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Opening Our eye to a brand-new Level of human Diversity

Among the hundreds of world I’ve provided readings to over the past 5 years, I’ve encountered people who are, well, not totally human.

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This is no joke, and also from my clairvoyant persepctive, it’s time to acknowledge a level of hereditary diversity amongst homo sapiens sapiens that’s to be veiled from us for fairly some time.

A many you analysis this will certainly rejoice. Because it’ll validate what you’ve known about you yourself or checked out in others for rather some time.


From the expanded perspective I’ve to be shown, threaded v our DNA are codes from many different kinds of ultra-terrestrials, ranging from the benevolent come the unfriendly. 

Yes, it appears we room mutts. And if we assumed black, brown, yellow & white were bring about us challenges, just wait till we establish we’re also part avian, reptilian, feline, Grey, Pleiadian, Andromedan, Arcturan, Sirian & more.

Take a breath.

Fairy Blood

One that the genetic households I most consistenly view in the world I read – and my favorite ultra-human facet to encounter – room the fairy or fey/elemental present of the brothers Isles.

Sometimes I have the right to spot them by their look, occasionally it bring away a conference or two for me to understand who lock are.

Here space some characteristics of Human-Fairies:

• A detectible look akin to personalities in the lord of the rings films: Don’t know if I can quite explain it, yet I understand it once I see it. Regularly the eyes space light, glowing & large, the facial features are fine, ears deserve to be a small elongated or also pointy. Four & hands deserve to be attenuated.

They may, quite simply, have a “central casting, acquire me a fairy, elf, or leprauchan” look about them.• frequently they have ancestry from the brother Isles, particularly of the Celtic/Irish variety. That’s due to the fact that the Isles were a significant portal because that these specific fey lineages.

• They’ve had a strong interest in fairies or various other elementals because childhood, or have actually fantasized around “being one.”

• They typically feel uncomfortable in their body: They may feel favor they don’t fairly fit in it, have actually pain or pressure somewhere, or have some type of congenital issue.

• lock frequently aren’t also IN your body. Your soul may hover above their head most of the time, or escape up & out an extremely quickly at the least feeling that unsafety.

• They don’t fully trust humans. They’re perceptible sorts & have actually been traumatized by human brusqueness & aggression. The human being in general can feel traumatizing to them. Often they’ve incarnated right into lines v abuse, consisting of sexual abuse. They may tend to distance us from others, or store quiet.

• Commonly, they’re enamored the trees, flowers, plants, nature, bees & the natural people in general. They have a basic for interacting with these things.

• castle may have had “imaginary friends” in childhood, or access to what they knew were your interdimensional elemental family members members.

• lock may have actually either a lighthearted streak or an undercurrent the deep, inexplicable sadness – a bewildering unconscious grief around the traumatic history their fairy kin have experienced.

• They often feel challenged by human being systems like money & and 3D constructs prefer time. They can’t quite obtain in gear with “the machine.” none of it really renders sense to them.

• They may seem spacey by human standards.

• they have warm hearts.

• They’ve had trouble emotion understood by your families.

• often they are very intuitive or have actually healing gifts.

• They might love essential oils, flower essences, or honey, and have a solid desire to do or job-related with this substances.

• They have actually a solid mission of helping humanity get to a much better place.

Fairy-Humans are not freaky spring or acting in any way. They’re all about us and, till now, have actually mostly to be ambling about undetected. Some of my & your best friends are Human-Fairies. You may be one.

How I work with Human-Fairies

When ns intuit that a person may have actually Fairy people DNA, I ask even if it is they have any type of affinities with the fairies or elementals. If they do, I usually share the I believe they accurate are component fey.

If they currently know that, they appreciate gift seen and are eager to recognize what’s next for them. If they don’t currently know, they frequently start crying, feeling a huge feeling of relief, as though suddenly their entirety life makes sense & they’re gift validated. This have the right to be exponentially healing for them.

I job-related with Human-Fairies the method I occupational with everyone, yet sometimes I spend a little an ext time helping them gain in your body or modulating their energy body through their physical body better.

We may additionally spend time looking at how they deserve to bring their specific Fairy gifts forward. This might involve adhering to a dream that working an ext closely v nature, bees, trees, plants, and also so forth – the kin the the Fairy individual are intimately connected with top top the energetic plane. It may involve moving deeper into their ministry as a healer.

As I watch it, this short article is the start of a much bigger conversation & a much an ext profound research.

I’m longing because that someone come organize a Human-Fairy Hybrid Conference. The just thing that’s come closest to it, to mine knowledge, is the annual Fairy & person Relations Congress, held yearly in Washington state, yet I don’t recognize that they identify the cross-breeding.

I’m also hoping that someone creates a Human-Fairy Hybrid Association so that these folks may begin to commune, share stories, and understand their reality, background & destiny more fully.

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In a future posts, I’ll be sharing what I’ve been presented about history of the Fairy Folk, the method by which they interbred through humans, the gifts they lug us, and also the invitation they’re making to humanity.

In the meanwhile, if you think you’re component faery, elf, gnome, dwarf, pixie, sprite, leprauchan, or any other fey race & you’d prefer to know what this method for you, you room welcome come look in ~ our faery offerings HERE.