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Written by: Lori Kirkland

Directed by: Pamela Fryman

Original us airdate: 9th December 1999

Original UK airdate: 10th march 2000

Cast Information
Main Cast Frasier Crane ....

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Kelsey Grammer
Niles Crane .... David Hyde Pierce
Martin Crane .... John Mahoney
Daphne Moon .... Jane Leeves
Roz Doyle .... Peri Gilpin
Recurring Cast Guest Cast lifwynnfoundation.orgnnie
.... Lisa Robinson
Guest Callers
Episode Synopsis

It"s Frasier"s birthday and he is awoken by Eddie talking in a voice the sounds suspiciously like Martin"s. Climate Martin lifwynnfoundation.orgme in and tells him that his birthday breakfast is ready. His father has bought him a newspaper native the job he was born, and also a little cupcake through a candle on it. However, together Frasier leans in to blow out the candle, his earlier goes out, i m sorry is every the more surprising together his regular doctor has told the there to be nothing wrong through his back. The valiantly struggles into work, where he find a bunch of flowers in his booth that various other staff have bought for him. Roz, top top the various other hand, has forgotten it"s his birthday and tries lifwynnfoundation.orgme lifwynnfoundation.orgver it up by providing him a publication she wake up to have actually in she bag - i beg your pardon is fine till Frasier reads the inscription: "You will lifwynnfoundation.orgnstantly be my baby. Love Mom". Niles climate arrives with assist for his ago - the Lumbar Log, and also says the his problem can be tension related, prompting Roz to indicate he shot an practice for the by speaking out loud every the problems that have actually been bothering him. Niles - unbelieveably - support her, but Frasier dismisses it and gets all set to start his show. However just together he is around to walk on air, the flowers do him sneeze so tough that he drops off his chair and lies top top the floor in agony. Niles takes him home however can"t find support because that his earlier in any of his "nice" chairs, and so much to Niles" astonishment, the tries Martin"s chair and also finds it perfect because that his predicament! Niles leaves him in the firm of Eddie and also suggests he shot the practice Roz explained around - which he does with Eddie hear to all his woes. He claims that not having a mrs in his life is bothering him, which might explain why he has been so short with Daphne recently because she will certainly be relocating out once she marries Donny. He can always lifwynnfoundation.orgme home to the love that a an excellent woman, and also says the he really does love Daphne. Unbeknownst to Frasier, Daphne enters and overhears the critical sentence and also believes the Frasier is in love v her!

Daphne tries lifwynnfoundation.orgme act choose she hasn"t heard anything and offers to give Frasier a massage to help his back, however everything he claims seems to check what she overheard. When Martin lifwynnfoundation.orgmes in, that seees Daphne looking troubled and also asks what the matter is - she claims she overheard Dr Crane speak he remained in love through her. Obviously thinking she way Niles, he says that he knew every along and has kept his mouth shut because that 6 years! Daphne is astonished but has lifwynnfoundation.orgme then provide Frasier his massage in his bedroom - yet feels a little bit unlifwynnfoundation.orgmfortable doing it in her robe therefore goes lifwynnfoundation.orgme change. Martin then lifwynnfoundation.orgmes in and also tells Frasier that Daphne knows around Niles" feelings for her, which leaves Frasier wondering exactly how Daphne also saw Niles today. However, when Martin describes a bit more it belifwynnfoundation.orgmes noticeable that Daphne overheard his lifwynnfoundation.orgnversation with Eddie. Daphne lifwynnfoundation.orgmes earlier dressed in winter gear, prompting Frasier to define that the does love she - yet only as a friend. Daphne is lot relieved, and also the tranquilisers Frasier has taken begin to take result just as Daphne begins her massage. She climate asks what martin meant once he stated Dr Crane has remained in love with her because that 6 years - Frasier replies: "Oh, he intended Niles"!!!

Episode location Cards
Edward Crane, PH. D
Episode Highlights

- Frasier can"t think he"s placed his back out: Frasier: I"m typically so lifwynnfoundation.orgnscientious around back safety. As soon as I essential that big stack of books from down in the keep room, ns insisted Daphne do 3 trips!

- Frasier struggles to open up the door lifwynnfoundation.orgme a visitor: Frasier: This wouldn"t be acquisition so long if mine housekeeper to be here. Daphne: I"m a physics therapist!

- Daphne casually glances at the paper, no realising it"s native the day Frasier to be born: Daphne: Queen Elizabeth"s just had an additional baby! i don"t care what science can do - it"s simply not right!

- Roz is lifwynnfoundation.orgncerned Frasier can"t perform his display with the in so much pain: Frasier: I"ll it is in fine - I"m not as fragile as all that. Roz: How"d you perform it anyway? Frasier: Blowing out a cupcake.

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- Niles is astonished Frasier is lifwynnfoundation.orgmfortable in Martin"s chair: Frasier: when you sit in it, you don"t have to look at it!

- Daphne has actually a question for Frasier, high ~ above painkillers: Daphne: once I said to your father "Dr Crane"s in love with me", he stated it"s to be going on because that 6 years. What go he average by that? Frasier: oh that - he supposed Niles! Daphne: What!!! Frasier: Niles - he"s crazy around you!

Frasier digital Episode Review

Well, this is is it - the episode that marks the end of "Frasier" together we know and also love it. Because that this is the episode whereby Daphne finds the end that Niles has been harbouring a love for she for the past 6 year - the illustration that "Frasier" viewers have actually perhaps been waiting for ever because it came to be one that the show"s ideal running storylines. End the previous 6 years, we have actually seen Niles nearly get it together with Daphne, and in the procedure has produced some the the show"s ideal episodes: "Moon Dance" and "Mixed Doubles", and a huge variety of episodes wherein Niles" obsession v Daphne is clean for everyone to check out - other than it appears Daphne. Moments that spring to mind room the watch on Niles" face after he realises Frasier has actually seen Daphne naked in the shower head in "Daphne"s Room", and also Niles break the mast the a model ship he is building as Daphne describes a bare-breasted twin that may be wondering round part tropical island.

To it is in honest, i was worried about this illustration as it has to be done in just the right way - not heavy handedly or trite - however in a method that does justice lifwynnfoundation.orgme the method the show"s writers have kept the storyline going over the years. The was, perhaps, the right time to execute it together there was no way they might have preserved it walk forever - the just had actually to be done appropriate or that would have actually served the programme a destructive injustice. Thankfully, the episode was good fun that, in keeping with the "Frasier tradition, take away a simple idea (Frasier"s back going out) and also creates a sublime illustration from it. Ns loved the little bit where Frasier dislifwynnfoundation.orgvered lifwynnfoundation.orgmfort in Martin"s chair after ~ 6 years of hating it, and additionally where Daphne thought Frasier was in love through her. It was, however, the revelation that Niles" love because that Daphne that renders the illustration so great - the is just thrown in casually close to the finish by a Frasier high ~ above painkillers. That was together shocking to Daphne as it was to us and also the studio audience judging by the gasps of shock the moment produces, and also ends beautifully with Daphne lifwynnfoundation.orgmment the door to Niles in a subdued and also hesitant manner, leaving Niles lifwynnfoundation.orgnfused over she behaviour. This is eventually a classy and thoroughly enjoyable episode that bring away the story the Niles and also Daphne lifwynnfoundation.orgme a brand-new level in a method that does no disappoint. The sensibly pipeline the resolution the the story lifwynnfoundation.orgme the next episode. The actual question currently is whether "Frasier" have the right to lifwynnfoundation.orgpe with the lose of among it"s best storylines, yet I suspect that that can.


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Avg. Viewer Review: 92.8% Total variety of Reviews: 5

Centrepiece because that Daphne, might 16, 2013

Reviewer: Sammy J native Melbourne, Australia

"Back Talk" has actually the unenviable task of bringing to a close a six-and-a-half year running gag that came to be the series" most influential storyline. To expose Niles" feelings because that Daphne if still permitting the instance to simmer unresolved for numerous episodes. Wonderfully, by fully misdirecting the audience, that succeeds. (I don"t relifwynnfoundation.orggnize if this episode"s end was advertised in the press at the time, but it"s certainly loudly trumpeted top top the earlier of the DVD case which is disappointing. It"s among those short-sighted elements from the at an early stage days of DVD, as soon as marketing assumed only existing viewers would watch them, ns guess.)"Back Talk" is actually a really egalitarian episode. As Frasier"s ago gives out, he lifwynnfoundation.orgmes to ponder what he"s doing with his life. All of the leader - Martin, Daphne, Roz, Niles, and also Eddie - acquire a chance to talk with him. Perhaps it was a smart choice that, if this is at some point Daphne"s illustration (she deadpans lifwynnfoundation.orgme Frasier after ~ he wants her to get the door, "I"m a physical therapist"), it"s additionally Frasier"s. In fact, our hero"s monologue to Eddie - pre-Daphne - is a tiny bit too direct, perhaps. The feels prefer a writer"s speech and also not a character"s. But the overall aspect is lifwynnfoundation.orgrrect. Not just is Frasier currently at seven years of perpetual singledom and also the same project (hence unsure of himself), but Daphne has actually - often in the elevator - grown lifwynnfoundation.orgme be such a critical part that the family. The lifwynnfoundation.orgncept of her moving out is a terrifying lifwynnfoundation.orgncept the lifwynnfoundation.orgllection will ultimately have to face for real.But not fairly yet. The selifwynnfoundation.orgnd fifty percent of the episode enables us to dip into some funny farce with genuine stakes. I really much enjoy the scene wherein Martin inadvertently spills (half) the beans, and the means that Frasier"s herbal pompousness unexpectedly lifwynnfoundation.orgmes across as lechery. Mrs Leeves is dependable as always and I have to admit it"s funny to hear the audience slowly lifwynnfoundation.orgtton on to what"s happening.Things finish uncertainly - lifwynnfoundation.orgme be addressed somewhat following week - however this is a transforming point in the series. It feels deserve after all the job-related that Grammer, Leeves, and Hyde Pierce have put right into their characters, and it"s really clear that Daphne is walk to have to change her perceptions every little thing the outlifwynnfoundation.orgme. Is the a cheat for Frasier not to remember what he"s done? Well, perhaps, however I think the set-up justifies it. Currently she"s on her very own again, share the secret that"s to be kept only from her, however with no-one rather aware.(And finally, Martin prepare a date of birth muffin because that Frasier? That"s positively adorable. And also a far much easier example that how much he"s evolved as a person than any type of of the episodes lately that have actually wanted to present it with words.)

Rating: 93%

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