The battery passed away on mine riding lawn mower. Ns was wonderingwhether it is for sure to jump-start the lawn mower v my car, and also ifso, do you have any kind of tips on exactly how to do it?


RAY: Carefully.

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TOM: each year we hear about some moron that blinds self in abattery explosion. For this reason if you"re planning to be that moron, stopreading appropriate now.

RAY: Seriously, if girlfriend don"t understand what you"re doing, ask someonewho does to help.

TOM: but if you"re technically adept, this is a good solution.Your auto battery is 12 volts. Most riding mowers have 12-voltbatteries, too. Of course, you require to inspect to be sure.

RAY: If your mower offers a 12-volt battery, usage the jumper cablesas you would when starting another car. Hook the confident cable tothe optimistic terminal of the car battery. Then attach the otherend of the cable to the confident terminal the the mowerbattery.

TOM: Then affix the negative cable come the vehicle battery"snegative terminal, and the other finish to the framework of the mower.They come turn off in precisely the opposite order.

RAY: due to the fact that the battery on a riding mower is often buried deepunderneath the seat, be cautious not to allow any part of thepositive clamp or the exposed cable come touch the frame. Otherwise,you could end up through a hairdo choose my brother"s.

TOM: Or a hairline like my brother"s.

RAY: Finally, make certain the car"s engine is rotate off. Thealternator in your automobile produces too numerous amps because that the lawn mower.You desire to carry out the mower"s battery through just enough juice tostart. The mower"s generator will certainly charge the battery.

TOM: however there room some even better solutions.

RAY: One alternative is a "jump pack," which prices 50 or 60 bucks.It"s a plastic-encased 12-volt battery v jumper cables attached.You plug it into a wall socket to fee it, and also tote it the end andclamp the integrated cables to the dead battery when you require tojump-start a vehicle or mower.

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TOM: The other choice is a $40 trickle charger. You can hookit as much as the mower the job before, and you"ll be all set to hack downyour wife"s prized tulips very first thing the following morning.

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