1 In the End

This to be the first Black Veil Brides tune I ever before heard and the song which conserved my life on 3 occasions. It way more come me than any other song. No many people know this. It has actually so much meaning; it"s the command vocalist singing about how he to be bullied in high college so badly the he had to relocate schools & residence several times, his household recieved death threats, his house was graffiti-ed on, etc. And it really relocated me and also many others. Purchase me right into the black Veil Brides "fandom" and also I will never regret it.

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It"s around people gift judged, and even though they space misunderstood, they"ll stick together to wake up for what they believe in. The video is basically Andy explaining exactly how he have the right to relate come his fans and how he to know what they space going through due to the fact that of his non-traditional appearance. His key message is "Never give In," i m sorry is pretty encouraging.

I have been a fan because 2009 and knives and pens has always been one of my favourites adhered to by perfect weapon and fallen angels. The tune itself is for this reason catchy and also sends shivers down my rotate every time ns listen to it. The etc is amazing and also even though the song is fairly old contrasted to newer songs out, i personally think that this tune has obtained metal,rock and also pop all mixed in come one if you know what ns mean.

Yes, say thanks to you, it has actually such a story and a an excellent message, so much talent was put into these lyrics, and also guitar playing, singing, etc. The video is also an extremely meaningful too. However my favourite thing around it is the lyrics, I just love it. I might explain it, however it would certainly take as well long.

3 Fallen Angels

Dude black veil brides room the best band ever. Please angels has actually 2 be there ideal song I have actually been hearne 2 black color veil brides from the start and also I absoultley think this tune is simply the most amazing track ever. We scream er scream we are the please angels. Hard song 2 acquire out of her head LOVE IT.

This song changed my life and probably additionally saved it. Black Veil Brudes space the ideal band in the world and also deserve a much bigger military than they already have; ns am certainly a dedicated member. Give thanks to you so lot Andy, i love girlfriend with all of my heart, an ext than anything.

Don"t really favor the music video. Appears cheesy and also a bit.. Well, fake. But the tune itself is ok. It"s the finest they have. Deserves to be the number 1.Sorry if others execute disagree. Didn"t mean any type of mean/rude etc -ness, indigenous the comment.Just one opinion.

It"s a an excellent song ns loved it. Black veil brides yes, really rocks and the video, its at sight cool and Andrew (Andy 6) clearly rocked as usual.

4 Perfect Weapon

The best and probably heaviest black Veil Brides song, the guitar solos, vocals, bass, its all really great quality music. Love the intro v Andy Biersack screaming, also the music video clip is top notch. AMAZING. Have to be number 1.

This tune is amazing! i really destruction it, the screaming vocals, and definition behind the lyrics, together with the etc riffs are choose magic when put together!

Really cool song, specifically the intro component - the very first long scream, and the chorus of this track is simply amazing.

Never liked screamo until I heard black color Veil Brides. I love the scream in ~ the beginning. It"s pure, exciting rock. I"d love to have the ability to do that.

5 Rebel Love Song

This has like 4-5 different rhythms and also it is literally for this reason cool that they tied all of them into one song. It"s very... Attractive to say the least. I obtain it stuck in mine head often and listening come it again doesn"t help. It"s a very relatable tune to also those that don"t hear to BVB ~ above a continuous basis. Superb song - and also that"s come say the least.

This is the best song they ever had.. Why?.. Because I reallyx2 love this song. Once I watch this music video I love they style because they use complete black clothes and also they attract they challenge likejoker... Come on men vote this band... And that"s all from me...

Best song by lock the music is good come one guys! This is great it an excellent for number 1 or 2 perhaps behind fallen angels which is pretty great too.

Loved it! Awesome guitar too. Entirely deserves it"s ar in optimal 10 songs. Yet I don"t favor the cover despite or their lengthy hair which renders them look choose girls should really readjust it

6 Sweet Blasphemy

I love how they say, "Through sadness you have actually taught us to be one through the crowd/Unveil the spiritual order, hymns of falling down/You called the best stories, the love and also bleeding crowns/But to the sick and hungry, you cannot be found." It"s choose they"re thanking your fans for opened their eyes, and also teaching them new things about life.

Sweet Blasphemy"s definition is hard to tell but it is strong and there... Most people don"t realize the track is about fighting against what civilization want you come be and also standing up because that yourself and what you wish to believe in... The tune is purely amazing

This song has the most catchy and progressed guitar part on we Stitch this Wounds. It"s very mature contrasted to the various other songs on the first album.

This song must be Number 1... The starting really kills and also that builds as much as a perfect song.

7 The Legacy

"The tradition born indigenous a dreamHold other wings climbed from the streetsIt will be our destiny"These were simply the present of a perfect goth steel bands.People go not acquire this song as that is lied in#6.Otherwise the is the best song from them.

It"s a really meaningful song. I love this tune as it"s about how they to be nothing at one time and now... Currently look at them, they"re a lot an ext popular and have a huge fanbase. I"m proud come say I"m apart of it - most of the time.

Best song ever before chorus is remarkable I haven"t heard a far better song 보다 The Legacy and the guitars are favor the best ever this track kills best ever ns cannot understand exactly how this is not an initial make it first!

I think that this is their best song!It"s just EPIC! The music, the lyrics! They"re every awesome! i love the breakdown before the solo! Jake"s solo together well! AND! ns love Jinxx"s component after Jake"s! and the epos CC"s north intro is beast!

8 shed It All

It"s so beautiful. It"s black Veil Brides" means of saying the it"s okay to it is in sad sometimes and it"s okay that we fall down. This song was therefore beautiful, therefore calm and sad in the beginning and gradually building up in the middle and finally finishing off through "I believe that we all fall down. " i am very surprised the this isn"t in ~ the top!

I cannot even begn to explain how impressive this track is! It offered me the emotion of every little thing is going to be okay, it"s okay to it is in sad, and I just- that blog post just offered me love and hope and I love the tune so much, not to mention the beautiful piano and the video clip itself and also the violin and also just everything around it to be perfect

This track is for this reason beautiful. I love the patience atmosphere however then it choose up speed and also gets a little more catchy. The lyrics typical a many to part people and also makes them think in themselves. For sure amazing and should be higher on this list.

The many uplifting tune ever..You merely cannot get any better, I"ve listened to this song numerous times and also get goose bump every time ns hear it. Honestly, the critical minute is what have the right to save lives... "I think that we all autumn down sometimes... (killer solo)... " a must listen

9 Coffin

Musically, this is probably Black Veil Brides" best song. Everything around it is good. Andy"s singing and also screaming improved and also the guitar work-related is excellent, the back-up vocals are amazing, the base playing is a lot better than their various other songs. And also of course, CC"s drumming is the best.

I"m happy to know that hope in mankind is no all lost. This song is among their best, and also I am proud of my fellow military members for keeping it in the top 10. I personally think the belongs in the peak 5, yet that"s just my opinion. Save voting the up, amazing peoples

This one, every the way. Over there is something about the method the whole band theatre it. Jinxx"s soft piano intro, CC"s crashing drums, Jake"s roaring guitar solo, Ashley"s perfect bass and ago up vocals, and also Andy"s angry, no hope voice. It"s just perfect. Ideal BVB song yet!

Love the song need to be number one love the music video love and miss the old black color Veil Brides however love the new one to don"t hate me love the whole music video clip and love difficult core screaming to.

10 Savior

Without this song and this band ns wouldn"t be alive today. It sound pathetic, yet this band really has and continues to save me and keep me going. Give thanks to you to black veil brides for constantly being there for me when no one was and helping me express how I feel through your music. Helping me recognize to and solve the difficulties that ns wouldn"t even admit come myself. Every little thing that they do and say inspires me and I love them so much.Thank you to Andy because that being my Savior...

Savior need to be in the height 5 since without this song and also this tape my life would be pointless. There are other good songs the ROCK choose Knives and also Pens, collapse Angels, Perfect Weapon, and also In the End, but I personally think that this song need to be in the peak 5!

"Savior" is inspiring as with a the majority of their songs(I.E. Knives and also Pens, Never offer In, lost It All.. Etc.), yet I believe it must be higher in ranking because it shows more on how the BVB Army and also fans in general, even civilization who aren"t have to fans, that they aren"t alone and also BVB could not it is in able to aid ALL your fans because they"re busy.. But I know that they shot to assist out as much as lock can because they truly care.

This tune is so.. Native can"t even start to describe how much I love this song. It moves me come tears every time i listen to it, especially the "So hear my voice remind you no to bleed." line. It really tells a straightforward and also motivating message.

11 The Mortician"s Daughter

I think it is awesome! similar to all over there songs yet this one which it is simply so touching! Love black color Veil Brides for this reason MUCH! and also my favorite text from this tune are "I love you more than i can ever before scream" and "I sit there and also smile dear, i smile because I think the you and also I blush"!

Every time ns hear this, ns smile choose a small kid again. I laugh a actual smile, no a fake one I show to culture to prevent the very same question: space you okay?This song provides me the acquainted feeling that a an initial grade crush, which provides me therefore happy.

This track is different compared to your usual work, but I love it. That is therefore touching and sweet. You feeling happy and also relaxed as soon as you hear it, you feeling peaceful. It is simply amazing, at the very least in the height 5 in my opinion.

This the many amazing tune ever. I heard Knives and Pens then checked this out, and fell in love! ns love Andy for this reason much! He"s adorable and this song simply makes him even an ext attractive, it yes, really hit house with me, i love it

12 We Stitch these Wounds

I"m brand-new to this tape - I"ve only been listening to them for around 4 month - ish now however the very first song ns listened to was this and also I just fell in love. The an interpretation these guys put behind your songs room amazing and also honestly - once I feel down or alone i think of these guys and also there is constantly a track that helps me in the situation. Certainly a song worth listening to. Jas/z

This song is method more epic than Knives and Pens. I know Knives and also Pens has actually an great music video, but this tune is just better. It has great screamo, and also the beginning draws friend in. This song makes you listen to black color Veil Brides.

I absolutely love Knives and also Pens, however this top it in my opinion. The intro is dramatic and also epic! great lyrics. And also awesome etc riffs and also screams. This track literally simply flows together and also it pulls you in. Ns mean, come on, at least second!

This tune deserves top ten, much much better than Knives and also Pens and also Perfect weapon, this song has actually the many amazing lyrics, remarkable vocals and also amazing important parts! What a absent star song

13 Die because that You

This song. It"s amazing, purely amazing. The very first time ns listened come it ns couldn"t stop. Unfortunately, it"s really underrated in my opinion, like a most other song in the STWOF album. That deserves heaps an ext recognition. I"d quickly recommend this track to any type of fan of black Veil Brides.

Amazing song! The lyrics room so meaningful, the chorus is fantastic and ns often find this tune stuck in my head. I have nothing much more to say, back I"m incredibly shocked this is ranked in ~ 25!

So underrated, this song has actually some of the best and also most gripping choruses of any type of song, and is important incredible. This is a brilliant song and deserves a much better position than this.

Andy"s voice and also the guitar chord structure in this room beautiful. This have to be in the optimal ten instead of few of the others. I really prefer it a lot.

14 Wretched and also Divine

Honestly, it"s so difficult to pick a favorite, yet this song, come me, simply stands out. At any time it comes on, I deserve to never skip it, and also I feel favor each time ns hear it, I"m listening to it because that the very first time again. It"s a tune that"s beautiful crafted, through a melodic intro the shifts right into a steady very first verse. Then, choose up the pace again prior to going right into one the the best chorus.

This song is incredible! The album is most likely my favorite and also the finish And brand-new Years Day are on that album! put it higher up.

Best song! The entire album to be so an excellent that it made me cry, but especially this tune is just amazing.

This is most likely one the the finest Black Veil Brides songs the end there. The etc is great!

15 Heart of Fire

It"s an impressive song and the video clip shows just how much castle have adjusted in four years. It"s an epos masterpiece and also I candid can"t think it"s not greater on this list.

Yes, just yes! This is therefore amazing! The song is the best, favor there is no indigenous to define how lot I love it! just how is it just 19th place?

This is a more catchy song than the others. And also I LOVE the music video clip cause Andy offers the middle finger! Hurray!

This song is way far better than every one of the other weak sluggish trash the they made, this have to be number 1.

16 Let friend Down

Love this track so much... It"s quite hard to describe exactly why but I feel choose I can relate come this tune so much. Andy"s voice is really believable as soon as he sings "I swear these words room true... I believe IN YOU! I"ll never let you down, i promise appropriate here, best now... " It renders me feeling so much much better even though ns don"t him recognize personally, yet it"s choose him and the rest of the men are constantly there for me and also have a track for every instance I"m in. This tune in details though, is my favourite native their brand-new album and also I can"t give thanks to them sufficient for doing what lock do finest - make music. Certainly worth listening to. Jas/z

BVB play this song at the warped tour and also I instantly dropped in love v it! It"s simply simply amazing and also Andy"s voice sounds really great, together always, in it.

One of your newest song at the moment but by much one of their best!

17 Goodbye Agony

This song has such a deep an interpretation about letting go of the "agony" and also misery of the past. Let walk of that that keeps girlfriend down and look come the future for a new beginning. And I love this message. Andy portrays this an extremely well in the music video clip and in the text of the song. Why this tune isn"t greater is past me...

This song need to honestly be greater the list just for the shear definition of the song. This song represents just how Andy is letting go of what he used to it is in his sadness, his anger, his despair. Like he"s beginning with a new beginning. An impressive song. Mine number 1 song.

It"s together a soft and an effective song. I taken the track telling you come let go of what keeps you down so that you deserve to rise higher. It"s an exceptional song and the video clip shows exactly how much lock have adjusted in 4 years. Kudos to you BVB!

First time ns heard this track I dropped in love. Appears that black color Veil Brides has poured there hearts into this song, i realay love these lyrics. They"re so easy to acquire lost in. Bvb keeps obtaining benter and better, i love them through everything and I"m for this reason proud come say i am a fan!

18 I to be Bulletproof

This is among my favourite songs by black color Veil Brides. It shows how far the have come and also how they have actually grown as a band, these songs from this album yes, really stand out from their previous work. I am bulletproof reflects how much Andy has come together a singer and this must at least be number 10!

This song captures the story the the album in a couple of minutes, and also the chorus is one like nothing BVB have ever before done. Because that this reason, the tune is the best from their brand-new album in my opinion.

This track is an ANTHEM. Ns swear the solo and the vocals absent ass. Add to you obtain Andy"s screaming to interval the whole thing. It"s among my favorites in ~ the moment.

What this is suppose to be in ~ number 1... What is that doing
19 Set the world on Fire

This song is amazing! that is a very good, inspiring, song, Andy is an impressive singer, CC is an exceptional drummer, Ashley is an exceptional guitarist, Jinxx is an amazing violinist, and also Jake is amazing! This band is inspiring! They have taught me to never provide in and I love them because that that!

The ideal by far, this reaches out to all the lonely, the wretched and also forgotten. And also that is wonderful. This song gives a many depressed people brand-new hope that they space important and that they have a choice

This. Song. Is. The. Best! just how is it only 14th?! because that crying the end loud, this awesome tune was ~ above Transformers 3: Dark of The Moon. This song pumps me ideal up! optimal 5 in ~ LEAST

Let me just say this tune is way much better than knives and also pens. Reason? This band obtained so much far better when jinxx and also jake joined.

20 Carolyn

15th place?!?! The spine-chilling intro, the calmness and veiled soot of this song, the hope and also strength it has in the lyrics... I seriously thought this would certainly be at the very least in the peak 5 if no first... The guitar solo by Jake is impressive as always... That guy is an awesome and an extremely talented guitarist!

I don"t recognize much about this band, but so much this is the best song I"ve heard by them. It"s for sure beautiful. The guitar, Andy"s vocals, the lyrics...It"s a gorgeous song. Must be greater in this list in my opinion.

This song must be ~ above the top ten! This must be #1! come on people! This track is therefore meaningful and also Jake Pitts rocks his guitar solos! Oh and let"s not forget around andy! His voice is for this reason beautiful and also his lyrics are so inspiring! walk BVB!

This should be top top the top in addition to savior, rebel love song and knives and also pens. The verse "We space not alone" really obtained to me. It"s an easy and straight-forward. It"s melodic, and also is among the ideal songs the end there! go BVB!

21 Smoke and also Mirrors

This is just one of my favourite songs - a lot of of world haven"t heard of it as you had to pre order "set the world on fire" to obtain it.Love the lyricsLove the bandYou have to listen come this song

22 Ritual

Helped me v some extremely hard times. Especially "stronger in new ways, don"t treatment what lock say, this is her life, the time come rejoice". I have actually anxiety disorder and also get down a lot since of other people (can"t help it), and also whenever ns hear this component of the song, ns just loose all my down... Ness, and also get therefore much new self confidence. Sorry if the was a little preachy, but this song means a lot come me.

This is the best song ever. Not just does it have a good beat however it has actually a good meaning behind it. "Rise up and celebrate your life, song for what you feel inside. " The words have quality and they yes, really speak to the heart. Just pure amazingness! i think this should have actually gotten more votes, It"s mine number one favorite tune of all time, definitely it deserves to be number one!

Whenever ns feel sad or depressed this song constantly manages to help me feeling a lot much better and forget about things for a while. This track is amazing not only since of the beat but also because the lyrics behind this track are for this reason meaningful!
23 New years Day

Absolutely exceptional song, what presented me to black Veil Brides and also that"s why ns love them so much!Should it is in a lot greater on the list. The countdown is an excellent and the guitar solo is remarkable...

This song captures the power of a battle in a song, and then the malfunction is a violin solo, i beg your pardon I find awesome due to the fact that I can"t imagine any other band favor BVB ever before doing this.

I love this song... The teaser for the Wretched and Divine album should have actually been "Rise from the Ashes -- 2013" five gosh

Winning. Best song I"ve ever before heard. Well, beside some eco-friendly Day, Motley Crue, and also Avenged Sevenfold.

24 kids Surrender

25 The Gunsling

This song is amazing and also underrepresented, this track deserves more cred 보다 it"s given. The Gunsling came out prior to We Stitch this Wounds and set The people On Fire, both of which are remarkable albums, yet without The Gunsling us wouldn"t have actually the songs us do. This song have to be at the very least top 5.

Best song ever before heard in mine life. This song deserves to be in peak 5. But its it s okay to be in ~ 10th.

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I don"t recognize many world who understand this song however it was simply so fast paced. Ns love it.