As with numerous shows, The Young and the Restless has actually been shut down as result of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. Reruns fill the usual spots where, normally, brand-new episodes would be. Throughout this abnormal the town hall time, viewers room digging roughly for answers as to why longtime Y&R actors member, Daniel Goddard, was fired native the show. Go it have actually anything to carry out with his steamy on-screen romance through Beth Maitland? part fans to speak yes.

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Daniel Goddard exited ‘The Young and the Restless’ after an ext than 12 years


Daniel Goddard | VALERY HACHE/AFP via Getty Images

After end a decade on The Young and also the Restless, Daniel Goddard was let go. Top top 22, 2019, Goddard post a heartfelt message to his Instagram page about his exit.

“It is with a hefty heart that i share the news the I will no longer be part of the actors of The Young and also the Restless. Ns am as shocked and gutted as you are…I nearly didn’t write-up but i felt the the most loyal & loving fans an actor could wish because that deserved come know and watch the last story arc discovering the rich an interpretation behind it,” he said.

The actor continued, “I am forever thankful for the 13 years I have been a part of the Y&R family… however sadly it appears that without Neil and Lily there just is no Cane.”

Goddard’s storylines heavily relied on the of co-star and also TV wife, Christel Khalil (who theatre Lily Winters), that downgraded come recurring standing in 2018. Pan have since theorized why Goddard’s to be let go, stating it may have actually something to do with a particular Y&R storyline, and also actress, to blame.

Fans reference actress Beth Mailand because that Goddard’s departure

that is v a heavy heart that i share the news that I will no much longer be part of the actors of the Young and the Restless. Ns am together shocked and also gutted as you are… I nearly didn’t post but i felt that the many loyal & loving fans an actor can wish for deserved come know and also watch the critical story arc learning the rich an interpretation behind it. I am forever thankful for the 13 year I have been a component of the Y&R family… yet sadly it appears that there is no Neil and also Lily there just is no Cane. #yr

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Various sources, including Soap Dirt and also multiple Reddit threads, think Goddard’s leave has to carry out with a romantic storyline with longtime Y&R actress, Beth Maitland (who dram Traci Abbott).

Since Goddard’s short article and extr cryptic tweets around his love of #Lane #Lane (Lily and Cane), rumors have circulated that both Goddard and also Maitland were against the on-screen romance. Reasons ranged from the age difference to the reality that Traci was Lily’s finest friend Colleen’s mother.

In July 2019, Maitland responded to fans who disapproved that the romance.

“Hey, Guys…I’ve to be tweeting what this story method to me…Possibility…for Traci, Cane, and also for everyone. We all deserve to be cared for and also that deserve to come from how amazing places. Xxx” Maitland tweeted in response.

She later on added, ” “I respect everyone’s best to your opinion. Ns respect tolerance, kindness, an open up mind, and acceptance. I don’t respect meanness so much. Thanks, Lisa for returning united state to reality. I carry out what they write. Ns an actor. And I LOVE representing genuine women with true hearts. Xxx #real”

That said, some aren’t only blaming the writing, yet Maitland herself. Follow to Celeb Dirty Laundry, insiders think she’s the reason for Goddard’s firing. The reasonable is that Lily was never ever recast, Goddard couldn’t acquire over the “#lane romance, and writers paired him v Maitland to stroked nerves him, the outlet reported.

Much the Y&R’s ups and also downs end the last decade have much more to carry out with transforms in top management. Vault showrunner, Mal Young, allow longtime classmate, Doug Davidson go while sidelining others favor Eric Braeden to carry forth brand-new stars. The hiring of josh Griffith put things closer come the method they were, but was it as well little, as well late?

Goddard hinted at his exit prior to the announcement

If you uncover yourself constantly trying to prove her worth to who else…… you’ve already forgotten her value. Don't execute this come yourself!

— Daniel Goddard (

In the days leading as much as Goddard’s departure news, he posted a wire of uplifting tweets — almost together if come remind self of his very own worth. Top top Oct. 22, he consisted of a picture of himself v Y&R alum, Jess Walton, and also Khalil through a heart emoji. Plainly the actor struggled v leaving the show.

Friends defended both stars

my dearest friends, I simply wanted come let you know that on today’s episode of young and the restless Cane’s journey finally concerns an end. I wanted to call you for a while that now is my critical air date yet I really just didn’t understand how. Thirteen years earlier I stepped foot onto one of televisions’s many iconic shows and also for this Aussie dreamer who collection out trying to find something higher than himself… I suddenly felt favor I was home. We had actually some great times no we? us laughed together, cried together and loved together, yet through it… we were constantly there because that each other, since that’s what families do. Ns love each and also every among you, girlfriend will never truly know just how much you typical to me. So, as Kristoff would certainly say… “Stay spring up!” Always, Daniel

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Meanwhile, one fan — who Twitter account has actually been suspended — took points too far, as detailed via Soap Dirt.

“Beth Maitland is making a fool of herself. You couldn’t pay me Eric Braeden’s salary to play having actually the hots end a pathological liar who desires a mrs one third her size,” one person wrote.

As some continue to attack Maitland because that Goddard leaving, fans conveniently stepped in to stick up for the Y&R star. Friends and also costars also cut in, blaming executive producers because that the actors changes.

“Two good friends room no longer on the show, KRISTOFF, that passed away, and DANIEL GODDARD, that is a damned good actor and SHOULD BE with US!!! miss them both, together with DOUGIE DAVIDSON, who isn’t on the display ENOUGH!!!
DougDavidsonYR “Eric Braeden recently tweeted.

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Braeden likewise came come Maitland’s defense over those now-deleted tweets directed towards her. “ is among the kindest world I have ever before met and A DAMNED good ACTRESS!”

It’s difficult to say understand what really happened with Goddard’s firing, yet if fans have anything to say about it — he’ll be back eventually.