So, you have been painting your house and find you yourself at an impasse – you establish you don’t have sufficient paint to finish the grasp bedroom. Then, a excellent idea pops right into your head. You have a half-gallon that the same color paint, however it’s exterior paint, so you ask yourself: have the right to I mix interior and also exterior house paint?

The price is yes; you might mix interior and also exterior paints. However, the exterior paint has actually a much greater amount the VOCs in that is mixture, which could harm you when supplied indoors.

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While the is feasible to use exterior paint indoors, you must be mindful of where and also how you use it. In the part below, I’ll share what you must know around mixing interior and also exterior paint.

Let’s dive right into the details.

What are the Differences in between Interior and also Exterior Paint?

In the past, if you want your paint to it is in resistant come mildew, youneeded to buyexterior paint. Thankfully, most interior and also exterior paints now contain a level of mildewcide – this is why your bathroom doesn’t flourish mold or mildew everywhere the walls.

Mildewcide concerns world when mix paints, but Federal regulations save this additive well under perhaps harmful amounts.

What is problematic around using a mix of exterior and also interior paint inside the house is a VOC (Volatile essential Compounds) component. The solvents room responsible for keeping paint in the liquid systems until application. Unfortunately, VOCs can reason serious health impacts in both the short and long term.

The regulations because that this paint component are different in between interior and exterior paint. In most cases, theexterior paint has a much higher concentration that VOCsin the mixture than internal paint.

These solvents off-gas fumes that are particularly problematic for the respiratory system. While girlfriend can gain away utilizing exterior paint inside a room or hallway, it will certainly smell to high heaven, give you a headache, and also potentially damage the lungs.

So if you have to use exterior paint or a homemade mix of inner or exterior paint inside, save it well ventilated, v fans and also open windows.

While latex paints will certainly dry within a few hours, it have the right to take up to a entirety month because that exterior paint to completely cure. Unfortunately, this means it will certainly be off-gassing harmful fumes the whole time it’s curing.

If you have actually anyone in your household with respiratory worries or children, be conscious that this deserve to potentially damage them.

Can girlfriend Mix Paints with different Finishes?

When mixing two different paints, be an extremely mindful the the form of paint you’re using. Due to the fact that there are numerous different varieties of paint, take some time to get to understand your paint.

You have, in order from least reflective to most reflective:

Matte Paints:These paints have practically no shine to them, enabling them come hide dimples and imperfections in walls and ceilings effectively. However, avoid using this kind of repaint in the restroom or kitchen, whereby high humidity and also splattering can destroy the finish.Eggshell Paints: comparable to matte paints, eggshell has actually just a tidge an ext shine to them, likewise perfect for the same uses.Satin Paints:Think satin sheets. Imagine the luxurious shine since that’s how this paint will finish. This paint is an ext suitable because that higher-traffic areas of the house, such together hallways or children’s rooms.Semi-Gloss Paints:Shiny and durable, semi-gloss paints are perfect for areas like the bathroom, wash room, and also kitchen.High-Gloss Paints: Think the high-arts that the repaint world. Through solid prepping, you deserve to turn the wall surfaces of your bathroom mirror black v the appropriate high-gloss paint. Perfect for accent and also furniture work.

Okay, so currently you understand whether you can mix your paints and come out with something comparable to the initial color and finish.You deserve to mix two paints with various finishes, yet it will dull the reflectiveness and shine.

For instance, you have the right to mix a semi-gloss and satin repaint and an alert a little drop in the light of the blended product. Relying on what you space using the paint for, this may not be a problem. The exact same goes because that mixing eggshell and also matte or satin and eggshell.

Mixing the extremes prefer a matte and a high-gloss will certainly not have an excellent results; it’s just best to conserve those paints for smaller sized projects.

Can you Mix Water and Oil-Based Paint?

Another thing to consider prior to mixing paints is what form ofbase.

Generally, there room two types of paints:

Oil-Basedpaints room the timeless long-lasting paints that stand up to years that abuse prior to needing repainting. However, lock off-gas much much longer than water-based paints and take much longer to dry.Water-Basedpaints orlatexpaints are much more modern, quick-drying, and less at risk to present brush strokes and also overlapping when totally cured.

You don’t want to mix these two varieties of bases nevertheless of the color or finish. Water and also oil don’t like to mix.

Can friend Mix various Brands of Paint?

You should always feel motivated to try brand-new things and make happy little mistakes. Sometimes the best means to learn is to provide something a try and see how it goes.

Yes, you can mix various brands that paint.

But, you should understand that paints are consisted of of 4 various components:

Pigments –which space the crushed mineral that offer the paint its color.Solvents –the chemicals responsible for keeping paint in a solution.Additives –the ingredient of repaint that controls dry time and also contains the mildewcide discussed earlier.Binders –the component of the paint that helps form a layer.

Different brand have various recipes for their colorful concoctions. As soon as trying come mix two different paint brands, beware that even if the paints it seems to be ~ similar, they might not mix. Why? each brand can have a unique process to create its paint.

However, you might be pleasantly surprised and also find the two different brands go together prefer peanut butter and jelly.

My advice: if two different paint brands are just setting around with no use, go ahead and shot to mix them. Check out what happens. It could be great.

Note:Exterior paints usually have more acrylic pigment. The differing chemistry compositions do ithard to repaint over exterior repaint with interior paint.While you can mix the two, trying come layer lock will frequently come through unseemly results.

Is Exterior Paint more Durable 보다 Interior?

Yes, exterior paint is usually considered much more durable than interior paint.


People style exterior paint to resist wind, rain, snow, ice, and also hurricanes. However, it’s essential to know what we average when us saydurable.

When compare interior and also exterior paint, think about interior repaint like glass and exterior paint like rubber.

Let me explain.

Interior paint has actually a higher degree that hardness 보다 exterior paint. Hardness helps stop the paint from scuffing. The also enables people come clean their repaint easily.

On the various other hand, exterior repaint is not as tough as interior paint, however it is an ext durable.

In the next section, we’ll walk over one example.

Interior and also Exterior paint Hardness vs. Durability

Would you want to journey a car with glass tires? No. The glass tires would certainly crack and eventually shatter. However, if you try to stab a home window with a knife, it’s very an overwhelming to rest the glass. Why is this? due to the fact that the glass has a low level of durability however a high degree of hardness.

Most would quite drive a automobile with rubber tires; however, girlfriend can conveniently pierce the tire v a spicy knife.

What’s the point? over there is a difference between durability and hardness.

Hopefully, this analogy helps you know the difference between interior and also exterior paint.

Exterior repaint is not as hard as interior paint. Exterior paint can bend and move as the temperature changes. However, if you use exterior repaint indoors, it may bemoreprone to scratches – similar to the rubber tires is much more prone come stabs 보다 a glass window.

Likewise, if you used indoor repaint outside, it is much more likely come chip and also crack under the changing forces of nature. We comment on this much more in the following section.

Can ns Use internal Paint Outside?

Interior repaint is no as long lasting as exterior paint. If you shot to use internal paint outside, numerous things will certainly happen.

First, your paint is more likely to fade. The sun isbrutalon interior paint. Because that this reason, if you desire outdoor paint to continue to be true come color, it’s a good idea to usage exterior paint.

Second, inner paint is not as versatile or resilient as exterior paint. We described this principle thorough in the last section. Exterior repaint does no dry as hard as inner paint. It help to imagine exterior paint as being more like rubber while internal paint is an ext like glass.

However, if girlfriend just have a touch-up task on an old fence, or you desire to usage up some indoor paint prior to winter, there’s no trouble with placing some indoor paint in one inconspicuous out area.

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Just know that indoor paint won’t critical as lengthy as exterior paint once it is provided outside. Also, utilizing indoor paint outside might create a hassle later when you need to repaint, together the flaky indoor repaint won’t provide a great surface for a new coat.