Use the supervisor Vinci product manual or the Vinci product manual as a guide.Remove the whole bolt assembly indigenous the action.Clean through a gun-cleaning solvent.Let dry.Lubricate through gun oil.

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For all various other models…

Remove the butt pad and stock native the recipient of the shotgun.If her stock nut retaining screw watch like number A, continue to action 3. If the does no look like figure A, skip step 3 and proceed to measures 4 with 7.Using a 17 mm wrench, unscrew the share nut retaining screw. Be careful since it is under pressure from the recoil spring. Once removed, take the end the recoil spring and plunger. Clean both parts and also the tube, use a light coat that oil to all parts, and reassemble. Girlfriend are now finished.Remove the cause assembly. Hold the firearm over newspapers or towels. While holding the bolt in a half-open position, spray a cleaning solvent into the recoil spring tube at the behind of the receiver, whereby the connect arm that the bolt rests. Work-related the bolt assembly earlier and soon so the solvent it s okay down right into the recoil tube. Repeat until the pistol solvent starts come come out clean.Let the recoil assembly dry because that 5 minutes.Repeat the same process with pistol oil.Reinstall the stock and butt pad.


Maintenance might vary depending on the variety of rounds fired, the form of flour in the shells, and the kind of searching for which the pistol is used. Right here are basic guidelines.

Bore and exterior surfaces – Clean and oil after ~ every outingBolt rails and also recoil plunger assembly – Oil in ~ the end of the dayBolt and trigger mechanism – Clean flour fouling and debris as needed; frequency will certainly vary, depending on the type of ammo usedGun, consisting of the recoil assembly – Detail-strip, clean, and also oil at the end of the season or any kind of time the total is submerged in water

When need to I remove the forend of mine Benelli M2 ar Shotgun, M2 Tactical Shotgun, or Super black color Eagle II Shotgun?

It is a good idea to keep a light coat of oil top top the pipe to avoid corrosion. A Benelli shotgun is different from various other shotguns ~ above the industry today. There are no relocating parts under the forend to clean or oil. There is simply a newspaper tube.

Gather as much info as girlfriend can around the malfunction. For example, note specifically what fill you were shooting, and whether the failure was sporadic or continual (for example: always the third shot). The much more you deserve to tell us around the problem, the less complicated it will certainly be for united state to diagnose the malfunction.

Call the Benelli USA customer company department in ~ (301) 283-6981 (option 2) or (800) 264-4962 (option 2) in between 8 a.m. And also 5 p.m. ET.

Yes. A gunsmith can change the safeties on every Benelli firearms to left hand. For security reasons, just a gunsmith should perform this work.

To request job-related by Benelli gunsmiths, monitor the straightforward steps on the fix Request web page of this website. 

Where and how execute I send mine gun for warranty repair service?

To obtain warranty service, follow the steps listed on the Warranty web page of this website.

What carry out the notches ~ above the choke tube mean?

The notches suggest the choke tube constriction. A reduced notch count method more constriction (tighter). A greater notch count means less constriction.

1 notch = Full2 notches = enhanced modified3 notches = Modified4 notches = boosted cylinder5 notches = Cylinder

What species of difficulties would no be spanned under warranty?

For a perform of what is not extended under warranty, view the Warranty page of this website. 

Which chokes are recommended for stole shot?

These chokes room recommended for steel shot:

3 notches = Modified4 notches = boosted cylinder5 notches = Cylinder

Most civilization find that

The modified choke works finest for happen shootingThe enhanced cylinder and cylinder chokes work well top top decoying birds

There is no benefit shooting steel with a throttle tighter than modified, and also we carry out not introduce doing so.

These chokes space recommended because that slugs:

4 notches = enhanced cylinder5 notches = Cylinder

A cylinder choking is recommended for shooting rifled slug in a smooth-bore barrel. Sabot slugs have to only be shot v our fully-rifled cheese barrels.

It is no safe come shoot slugs through chokes tighter than those noted here.

The constriction on this chokes is very tight. Since steel does not compress, it can damages the barrel and choke together the shot fee passes through.

For patterns through steel shot, we recommend utilizing Benelli expanded waterfowl chokes for tighter patterns.

How have the right to I uncover a Benelli dealer?

Visit the dealers web page of our website to find a Benelli dealer.

How can I end up being a Benelli dealer?

If you have actually a storefront with consistent operating hours and also would like to stock Benelli firearms, call us.

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Download a manual from the manuals web page of this website. If the hands-on for her product is no there, call us.