All enamel paints are well-known for their glossy finish and durability. The concern is can you usage enamel repaint with one airbrush? Enamel paints have actually been top top the industry for plenty of years and in that time have actually seen far-reaching improvements. Listed below you will discover how to usage enamel repaint with your airbrush.

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Can you Airbrush making use of Enamel Paint?

The an easy answer is yes, however only if you thin-out the enamel paint to the exactly consistency. You likewise have to take into account the correct form of thinners. You re welcome remember the after utilizing your airbrush gun through enamel paint, you should clean it properly. You need to be sure the enamel paint you use v your airbrush is appropriately thinned. If you don’t, the airbrush will certainly clog up and you will finish up with uneven spray patterns and also possibly other problems.


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The reason for thinning your Enamel Paint

Enamel repaint is a name or term provided to describe its finish as glossy and also durable. In other words, the finish you achieve when utilizing enamel repaint is hard and also shiny as soon as it has actually dried. To attain this result, that is specially produced with details elements or components. As soon as it is not thinned effectively to the best texture, the can result in clogging your airbrush or other problems.


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You should likewise take into factor to consider that every manufacturers of enamel paints differ when it concerns the paint’s viscosity. Most of this paints will require you come thin your paint before you use it in her airbrush.

The main reason for thinning enamel airbrush paint is to carry out you v a spray the is smooth and also consistent. Experience has proven the to acquire a smooth spray, you must thin it until the viscosity becomes like that that milk. This will allow you come spray v a minimum quantity of problems. However, it is encourage thinning your enamel paint according to the pattern you want and to take into factor to consider the needs for your particular form of airbrush.

We very recommend that before you start spraying, you very first test your equipment. You can do this through spraying on an old offered piece the material. You can mix the repaint in any kind of container yet mixing in little cups is best.

Cleaning your Airbrush

You should clean her airbrush straight after you have finished spraying, regardless of of what form of paint you may have actually used. However, through the use of enamel paint, you have to clean your airbrush instantly after spraying.

When girlfriend make use of various paints in her airbrush, all of them might have various results when left come dry and also harden in your airbrush. However, v enamel paints, this is no the case, as they are intentionally designed to give you the hard sturdy finish.

Experience has actually taught us that any paint that has been left come harden in your airbrush will certainly prove come be difficult to clean. Once it pertains to enamel paint, which has actually been designed for its durability, that is virtually impossible to eliminate from your airbrush if left to harden.

So, the is for sure to say the if you have left enamel repaint to harden in your airbrush, the just course of action would be for you to discard it. However, if the is not also late friend may be able to still conserve it. The point is, be sure your airbrush is thoroughly cleaned after each use and make certain you usage the correct cleaning commodities when you. Girlfriend don’t want to need to throw the end an otherwise perfectly an excellent airbrush.


Enamel Paints and also Protective Gear

When airbrushing with enamel paint, we recommend you work-related in a well-ventilated area. Also, you have to wear a respirator the is approved for paintwork. This is essential as the solvents used to produce the paints can prove to it is in toxic. Make certain you monitor the appropriate safety precautions when you airbrush with enamel paints, as you execute not want to disclose yourself come the toxic fumes and endanger her health.

This have to not just be the instance when airbrushing through enamel paints, however you need to wear her protective equipment when spraying through any kind of paint. However, when spraying v enamel paints it is essential to be appropriately protected.

Recommended list of safety devices to use once airbrushing:

Gloves: Rubber gloves room recommended yet the use of latex handle gloves is also acceptable.Outerwear: To safeguard your clothing, the is recommended you wear cotton overalls, coat, or apron.Goggles: Use security goggles that can additionally be worn over plain spectacles.


As you deserve to see, you deserve to use enamel paints once airbrushing. However, that is vital that you thin-out your repaint to the exactly consistency prior to you begin spraying. If your repaint is also thick, you have the right to clog up her airbrush. On the various other hand, if that is as well thin, friend will discover your repaint running turn off the area you space busy with.

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Remember, once you thin-out her enamel paint, make sure you use the right repaint thinner. The thinner need to be recommended by the to produce for the particular kind of paint.