Full list of Automotive brands That start With the Letter "S"

Finda vehicle brandalphabetically.Use our A-Zcarfinder to browse various manufacturers and discovercarsthat right your specific needs. ~ above this page we have focused on automobile manufacturers and also brands that begin with "S". We believe it is the most finish of worldwide car brands that start with the letter "S" however if us are missing any, let united state know. If you desire to skip straight to the group page because that a details brand beginning with S then just click listed below links.

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We walk crazy and organized the world"s vehicle information. Here are some other pieces focused on vehicle brands and also automotive logos from roughly the world.


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Car brand That start With the Letter S


Saab was a Swedish was a auto manufacturer developed in Sweden in 1945. Saab cars are known for their focus on safety and also for their innovations. Throughout its history, Saab has produced a number of vehicles and also is provided for using the number 9 because that naming your model, starting with the Saab 92 which was their very first production model launched in 1949 to their final models the Saab 9-3 and also 9-5. The company has also produced a number of concept cars and also prototypes


Saleen is one American manufacturer of specialty high-performance sports cars and high-performance automotive components based in California, USA. The that company flagship version was the Saleen S7, i m sorry they introduced in 2000. The Saleen S7 to be designed and developed by Saleen and also features a mid-engine design in a high-performance supercar package. Saleen right now manufactures the S302 (Mustang-based), a Ford F-150-based Saleen Sportruck and Saleen S1, a new Saleen supercar, a restricted run successor to the S7 supercar, the S7 LM.


Sbarro is a Swiss short volume high-performance replica and also sports vehicle manufacturer started by Franco Sbarro in 1971. The first Sbarro car offered through the agency was a replican the the Lola T70. Since then, the agency has gone on to create small-series replicas the a selection of models including the BMW 328, Ford GT40, Bugatti Royale, Mercedes-Benz 540K, Ferrari 360 and also many more. The company has also built a constructed dozens of concept cars and custom high-performance vehicles such together Sbarro GT12 Concept, Sbarro Seb-Millennium Coupe, and Sbarro GT1 Concept.


Scarab was an American sporting activities car and open-wheel race automobile constructor indigenous the joined States. Scarab cars were designed and also built by Tom Barnes and Dick Troutman. The Scarab Mk. I Scarab Mk. II was thought about to be incredibly famous and also successful in the so late 1950s. These 2 cars conquered the vain in the 1958 Riverside cool Prix in spite of being constructed by a tiny and newly established group of people and also in a tiny amount of time.


Scion was an automobile marque launched by Toyota in 2003. Scion cars were designed come grab the interest of younger customers. The brand emphasized in arising sport compact vehicles that have inexpensive and also stylish design. The dare were an initial launched in the united state in 2003 and also expanded come Canada in 2010. However, since of the dwindling sales the the brand, Scion was shut under by Toyota in 2017 with some of its models re-branded as Toyota vehicles.


SEAT is a Spanish car manufacturer. The was founded in 1950 and quickly came to be the largest manufacturer of car in Spain. Because the 1950s, the agency has sold much more than 16 million seat cars through the many successful product in the variety being the seat Ibiza, a model which has actually sold over 4 million systems in its four generations as much as the present. The company is additionally into motorsport gyeongju under v their SEAT sport team. Seat is additionally the only major car automaker in Spain the designs and also develops their own cars in-house.


Shelby American is one American vehicle manufacturer developed by Carroll Shelby in 1962. The company specializes in building and marketing high power parts and modified cars because that individuals. The company, however, to be most famous for their successful campaigns in the motorsport industry. Shelby developed the Shelby Daytona Coupe i beg your pardon successfully competed in the GT course of the 1964 and also 1965 world Sportscar Championship seasons. The car likewise finished an initial in course at the 1964 24 hrs of Le man and achieved the first title because that an American constructor in the civilization Sportscar Championship in 1965. The firm further obtained recognition for your partnership through Ford from 1965 come 1967. Shelby helped Ford in occurring the Ford GT40 i beg your pardon clinched the championship in ~ the 1966 24 hours of Le v a 1-2-3 finish.


Siata was an Italian vehicle tuning shop and manufacturer developed in 1926 by amateur race car driver, Giorgio Ambrosini. The agency originally sold performance components to be provided for modifying and also tuning Fiat cars. Yet after the 2nd World War, Siata began to develop their own sports cars favor the Siata Amica, Siata 300BC, and also Siata 208s.


Simca to be a French automaker developed in 1934 by Henri Théodore Pigozzi. The firm has to be affiliated v Fiat because its inception. Simca discovered tremendous success together an car manufacturer ~ the 2nd World War. The was one of the biggest vehicle manufacturers in France at the time with several of its cars having actually won the coveted European auto of the Year title, an especially the Simca 1307 and Simca Horizon, in 1976 and 1978 respectively. The Simca 1100 additionally became the best-selling automobile in France in the 1960s. By 1978, the agency became a subsidiary and a brand that Chrysler Europe which ended Simca’s operation as an independent company


SMS lifwynnfoundation.org is one American niche manufacturer of lifestyle ultra-high power vehicles, technical performance parts, way of living accessories and also apparel. That was developed by Steve Saleen in 2008 to focus on developing and also building American muscle cars. The firm currently manufactures amendment Ford Mustangs and special vehicles consisting of the Saleen S7.


SpeedART is one American tuner and a boutique shop based in Miami, Florida. The company specializes in tuning and modifying Porsche, Ferrari, and BMW cars. They additionally sell performance and tuning packages because that both contemporary and standard lifwynnfoundation.org.


Spyker cars is a netherlands sports auto marque created in 1999. The marque supplies the very same brand name, motto and also logo native the original Spyker company. The an initial car developed by Spyker Cars to be the Spyker C8 which is available in assorted variants and configurations. The company declared because that bankruptcy in 2014 because of dwindling sales however reverted your bankruptcy statements in 2015 and still continues to create sports car today.


SSC or Shelby lifwynnfoundation.org is an American American auto manufacturer established in 1998. The firm is established by owner Jerod Shelby which has no relationship whatsoever with the famous auto designer, Carroll Shelby. The company primarily to produce hypercars such together the SSC can be fried Aero and also the SSC Tuatara i beg your pardon the company started creating in 2019.


Startech is a netherlands automotive company that specializes in tuning Aston Martin,Bentley, Dodge, Jaguar, soil Rover, Maserati, and range Rover cars. Castle customize this cars to their customer’s preferences using professionally engineered materials that they manufacture on their own.


Established in 1988, Steeda is the leader in Ford performance commodities specializing in the engineering and manufacturing of components for the Ford Mustang, Fusion, Focus, Fiesta, and Ford Trucks. The company offers the largest complete line the Ford based parts and accessories and also is likewise considered as the biggest privately own Ford performance based procedure in the world.


Stola is one Italian automotive firm established because 1919. Because its inception, the agency has been well-known to realize principle cars and also various styling templates for significant car manufacturers in the automotive industry. Stola has actually been acquired by several firms however still manages to exist and also is currently producing automotive components and builds limited edition exclusive cars favor the 2003 Stola GTS.


Strosek style was a German auto tuner, created in 1971 by Vittorio Strosek. The firm originally specialized in tuning Porsche vehicles but after that expanded to other models over the years. Throughout the early on 21st century, Strosek to be at a time the tuner through the most extensive selection of Porsche conversions in Europe.


Stutz Motor company was one American manufacturer of high-end sports and luxury car based in Indianapolis, Indiana, USA. The was energetic from 1911 come 1935. Also though the firm didn’t last that long, Stutz Motor agency was known as a manufacturer the fast and reliable dare which likewise happens to be America’s very first sports cars such together Stutz Bearcat and also Stutz 8. In 1924, the agency began creating luxury cars for the rich and famous prefer the 1929 Stutz design M LeBaron.


Subaru is a Japanese automobile manufacturer and one that the largest automakers by production in the world. The company is notable for their considerable use that the boxer engine layout for many of your vehicles above 1500 cc. Castle are likewise known for creating turbocharged execution of their passenger dare such together the Impreza WRX, Legacy and also Outback XT, and also Ascent. The Subaru Impreza i beg your pardon has remained in production since 1992, is taken into consideration to be the most famous and also most successful auto made through the company.


Sunbeam motor Car agency was a British vehicle manufacturer that was active from 1905 to 1967 under different ownerships. The company achieved its top in the 1920s producing pre-war automobiles such as the 1920–24 Sunbeam 16 hp and also Sunbeam 3-litre. Sunbeam also was additionally known because that its authorized in the achievement of civilization speed land documents that resulted in the development of the Sunbeam 350HP and also Sunbeam 1000 hp both of which room powered by aero-engines emerged by the company.


Superformance is one American automobile agency that builds, designs, develops, engineers and also markets sporting activities cars, related performance components and also full replicars. The firm was established in 1996 through Jim Price and also now has 15 authorized certified dealer in the US and also 6 worldwide dealers whereby their replicars room being sold. The firm currently produce Superformance GT40 (replica of Ford GT40 MkII A), Superformance MKIII (replica of 427 Shelby Cobra), and Superformance MKII Slab Side and FIA (replica of Cobra 289).


Suzuki motor Corporation is a Japanese multinational auto manufacturer and is among the largest automakers by manufacturing in the world. The agency manufactures miscellaneous kinds of vehicles such as four-wheel drive vehicles, motorcycles, all-terrain vehicles (ATVs), outboard marine engines, wheelchairs and also a selection of other small internal burning engines.

Sauber Mercedes

Sauber Motorsport is a Swiss motorsports design company. The company is recognized for your partnership v Mercedes-Benz in 1989 to construct the Sauber-Mercedes C9. The Sauber-Mercedes C9 won the 24 hrs of Lemans race and also the world Sportscar Championship in 1989.


Shelby American auto Club is an global organization established in 1975 the is devoted to the preservation, care, history, and also enjoyment of the civilization championship cars constructed by Shellby American. The club initially caters only to the dare Carroll Shelby created and also raced such as Cobras, GT350s, GT500s and also Ford GTs. But because its inception, SAAC started to expand its emphasis to all Ford-powered cars including Tigers, Mangustas and also Panteras, boss 302, 351 and also 429 Mustangs, AC Mk IVs, Cobra 4000s, Mustangs, and also many more.


Safir design was a brother racecar design firm. The company was renowned for replicating the Ford GT40 in the 1980s and produced it minimal number under the company’ name which they speak to as Safir GT40 mark V.


Saker Sportscars is a Dutch vehicle manufacturer established in 200. The company focuses top top developing and also producing affordable sporting activities cars. Saker right now produces Saker SVS GT, Saker SVS sprint (open optimal version that the SVS GT), Saker RapX, and also Saker Sniper.


Salmson is a French engineering agency that was when an automobile and aeroplane manufacturer throughout the at an early stage 20th century. The firm produced a number of lightweight gyeongju cars in the 1920s such as the 1924 Samlson grand Sport together and afterwards switched ~ above to passenger after the war. The Salmson 2300S to be the last automobile produced by the agency and it also competed in the1955, 1956 and 1957 Le mans 24-hour races.


SaReni joined is a German race auto constructor own by Reiter Engineering. The company focuses on creating Grand Touring gyeongju cars based on the present Chevrolet Camaro.


Saturn Corporation, additionally known as Saturn LLC, was an American vehicle manufacturer and subsidiary of basic Motors. The company marketed itself as a "different type of car company" and operated separately from its parental company. The very first car developed under the Saturn marque to be the Saturn SC and also Saturn SL. Saturn went on to produce a series of sedans, coupes, convertibles, wagons, and SUVs native 1985 come 2010.


Savage Rivale is a netherlands manufacturer that lifwynnfoundation.org and yachts. The agency became well-known for introducing the Savage Rivale Roadyacht GTS at the 2009 dutch AutoRai. The automobile was produced by 2 Dutch students, Emile Pop and Justin de Boer and also used a Corvette chassis and engine. Manufacturing of the 670 hp supercar was minimal to 20 systems only.


Scuderia Cameron Glickenhaus or SCG is one American boutique car maker of exotic high performance racing and road cars. The firm was started by James Glickenhaus, that is also in charge of emerging the SCG 003 project which cause the advance of the Scuderia Cameron Glickenhaus SCG 003, a restricted edition sports car and also racing car.


Scorpion Motorsports is a Miami based automotive design firm offering 3-wheeled sports vehicle for the consumers through a need for speed. The firm is renowned for creating the Scorpion Prodigy P6, a track-oriented street legit 3-wheeled vehicle.


Scuderia Bizzarrini to be an Italian automotive manufacturer created in 1964 by former Alfa Romeo, Ferrari and also Iso technician Giotto Bizzarrini. The company built a small number of highly emerged and advanced sport and racing automobiles in the 1960s before ceased manufacturing in 1969. Noteworthy cars made by the agency at the time were the 5300 GT Strada and the P538S. The firm was restored in the 2000s and also introduced a series of principle cars consisting of the 2009 Scuderia Bizzarrini P538.

SDR Sportscars

SDR Sportscars was a British auto manufacturer. The agency is well-known for developing the SDR Sportscars V-Storm which is their only design to date.


Sensor gyeongju is a little Swedish engineering and design shop developed by Ulf Bolumlid. The company was created to develop a road-going Le mans racing car. Sensor Racing presented their only vehicle to date, the Sensor GTR in 2000 i beg your pardon was obtainable in 2 versions: a road-going GTR version and also the “true” racing automobile in the type of a supervisor lightweight construction.


Scuderia Serenissima was a successful auto gyeongju team in the 1960s. The firm used Ferrari car to race in the 1960s to much success until Enzo Ferrari made decision to no longer sell his cars come Serenissima. Serenissima also participated in Formula One world Championship throughout the 1960s utilizing De Tomaso cars.

Singer vehicle Design

Singer Vehicle design is one American firm that rebuilds and also restores Porsche 911s. It was founded by plunder Dickinson, former member the the tape Catherine Wheel. The company"s key product is a "re-imagined" 911, i beg your pardon is a greatly modified coupe or Targa Porsche 964.Much of the bodywork is changed with carbon fiber body panels and also the engine is reworked by engine manufacturers.


Gardner-Serpollet to be a French manufacturer of steam-powered car in the early 20th century. That was established by Léon Serpollet that was credited with inventing and also perfecting the speed boiler in the so late 1800s. Serpollet developed his own automobiles under the name Serpollet and Gardner-Serpollet until his fatality in 1907.


Simbol is an Italian niche car firm that specializes in replicating sporting activities cars and also lifwynnfoundation.org from other manufacturers. In 2010, the company introduced the Lavazza GTX-R, called after its general manager Fabio Lavazza. It is a cross between a Ferrari Enzo and Pagani Zonda and also is equipped v a BMW’s V12 engine through 620-hp.


Simplex engine Car company was one American auto manufacturer based in Indiana, USA the operated from 1906 come 1915. The company was famous for creating the Simplex 50 hp, one of the most beautiful and also potent American deluxe cars of the Brass Era, and also one that the few U.S. Automobiles specifically and robustly developed for quick highway travel.


Sizaire-Naudin to be a French automobile manufacturer that was energetic between 1903 and also 1921. The firm is well-known for their light "voiturette-style" cars like the Sizaire-Naudin 12HP.


Skunk2 racing is one American aftermarket performance parts manufacturer established in 1994 in north California, USA. The agency designs, engineers, develops, and manufactures high-quality aftermarket performance components for today"s sport compact vehicles.


SLP a.k.a. Street Legal performance is one American manufacturer the high-quality aftermarket performance improvements for late-model American muscle cars. The company develops and also manufactures a wide range of performance improvements for American muscle dare such together Chevy Camaros, Corvettes, Ford Mustangs, dodge Challenger, and also many more.


Smart is a German automotive brand and division of Daimler AG. The firm is based in Böblingen, Germany. The produces microcars and subcompacts, primarily the Fortwo and also Forfour which are sold in 46 countries about the world.


Soliel motors is one Italian manufacturer of deluxe sports cars based in Milan, Italy. The company currently produces the Soleil Anadi, a 651 handcrafted high-end sports car.


Spada Vetture sport is one Italian sports car manufacturer based in Turin, Italy. The agency is recognized for Spada Codatronca Monza, a beautiful one-off convertible version of the Spada Codatronca TS which they presented at the 2012 Geneva Auto Show. The Spada Codatronca was very first introduced in 2008, which features a design reminiscent that the Alfa Romeo TZ.


Sparks-Thorne to be a little team developed when arts Sparks (a renowned race automobile builder) and Joel Thorne (multi-millionaire gyeongju fan and driver) partnered together to build the Sparks-Thorne little Six. The car was supplied to race in the Indianapolis 500 extensively and also has completed number of years of historic racing.


Specter Werkes/Sports is an American automotive prototype and fabrication basic based in Troy, Michigan. The agency specializes in race proven engine performance enhancements and creating specialty accessories for the C5 and C6 Chevrolet Corvette, the Cadillac CTS, the Pontiac Solstice, and the Pontiac GTO. SWS is recognized for the Specter Corvette group 6, which is a product of their Corvette GTR performance street car project.


Spectre Supersports was a brother boutique car manufacturer recognized for developing the Spectre R42 from 1994 to 1998. The company soon followed their Spectre R42 with the an ext potent R45 i m sorry they introduced at the 1997 London motor Show.


Spice design was a British gyeongju team established by driver Gordon Spice v his brother Derek freckles in the beforehand 1980s, later ending up being a effective sports automobile constructor in 1986. They completed in the civilization Sportscar Championship in Europe as well as the IMSA GT Championship in north America, at time partnering with significant manufacturers such as general Motors and also Honda and also race engine manufacturer Comptech.


Spiess Tuning is a German motor automobile engine tuning agency based in Ditzingen, Baden-Württemberg, Germany. The company is recognized for the 1992 Spiess C522 which functions a mid-mounted 5.7 litre, twin-turbo V8. Today, Spiess is renowned for that Formula 3 motor racing engines based upon the Opel household II and two iterations of Volkswagen R4 engines.

Spitzer Indy

Spitzer enterprises is one American firm based in Indianapolis, USA. The company specializes in structure different varieties of traction racing vehicles and concept cars like the 2006 Spitzer Indy Boat-Tail Roadster.


Squire car Manufacturing company was a british auto manufacturer. It was developed by Adrian Squire in 1934. The company began developing the Squire 1500 native 1935 come 1939. The Squire 1500 was among the rarest prewar brothers lifwynnfoundation.org that rivals the likes that Bugatti form 55 and also Alfa Romeo 8C 2300 in the 1930s.


S.S. Cars to be a brothers manufacturer of sports saloon cars. The firm produced the SS 1 indigenous 1934 to 1936 after that bought the share of sloop down Coachbuilding minimal in 1934. The SS 1 was detailed for its noticeable value-for-money and its attractive appearance despite not having superb performance numbers.


Stanguellini is one Italian device of small sports cars, based in Modena and founded by Vittorio Stanguellini; it was most active between 1946 and 1960. The firm is recognized for their civilization speed record attempts particularly in 1963 as soon as Stanguellini developed a single-seat streamliner it is provided by a 250 cc Moto Guzzi motorcycle gyeongju engine. The auto went on to set six international speed documents at the Autodromo Nazionale Monza in 1963.


STaSIS design is an American automotive performance components manufacturer. The company designs, engineers, develops, and also manufactures high high quality automotive performance products and also packages for Audi automobiles.


Stealth Cars to be a British car manufacturer created in 1999. The company is well-known for the 2000 Stealth B6, a street-legal racing vehicle that had actually similarities to team C gyeongju cars most well known for beating the McLaren F1’s road vehicle 0-100mph acceleration record.


Steeda is an American aftermarket manufacturer that designs, engineers, develops, and manufacturers high power parts and accessories for every Ford automobiles. The agency also modifies Ford vehicles and turning them right into track-capable vehicles.


Steenstra is an automotive design company established by Cornelis Steenstra. The agency is famous for designing and developing the Steenstra Styletto which castle unveiled at the 2010 Pebble coast Concourse d’ Elegance.


Steinmetz Opel-Tuning is an vehicle tuning agency specialising in Opel cars, based in Aachen, Germany. Castle develop higher performance engines, sports suspension, one-of-a-kind exhausts and complete aerodynamic bodystyling kits.


STILLEN is an American automotive aftermarket parts agency created by Steve Millen, a previous racecar driver for Nissan who was well-known for racing the 300ZX. Over the years, the firm has been recognized as a leader in Nissan/Infiniti tuning but they also develop parts for other cars native Ford, Toyota, and Chevrolet.


Stoddard-Dayton was a high quality marque produced by Dayton engine Car agency between 1905 and 1913. The marque was called after john W. Stoddard and also his son, Charles G. Stoddard, as primary investors of the company. By 1912, there to be twenty models available under the Stoddard-Dayton which contains limousines, landaulets, coupes, touring, torpedoes, roadsters, trucks, taxicabs, distribution wagons.


Strathcarron sports Cars was a British car manufacturer the operated indigenous 1998 till 2001. The company managed to put out 2 models indigenous 1998 come 2011, the Strathcarron SC-5A and the Strathcarron SC-6 that room both it is provided by motorcycle engines.


Studie is a tuning agency that specializes in tuning BMW cars. The firm originally started as a BMW components dealer and also developer before it started tuning BMW cars. Studie additionally competes in the GT4 class of the Blancpain GT World an obstacle Asia.

Styling Garage

Styling Garage to be a German coachbuilder and tuner which operated from 1979 till 1986. The company is recognized for their extravagant and also expensive auto designs, mainly based on the Mercedes-Benz W126 (S-class).


Sunred design is a Spanish-based auto gyeongju team and constructor. They are ideal known for completing in the civilization Touring car Championship. Sunred additionally builds and run the Sunred SR21 in the global GT Open and Spanish GT Championship.


Suzusho is a Japanese kit car machine famous for unveiling the Supasse V, a lightweight 2-seater coupé powered by a Mazda-derived 2.3 turbo engine carrying 270 hp in ~ the 2009 Tokyo motor Show. The architecture of the vehicle was motivated by British and also Italian sports cars.


Swallow Coachbuilding company was an car manufacturer and also was a subsidiary of TI Group. The agency is credited for designing and also developing the swallow Doretti, an open up two seater coupe, the shares some similarities through the Ferrari 166MM "Barchetta" and Austin-Healey 100.

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So-Cal speed Shop is an aftermarket performance parts manufacturer. The company specializes in manufacturing warm rod and restoration components for design A, at an early stage V8, Fifties Ford, classic Mustang, Ford Truck and Chevy Truck, Tri-5 Chevy, Impala, Chevelle, Camaro, Nova, and also other classic cars or trucks.