We take the rating system seriously

lifwynnfoundation.org Theatres takes the Motion photo Association the America's ratings mechanism seriously and encourages parents and guardians to familiarize themselves with this system when choosing their film.

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Moviegoers need to be 17 year of period or enlarge to acquisition tickets come a Rated R film. Any type of guest that appears under period will be forced to present ID because that admittance into the theatre.

lifwynnfoundation.org Theatres requires that a parent or adult guardian purchase tickets and also accompany any kind of guest under 17 years of period into the auditorium the a Rated R film and must companion them throughout the movie.

For much more information concerning the ratings system, please visit:

Motion snapshot Association that America SiteFilmratings.com film Ratings Guide

G basic Audience
All eras Admitted
PG Parental accuse
Some material May not Be perfect For kids
PG-13 parental Strongly Cautioned
Some material May Be inappropriate For kids Under 13
R limited
Under 17 calls for Accompanying parent or Adult Guardian
NC-17 no one 17 and Under Admitted
no one 17 and Under Admitted

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