Дэлхийн зах зээл дээр гарахын төлөө ажилла(монгол гэдэг улсыг дэлхийд таниулахын төлөө),зөвхөн монголын хүрээнд сэтгэхээ боль!!!

"between she and me" (wrong)"between her and me"(Correct)between” is a preposition. That means it starts a prepositional phrase. Because that instance: I obtained a flat tire in between here and the office. “Between here and also the office” is the phrase.Prepositions are followed by “objects. Never “subjects. Andsay… in between her and also meGrammar Guide: Why "Between You and also I" is a big Mistake
Just between you and me, a really bad error in English is all led to by the word “between.”
For part unknown reason, too many of world want to say: between you and also I… in between she and also I… between me and him… between he and also I… every one of these are, the course, WRONG.

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The indigenous “between” is a preposition. A preposition is a native like: in, of, on, about, after, - and a lot more. A prepositional expression is prefer the following: in the store, of mine own, top top the bus, etc.
So, “between” is a preposition. That method it starts a preposition phrase. Because that instance: I gained a level tire in between here and also the office. “Between here and the office” is the phrase.
Now a word about manners. This is not really a grammar rule, but one of classic manners. Simply as it’s polite to hold a door open up for someone else, in a preposition phrase, put the other human being first, then yourself.
Sentences 2 and 5 are incorrect. Sentence 3 need to read “between them and also us,” placing the various other party before ourselves.
EZ Grammar overview is supposed to it is in a non-technical, straightforward explanation of common errors found in written English.Between you and me
In typical English, it’sgrammaticallycorrect come say ‘between you and me’ andincorrectto to speak ‘between you and I’. The reason for this is that aprepositionsuch asbetweenshould be followed by anobjective pronoun(such asme,him,her, andus) quite than asubjective pronoun(such asI,he,she, andwe). Speak ‘between you and also I’ is grammaticallyequivalentto speak ‘between him and she’, or ‘between we’, which space bothclearlywrong.

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People make this mistake because they know it’s no correct to say, for example, ‘John and me went to the shops’. They recognize that the correct sentence would certainly be ‘John and I saw the shops’. Yet they then wrongly assume that the words ‘and me’ must be changed by ‘and I’ in all cases.

“Your time is limited, don’t garbage it life someone else’s life. Don’t it is in trapped through dogma, which is living the an outcome of other people’s thinking. Don’t allow the noise of various other opinions drown your very own inner voice. And also most important, have the courage to follow your heart and also intuition, castle somehow currently know what friend truly want to become. Every little thing else is secondary.”