At AAMCO Minnesota, one of the most frequently asked questions we obtain each week is around replacing time belts and also chains for cars and also trucks.

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Depending on your automobile or truck’s engine, you either have actually a timing belt (think a heavy-duty rubber belt) or a timing chain (think a bicycle chain that fits into gears v teeth).

Here is what you must know about timing belts and chains, and what to do if it’s time for repairs.

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Timing Chains

Timing chains are not used as lot as they to be in the past. First, they are much more expensive to manufacture, they have the right to stretch end time, and require oil to save lubricated. The key reason why they space still offered is the timing chains can regularly handle much much more powerful engines, such together high performance cars and commercial trucks.

Timing chains are an extremely strong, and most of them will certainly last because that the lifetime of your car or truck. Yet if lock fail, they can fail in a catastrophic way. Think about having a metal chain gift flung around at high rate inside the hood of her car, and also banging against the engine. Not ideal. Time chains, if lock fail, have the right to be nice expensive to replace. You’ll likely need to also replace the timing gears in ~ the same time.

Timing Belts

Auto manufacturers started using timing belts since they room much less expensive to manufacture and they run much more quietly. Time belts usually have actually rubber “teeth”:

Most normal auto users (not hotrod racers or performance auto people) tend to choose quieter cars. Timing belts run much much more smoothly 보다 a timing chain.

The problem is that timing belts will certainly break. They room made out of rubber and fiber, and also they will slowly deteriorate from being exposed come oil, gas and also heat. (All of which are existing near the engine that your auto or truck.)

And when a steel timing chain will stretch or loosen over time, belts will frequently just rest suddenly. They’ll continue to be tight there is no damaging much (like timing chain teeth for a time chain), yet when castle go, they’ll go.

The good news is the belts are much easier to change than a time chain. Depending on your vehicle or truck, time belts should be adjusted every 40,000 or 60,000 miles. Some more recent cars have timing belts that don’t should be changed until 100,000 miles.
Replacing timing Beltsf girlfriend don’t change your time belts according to the manufacturer’s schedule, you hazard a couple of things happening come your automobile or truck:

First, if it snaps at a bad time, your automobile or truck is simply not going to walk anywhere. Basically, there’s no means for her engine come transfer any type of of the rotational power to her tires. Think about a time once you to be riding a bicycle and the chain slipped off the gears. You have the right to still steer, her brakes work, however your motor (your legs) no much longer have any kind of connection to the gears, and also subsequently, the capacity to do the tires go round and also round. So, you’re walk to more than likely be grounding wherever you are.

Second, a belt that breaks or breaks have the right to fling itself approximately by the engine and damage things. Also though it’s make of rubber (unlike a time chain that’s made the end of metal), it deserve to still do damage to the internal materials in your car. Better to replace it according to the schedule native your vehicle or truck manufacturer, 보다 it is to have actually it snap and do a lot an ext damage within the hood of your car.

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Time For new Timing Belts or Chains? AAMCO Minnesota can Help

Worried about your timing belt? Hearing strange noises? Engine misfiring? The an excellent news is AAMCO Minnesota is below for you. It’s straightforward to speak to or book an appointment online. Our skilled mechanics are below to check and also replace your timing belt, as well as complete any other repair you could need. Those that know, walk to AAMCO.