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:ask_wsign Can someone tell me what the appropriate torque is because that the wheel lugs top top a 2003 GCV sport through 16" alloy wheels?Thanks,
I have never torqued a lug nut in mine life, never had actually a problem! I usage air tools.Typical spec. Is 80-90 ft/lbs. Don"t forget come tighten castle in an alternate pattern (Like a star shape)
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95 ft.lbs. Follow to my Owner"s manual under the jacking instruction section.Haynes speak 100 ft.lbs.Local garages space using 100 ft.lbs.I use 100 ft.lbs., straightforward number to remember.
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Years back I had a chart through all the speak specks for my vehicles wheels. This obtained a little silly end time, for the last 5 years or therefore I"ve simply been torquing everything to 100 foot pounds. I have actually an old "clicker" speak wrench I just use because that this purpose. Ns am sure I am end torquing (sp?) part vehicles a bit, yet doubt ns am leaving any type of too loose.

Actually it"s far better to usage a speak wrench if only because you will acquire a an ext consistent tightness on every lug nut.Uneven talk can an outcome in brake rotor vibration.I"ve uncovered that tire stores are an extremely inconsistent v lug nut torque.:jpshakehe ns re-torque the lug nuts after I get home.
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Me too. Periodically the nuts aren"t torqued up really well through the Garages / Dealers and need to it is in retorqued. I watch the end for the lock nuts in particular.
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