What are some of Piggy"s personality traits, and what are some price quotes that show them in Lord the the Flies?

In Lord the the Flies, Piggy"s key character traits space rationality and also intelligence. Piggy is eager to develop a civil culture on the island and also loves to monitor rules. His physical character characteristics are prefer those the an enlarge person. That is overweight and also nearsighted, through thinning hair and asthma. These traits reinforce the Piggy to represent the civilized, rational, and adult people that the various other boys have left behind.

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among Piggy "s defining characteristics, i beg your pardon sets the apart from most of the various other boys, is the he is a reasonable thinker. ~ the woodland fire in thing 2, that points out to his gung-ho companions the if they shed down the totality island, they would placed themselves in...

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One that Piggy"s defining characteristics, i beg your pardon sets that apart from most of the other boys, is the he is a reasonable thinker. After ~ the woodland fire in thing 2, the points the end to his gung-ho companions that if they burned down the entirety island, they would placed themselves in a far worse predicament.

Won"t we look funny if the whole island burns up? cook fruit, that"s what we"ll need to eat, and also roast pork.

In speak this, that points out that if lock burn the island, they burn their source of food and their present home.

Later, when specific other boys space gravely concerned about the "beastie," Piggy is rather clear top top the truth that no such biology exists.

I recognize there isn"t no beast—not through claws and also all that.

This when again showcases that he is a logical thinker. His logic is in sharp contrast to the fear-mongering the goes on amongst many that the various other boys.

We likewise learn the Piggy is responsible and also trustworthy. The is Piggy who notices that one of the littluns is lacking in the aftermath of the woodland fire in thing 2.

That little un that had a mask on his face—where is—he now? i tell you ns don"t view him.

Piggy has a maturity the is gravely doing not have in many of his companions on the island. In thinking around how castle should take care of their situation, that thinks around what adults would certainly do.

I dunno, Ralph. Us just obtained to walk on, that"s all. That"s what grownups would certainly do.

On the much more negative side, Piggy is no adept at choose up society cues. We find out this at an early stage on, once Ralph was smiling in ~ the thought of teasing Piggy. He assumed the mocking gesture to be a sign of friendship.

Piggy saw the smile and misinterpreted it as friendliness.

He likewise does not have actually the skills required to make the team listen to him, and this subsequently makes that angry.

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Piggy lost his temper. "I gained the conch! simply you listen!"

In a nutshell, Piggy is a voice that logic and reason top top the island. While that is not always heard, he has a maturity the the other boys lack.