Full list of Automotive brand That begin With the Letter "H"

Finda automobile brandalphabetically.Use our A-Zcarfinder to browse various manufacturers and discovercarsthat fit your certain needs. Top top this page we have concentrated on auto manufacturers and also brands that start with "H". We think it is the most finish of worldwide car brands that begin with the letter "H" but if us are absent any, let us know. If you want to skip right to the category page for a particular brand starting with H then just click below links.

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We walk crazy and also organized the world"s automobile information. Here are some various other pieces focused on vehicle brands and also automotive logos from approximately the world.


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Car brands That begin With the Letter H


Hafei is a Chinese automaker that manufactures commercial engine vehicles such as sedans, MPVs, mini vehicles, small trucks and vans. The company was founded in 1950 and also it has all its production framework based in Heilongjiang, China. The firm was also provided for their partnership through Pininfarina which led to the advance of the Hafei HF Fantasy Pininfarina ide car.


Hamann Motorsport is a German-based auto tuning company established by Richard Hamann in 1986. The firm primarily focuses on customizing and tuning Audi, Aston Martin, Bentley, BMW, Mini, Ferrari, Fiat, Jaguar, land Rover, Maserati, Mercedes, rolls Royce, Porsche and also Lamborghini cars.


Hartge is a German auto tuning firm established in 1971. The company specializes in customizing, modifying, and tuning BMW, MINI, Juno, and range Rover cars.


Hasport is an American automotive company which specialization in production engine swap kits and other high performance auto parts for Honda and Subaru cars.


HBH is a Danish coachbuilder called after its three founders: Jesper Hermann, Christian Brandt, and Torben Hartvig. This is the same agency that designed and developed the Zenvo ST1, a 1104 hp hypercar. The company is currently working top top a brand-new supercar project referred to as HBH Bulldog GT, a mid-engine sports automobile based on the Aston young name V12 Vantage.


Hennessey Performance design is one American tuning agency established in 1991 by man Hennessey. The firm specializes in modifying sports cars and lifwynnfoundation.org from various automakers such together Ferrari, Porsche, McLaren, Chevrolet, Dodge, Cadillac, Lotus, Jeep, Ford, GMC, Lincoln and Lexus.


Heuliez was a French company that served as a production and design unit because that various vehicle manufacturers around the world. The firm was provided for their focus on emerging niche sectors on the vehicle industry such together convertibles.


Heynsdyk or Heijnsdijk Sportscars is a netherlands boutique kit car firm established by Ronald Heijnsdijk in 2006. The firm specializes in designing and developing kit cars such together as the Heynsdyk 2500SF i beg your pardon was based upon the Porsche 944.


Hispano-Suiza to be an automotive engineering firm that later on transitioned to manufacturing aviation engines and also other components. The firm was ideal known because that their luxury cars prior to World battle II such as theHispano-Suiza K6, Hispano-Suiza J12, and Hispano-Suiza H6B Dubonnet Xenia.


HKS is a Japanese automotive company founded by Hiroyuki Hasegawa in 1973. The company that develops and sells high-performance engines, aftermarket and also accessory automotive parts, as well as other components. They construct turbocharger upgrades and bolt-on turbochargers which are both the core of the company’s business.


Hoermann Motorsport is German aftermarket tuning company. They’ve worked together with Alfa Romeo come create comprehensive tuning package for the Alfa Romeo 156 which brought about the advancement of the Hoermann 156 GTA.


Holden is a former Australian carmaker and former auto manufacturer created in 1956. The agency has produced a number of automobiles until 2017 once its last manufacturing plant was closed after enduring serious declines in profits. Today, the agency has change its emphasis into importing vehicles.


Hommell was a French automobile manufacturer established in 1990 by Michel Hommell. Indigenous 1990 come 2003, the company has created three models: Berlinette Échappement, Berlinette RS coupé, and Berlinette RS2. The company ceased its operation in 2003 as result of financial reasons.


Honda is the second largest and also the eighth largest vehicle manufacturer in the human being in 2015. The firm sells automobiles such as cars, SUV, and light trucks, advertisement vehicles, and also luxury vehicles under the Acura marque.


Hongqi is the Chinese deluxe marque that FAW vehicle Company, one automotive manufacturing agency based in Jilin, China. That was released in 1958 and is the earliest automotive marque in Chinese history. The agency has also developed some principle cars such together Hongqi HQD Concept, Hongqi SUV, and Hongqi S9.


Hooper was a brothers coachbuilding company. The is amongst the ideal suppliers of deluxe bodies indigenous 1805 to 1959. Few of their high-end body automobile customers contained Kings of Spain, Norway, Portugal and also Siam, the shaman of Persia and the Negus that Abyssinia. By the finish of 1959, the company readjusted its name to Hooper (Motor Services) Ltd.


Horch was a German vehicle brand produced by august Horch & Cie during the early 20th century. The agency was most detailed for introducing a new line that V8 automobiles in the 1930s which are smaller, cheapear, and also presentable. The company is likewise considered to it is in the direct ancestor that the Audi company.


Hotchkiss was a French vehicle manufacturer. The agency originally started as an arms manufacturer. The Hotchkiss 686 was by much the most notable vehicle made through the company. The Hotchkiss marque be afflicted with a prize of a pair of crossed cannons which evokes the company’s background as an arms manufacturer.


Howell Automotive is an American tuning company established in 1990. The firm modified a evade Neon SRT-4 which result in the advance of the Howell Neon SRT-4. Their initiatives for the Howell Neon SRT-4 has acquired them acknowledgment as one of the best tuners in the world.


Honda Performance advancement or HPD is a subsidiary of Honda developed in 1993. The company is the technological operations facility of Honda American programs and is also part of the design and development of racing engines and also chassis for auto racing series such together IndyCar Series, American Le Mans collection , Le Mans collection , FIA people Endurance Championship, and also IMSA SportsCar Championship.


HRG Engineering firm or simply HRG was a British car manufacturer developed in 1936 by significant Edward Halford, man Robins and also Henry Ronald Godfrey. The surname of the firm was obtained from the very first letters of the surnames the the founders. Some of the cars do by the agency include HRG 1500, 1947 HRG Aerodynamic., and also HRG Airline Coupe.


Holden distinct Vehicles (HSV) is the power vehicle department of Holden (an Australian carmaker and also manufacturer). Created in 1987, the agency modifies and also transforms Holden car such as the Holden Commodore, Holden Caprice, and Holden Ute into performance-oriented vehicles.


Hudson motor Car agency was an vehicle manufacturer indigenous Detroit Michigan. The firm ran from 1909 come 1954 when it merged with Nash-Kelvinator to kind the American electric motors Corporation (AMC).


Hulme lifwynnfoundation.org is a new Zealand boutique automobile company. The company is most listed designing and also developing the Hulme F1 (a 600 hp sports car) and also the Hulme CanAm (a mid-engined road-going supercar).


Hurst performance is a manufacturer the high-performance aftermarket parts for automobiles. The agency specializes in manufacturing and also marketing aftermarket parts to boost the performance of automobiles, most specially muscle cars.

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Hyundai Motor agency is a South oriental multinational automotive manufacturer i beg your pardon is at this time the third largest automobile manufacturer in the world. The company develops and sells automobiles, luxury cars, advertising vehicles, and engines as well. The agency has also ventured into developing and also manufacturing hybrid and also electric vehicles such as the Hyundai BlueOn and also Hyundai Sonata Hybrid.