much as 5 times a week.

#2 Zoo Med Block Value fill for Aquatic Turtle


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Zoo Med is absolutely a popular name and also the assets from them space a safe choice for her pet. And also this item native the household is taken into consideration the best alternate food because that red eared slider turtles.

It is not a common food for everyday red eared slider yet it is a an excellent choice come supplement her pet’s nutrition. This food is also suitable for your pet to eat when you space away because that a long time or to readjust the taste, wake up the appetite because that red eared slider.

This block has calcium and minerals vital for red eared slider development. You can throw it directly into the tank the the red eared slider and also they won’t have any type of trouble eat it.

However, the red eared slider should not be consumed too often.

#3 Wardley Premium Amphibian and also Reptile Sticks


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Wardley’s not a renowned producer choose Zoo Med’s or Fluker’s, yet they likewise have a lot of an excellent products. Because that example, this premium floating sticks. This is food red eared sliders can eat and also love come eat.

This is a food that includes all the nutrients necessary by red eared sliders. It also has a nutty sufficient flavor and scent that the red eared sliders can not refuse. The is likewise a food to use every work for her pet.

This food will add calcium, vitamins and several various other minerals to assistance the healthy expansion of red eared sliders. You can be assured that the safety of this product as it is make from safe ingredients and also does no contain food coloring.

However, it will certainly make it an overwhelming for you to clean the tank the red eared sliders because this food will be really crumbled and also crushed when it meets the water.

#4 Tetra 29254 ReptoMin Floating Food Sticks


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If you room looking for ideal food because that my red eared slider and can play a duty as great as a red eared slider turtle baby food climate this is a reasonable choice. This red eared slider food native Tetra is certain to make you happy.

These food sticks for red eared slider contain sufficient proteins, vitamins and other nutrients necessary for tortoise growth. Particularly supporting a healthy shell and also healthy cradle system.

The ingredients of this product incorporate red eared slider food they can eat and taste delicious. This floating sticks are simple to eat and contain no coloring and also are really safe for your pet.

However, like other floating sticks, castle will likewise contaminate the water and also make it difficult to clean her tank.

#5 Hikari Saki tortoise Food


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What is a red eared slider favourite food? The answer lies in this Hikari Saki tortoise Food. This is the food that plenty of red eared slider owners select for their pets. It includes all the nutrients and is for sure for the wellness of red eared slider.

These foodstuffs contain red eared slider food vegetables such as dried seaweed, oregano oil, cinnamon bark oil, and also garlic. It likewise contains countless other nutritious ingredients, especially vitamins and probiotics. Specially support the wellness of her pet’s digestive system.

Unlike various other foods, this product has actually a special framework so that it does not contaminate the water and is difficult to clean. They likewise do not cause unpleasant odors if left in the tank the the red eared slider.

However the size of the pellets is one issue, that is the appropriate size for baby red eared sliders, yet to an adult the pellets seem pretty crumb.

#6 Exo Terra Adult Aquatic tortoise Food


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This product is one ideal an option for adult turtles, it has a red eared slider food chart the is claimed to be quite balanced for your pet. Native there, avoid leading to obesity or lack of nutrition for red eared slider.

This product is a red eared slider tank food perfect for adults. These pellets have actually a floating framework on the surface ar of the water. They do not reason confusion once dropped right into the tank and also do not work out to the bottom. They will float top top the water and also your red eared sliders will be able to easily enhance these.

This food contains a balanced nutrition between vegetables and shrimp, it likewise contains minerals and also vitamins. The smells a little, however, and not every red eared sliders love them.

#7 Fluker’s Freeze-Dried flow Shrimp


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If you are looking for herbal food for red eared slider turtle then this is the finest choice. The river shrimp is among the renowned natural feeding of the red eared sliders and also this product is the completely dry flow shrimp.

This kind of food is a nutritious supplement for your pet. It contains amino acids, proteins and also other nutrients that match the wellness of red eared sliders.

It is suitable for all ages of red eared sliders. The river shrimp is a for sure feed situated in the infant red eared slider food list. As soon as they space dried, castle retain their nutritional value.

You have the right to chop or save the form of these dried shrimp to enhance the mouth that the red eared sliders.

However, this dried shrimp have the right to break throughout transport so they end up being quite shredded in the tank. And you will find them smell quite unpleasant and also should no be left in the tank for long.

#8 Zoo Med organic Aquatic tortoise Food


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If her baby red eared sliders are having a problem with development then these food pellets will aid you resolve the problem. This is a food that will administer a decent amount that protein for your pet, especially baby red eared sliders.

More specifically, this product consists of seeds with various textures. These seeds all contain a details amount the protein an ideal for different growth stages. These encompass hatchling, growth, and also maintenance formulas.

You don’t should break this pellets to fit the mouths that the red eared sliders, the pellets come in an ideal sizes. And also the pellets room all floating ~ above the water.

However, these pellets cannot continue to be afloat because that long. They will certainly crumble and settle come the bottom making the harder to clean the tank.

#9 Zilla Reptile Munchies Mix Treat


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This is suitable vitamin complement for maturation red eared sliders. Red eared sliders will convert their diet right into omnivorous ~ maturity, therefore supplementing with fruit nutrition is essential.

This product is herbal frozen fruit, tho retaining full of nutrients. It provides vitamins, minerals and a well-balanced diet for her pet.

To use it properly, you need to water this frozen fruit before dropping it into a tank that red eared sliders. You additionally do not should use added tools to save in the frozen refrigerator after opened the package.

However, plenty of red eared sliders carry out not gain the taste of fruit and eat really little.

#10 TetraFauna ReptoTreat Suprema Food Supplement


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Key come this list space the food sticks from Tetra and it’s a safe and also delicious addition to your red eared sliders. Feed her pet this food pole a few times a week and you will see their health improve.

The key ingredients of this feed room shrimp and also mollusks. They administer nutrition, protein and also other minerals for your pet.

You will view that these sticks room red-orange in color yet that is not because of food coloring. The ingredient that consist of this food sticks are all natural and also so are their colors, as result of beta-carotene, an ingredient that gives carrots the orange color.

It comes through a box through a sturdy lid and you don’t should worry around storing it. However, you have to not leaving these foodstuffs in the tank for lengthy as they will certainly break the red eared sliders dirty and difficult to clean.

How regularly Should ns Feed my Red Eared Sliders?

Read more from lifwynnfoundation.org:

Many red eared sliders owners carry out not know just how to correctly feed their pets. If you feed them also much, the will lead to overnutrition and also waste that food. Overfeeding too small causes nutritional deficiencies associated consequences.

So girlfriend really need to find out about feeding schedules for red eared sliders.

With young red eared sliders, this is the period when the body needs a many nutrition for the most an extensive development. You also need to feeding red eared sliders more often than adults.

You should feed baby red eared sliders daily, preferably if they space active. The appropriate time is morning or afternoon, as soon as their digestive mechanism is at its best and they are awake.

Choose among them to feeding them. Lock don’t eat too numerous meals like other pets so simply one meal is enough.

The infant red eared sliders additionally need the addition of various other nutrients, especially calcium and also vitamins. Don’t forget to provide them 2 or 3 meals a week with these supplements.

For tires red eared sliders, you don’t should feed castle every day. Feed them every other day or 5 meals a week with daily food. You can additionally give them a supplement from time to time come stimulate your appetite.


What options Food deserve to Red Eared Sliders Eat?

In enhancement to turtle-specific foods, red eared sliders have the right to eat a range of alternate foods. So red eared sliders owners deserve to use these alternate foods come feed their pets to readjust taste, supplement nutrition or temporarily use when the daily food runs out.

When young, red eared sliders have a meaty diet. In the wild, they feeding on little fish, worms, tadpoles, snails and a few other little aquatic animals.

You have the right to feed these young snails, small natural fish or any other aquatic organism the is safe for the red eared sliders’ digestive system.

As lock mature, the red eared sliders will add vegetables and also fruits to their food list. Indigenous predators, they become omnivores and also their diet becomes much more balanced.

Aside from alternate foods prefer baby red eared sliders, adults can additionally eat a selection of other vegetables.

Green vegetables, lettuce, carrots or sweet potatoes room typical options to a tires red eared slider. Besides, fruit such together apples, bananas, mangoes, blueberries, peaches, strawberry or pears are additionally an right choice.

The good news is that these alternatives are straightforward to find and also inexpensive. Providing your pet this substitute a couple of times a main is additionally a great way to an increase his appetite.

Final Verdict

The red eared sliders are simple to breed, long-lasting animals, however that doesn’t mean you don’t should feed castle the best diet. Any kind of red eared slider should provide the right nutrition because that a healthy and balanced body.

After picking the finest feed for a red eared slider, don’t forget to feed them through a reasonable feeding time. You should also consider the stage of their expansion to develop a perfect diet.

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