Former cast members that “In the warm of the Night” cast pause for one last team photo at the finish of a 12-hour work of sharing v fans in Covington, Ga. Indigenous left, Dee Shaw, Afemo Omilami, Sharon Pratt, Wilbur Fitzgerald, Randall Franks, Alan Autry, Maureen Dowdell and also John Webb. (Photo: Randall Franks Media)

Several “In the warm of the Night” stars gathered Oct. 10 because that the 2015 heat Homecoming in Covington, Ga., funded by the Covington/Newton ar Convention and also Visitor’s Bureau. Now two decades after ending primary photography in Covington, the show continues to include to the multi-million dissension film and also television tourism economic climate generated by fans visiting the area. Fans traveled native as much away as Arizona to spend a couple hours listening come stars re-superstructure memories and answer viewer’s questions about the television drama collection in Sparta, Miss. Which initially aired ~ above NBC and also CBS and also in 150 nations from 1988-1995.

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Stars climate spent another 10 hours visiting one ~ above one v fans signing autographs, posing for photos, and also hearing comment from viewers that watch the present regularly now on WGN and This TV. Many visitors took a double take as the late Carroll O’Connor’s on screen twin Grady Spradley, now 91, to be on hand in costume also sharing fond memories. Visitors toured dozens of original show locations. The evening ended with a concert on “Sparta Square.”

Actors share laughs and memories through fans ~ above the square in Covington, Ga. Indigenous left, Wilbur Fitzgerald (D.A. Gerard Darnelle) Randall Franks (Officer Randy Goode), Dee show (Officer Dee Shepard) Maureen Dowdell (Tracey Boggs), Sharon Pratt (Officer Sharon), man Webb (Officer John), Afemo Omilami (Jimmy Dawes), and Alan Autry (Bubba Skinner). (Photo: Covington CVB)

Show stars noted the finale v Maureen Dowdell to sing “I’m fall in Love” and also Randall Franks getting feet come movin’ v the valuation of “Blue Suede Shoes” supported by the tape Drive Time. Countless fans took home music recordings as a keepsake, including the charity “In the warmth of the Night” Christmas Time’s A Comin’, and Alan Autry and also Randall Franks “Mississippi Moon” CDs.

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Heat Homecoming Reunion video clip with cast interviews (Produced through Darrell Everidge because that Covington CVB www.DarrellProductions.com):