Roadmaster’s Sterling All-Terrain Tow Bar create a strong, flexible link in between motorhome and dinghy

Once in a while, those of united state who tow dinghy vehicles get into “oops” cases in i beg your pardon we should unhitch the vehicle and ago out. Unfortunately, it may occur that the car is in ~ too lot of an angle family member to the motorhome, creating so much tension that we can’t release the tow bar arms. What to carry out now?


Made that aircraft-grade aluminum with stainless-steel arms, the Sterling has integral channels for cables and wiring.

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The Roadmaster Sterling All-Terrain tow bar has actually the answer: a feature called the flexibility Latch the is designed to allow the owner to release the arms also when the motorhome and also dinghy are in a bind. The latch is a patented cam design that multiplies force when the owner pulls one of the release levers.

The latch is but one the the attributes of the Sterling the make it a top contender with motorhomers that tow cars, SUVs and light trucks. Made of aircraft-grade aluminum v stainless stole telescoping within arms, the bar weighs 35 pounds and is rated to tow up to 6,000 pounds.

Roadmaster mates this bar and also several rather in the towing commodities lineup with mounting brackets (also dubbed baseplates) developed for specific dinghy vehicles – in this instance a 2011 Honda CR-V. We arranged because that installation that the tow bar ($950 Camping human being President’s club price) along with Roadmaster’s mounting parentheses ($460) and wiring/safety cable kit ($240) at the Camping world store in Henderson, Nevada.

The Installation

The Camping human being technicians we enlisted because that the project recognize tow bar jobs so well the their moves seemed virtually choreographed – pretty to discover that level the experience. In terms of effort, they rate the CR-V at or near the peak of the perform for lull of installation.


The Honda CR-V grille/bumper fascia was quickly removed because that installation that the mounting bracket for towing.

Installation that the Roadmaster mounting bracket entails removal of the Honda’s radiator cover and also front plastic fascia, exposing the steel bumper core. Removed of the core exposes two square openings in the car’s structure rails, into which the mounting parentheses is inserted. The parentheses is well-made and also a specific fit, bolted right into place utilizing the same 10 frame-attached nuts that Honda supplied for attachments of the bumper core.


Original Honda fasteners were provided when bolting the Roadmaster mounting bracket to the frame.

The Roadmaster bracket is quite beefy, i beg your pardon is the that company recipe for protecting the vehicle in locations that receive towing pressure – pressure that Honda didn’t have actually in mind as soon as it engineered the car.


The mounting bracket was a an accurate fit for the CR-V, placed into the car frame in ar of the bumper core.

The Honda fascia was trimmed slightly to permit inserting two arms right into the mounting bracket. The arms would certainly be the connecting points to the Roadmaster quick-disconnect system, the front-of-car hardware come which the tow bar would certainly be attached.


Quick-disconnect assembly add to rigidity for towing and offers straightforward disassembly, leave two tiny receiver tubes visible on the car.

The quick-disconnect mechanism is very substantial and also is solid a stylish addition to the CR-V, however a plastic covering ($80) can be set in location when not towing. Or the assembly deselifwynnfoundation.orge to be removed in 3 pieces by remove clips, hitch pins and also padlocks, leaving just two small, square receiver pipe protruding indigenous the black color Honda fascia.

Lights, turn Signals and a Fuse

Onward to the Roadmaster wiring kit, which consists of a wiring harness finish with diodes (one-way electrical “valves”) that are spliced into the running light and also brakelight wires to protect against feedback troubles while connected to the motorhome’s light system.


A taillight lens for the CR-V is conveniently removed, exposing wiring into which diodes space spliced and connected tothe motorhome wiring harness.

When towing the CR-V for long periods, Honda recommends the a fuse be gotten rid of from one under-dash fuse block to keep the radio/navigation device from illustration down the battery, which could happen over a variety of hours v the vital in the accessory (acc) place (necessary come unlock the steering wheel).

Therein lies a problem: The fuse is very challenging to accessibility even once – much less on a everyday basis – and the solution is to wire a unify on/off switch into the Honda fuse receptacle and locate the move within easy reach under the tool panel.

After that procedure, the auto was ready. We hitch-pinned the tow bar in place and connected the safety cables, which have actually hooks at one end and also at the other, very easy-to-connect stole beads that are placed into practically anchor point out on the vehicle bracketry. The Roadmaster wiring harness as well as the cables are conveniently routed partially through channels in the tow bar arms.

Drop Receiver

It became obvious that the motorhome hitch recipient was also high. Roadmaster states that the tow bar have to not be much more than 3 inches the end of level, and our motorhome to be 5.5 inches higher than the attachment points top top the car. We provided a Roadmaster 6-inch drop receiver ($90) to lower the tow bar come a level position, back a 4-inch autumn receiver would have been a much better choice.


The Sterling tow bar is basic to handle and also collapses for storage behind the motorhome. A fall receiver is offered to reduced the bar to a level position.

The fall receiver raised the length in between the motorhome and car by 10.5 inches, i beg your pardon is convenient if the owner wants to mount a bicycle rack ~ above the receiver. Because that owners who don’t, it would be convenient if Roadmaster would market a shorter drop receiver since the tow bar indict recommend against extending towing length. The much longer drop receiver additionally requires a much more expensive wiring harness, and safety cables.


Roadmaster’s liberty Latch eases the relax of tow bar arms also when they’re under pressure in a bind.

The Roadmaster owner’s hand-operated was thoroughly on how to use the equipment, and also the Camping world staff took the moment to define everything in detail. The job took about 5.5 hours at $89 every hour which, when added to the expense of the ingredient parts, lugged the total to $1,840.

On the Road

The towing length included by the drop receiver resulted in the tow bar to swing in a bigger vertical arc as the coach traveled undulating road surfaces, yet the Roadmaster equipment nevertheless guided the Honda v precision, to the extent that us were only minimally aware that the auto was back there. Motorhome tracking on culifwynnfoundation.orge was no altered; there to be no jerky motion from the vehicle on turbulent pavement, and no slack in the tow bar assembly that would have resulted in banging noises.


Convenient slots for steel security cables rate up the hitching procedure.

Hitching and unhitching the Sterling tow bar went very smoothly, even when the motorhome and car to be in a bind. The quality of the bar was noticeable to the eye, and obvious throughout everyday use.

Honda CR-V

The CR-V is authorized by Honda for flat towing with a couple of pre-tow procedures: while idling the engine, press the brake pedal and also move the transition lever v all that positions. Then shift the infection to drive and hold for 5 seconds, then to neutral and idle for 3 minutes. (Warning: serious transmission damages will occur if the car is shifted from turning back to neutral and also then towed; it need to be shifted from drive to neutral after idling for 5 seconds.) Next, revolve the ignition crucial to the acc position, which shuts the engine off yet leaves the steering wheel unlocked. The over procedure should be repetitive after eight hrs of continuous towing. Remove the aforementioned fuse likewise is recommended (only eliminate the fuse after you have performed the transmission shifting procedure and the vital is in the acc position). Likewise make certain the radio and also any items plugged into the accessory strength sockets are turned turn off so lock don’t drain the battery.

The CR-V is a popular choice as a dinghy car on several counts. The car is reasonably lightweight (3,554-pound curb weight for the 4WD EX-L model), it s okay 21 mpg in the city and 27 mpg ~ above the highway, has actually a firm suspension and great road manners, comfortable seating and also 4WD versatility (optional). The price because that the completely loaded CR-V 4WD EX-L version is $29,895. The car’s couple of negatives incorporate slightly elevated road noise and also modest acceleration v its 180-hp 2.4-l 4-cylinder engine.

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The Honda is a great choice for motor­homers who are shopping because that a flexible midsize, midpriced SUV as a tag-along, and also the Roadmaster Sterling is one effective method to tow it.

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