Whilepearls stand for prestige, glamor and also luxury, the story behind the scene islabor-intensive, daunting and time-consuming.

Whenyou take a item of pearl jewelry right into your hands, she looking at the resultof years of difficult work and good scientific and technical advancements.

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Understandingthe pearl harvesting process will offer you an evaluation of just howdifficult that is to produce a strand of perfect lustrous pearls.

Here’sa watch at exactly how pearls room harvested.

What is the Culturing Process?

Before pearls were cultured, only organic or wildpearls were available. Pearl divers had actually to dive into the s for these, indeep and also dangerous conditions. The mortality rate for pearl divers to be around50% which do it among the most dangerous jobs. There to be a one in two chanceof dice on the job!

Today, practically all pearl on the industry are culturedusing clinical and technological means. Oysters and mussels are preserved on largepearl farms in perfect conditions come ensure the they produce pearls.



Nucleatingoysters needs exacting skill and precision

The culturing process requires a experienced technicianto insert a bead cell core and/or mantle tissue right into the mantle that the mollusk.This stimulates the pearl creation process, which deserve to take approximately 2-4 years tocomplete, relying on the type of pearl.

Caring for the Oysters together They Grow

During this time, the oystersare cared for, x-rayed and also checked come ensurethey haven’t’ rubbish the nucleus. They’re provided nutrients to keep themhealthy and are maintained in sheltered waters. Together the oysters grow, they proceed tosecrete layer ~ above layer that nacre which forms the pearl over time.

Fromtime come time, the oysters space inspected for parasites or various other healthissues that might interfere with the culturing process. The oysters room fed,cleaned and their problems are kept perfect for the breakthrough of lustrouspearls.


Akoya Oysters in water

Mostpearl ranches are in far regions about the globe, favor Broome inWestern Australia. This is since pearls require clean, unpolluted waters inorder come thrive and create beautiful pearls.

Withthe rise in pollution, recognize the ideal waters because that oysters to prosper isbecoming significantly difficult. As a result, pearl farmer are associated in sustainabilityand environmental protection as this is crucial if pearl agriculture is to continueinto the future.

When are Pearls Harvested?

Woman working on extract pearls native oyster shells. Vietnamese factory near Ha lengthy Bay.

Oncethe growth period is over, normally 6 month to 4 years, the pearls are readyto harvest. A tiny sample that oysters room harvested and checked to watch if thepearls are ready. If whatever looks good, a complete harvest is brought out.

Harvestingis generally done throughout the cooler months, because mollusks have tendency to secretethinner great of nacre as soon as the waters space cooler. Thin, much more concentratednacre results in much better luster and also a more beautiful pearl.

Ofcourse, this is just a guideline. Every pearl farm takes the on a case by situation basis.Sometimes other determinants such together mollusk wellness or the farm’s to work canfactor right into when the oysters space harvested.

Onlya small percentage (estimated at less than 5%) that the total number of nucleatedmollusks will bear high-quality, gem-grade pearls.

This video clip gives a clear insight into the pearl farming practices and conditions in Japan, the main resource for Akoya pearls.

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Do Oysters dice After gift Harvested?

When the mollusks are ready to be harvested, they’retaken the end of the water and also transported to harvest centers.

The oysters or mollusks space opened, the pearl is removed,and the creature is either prepared for a second nucleation. The oysters thatproduce the best pearls might be re-nucleated and go v the entire processagain.

Most that the oysters are killed in the process.Depending top top the type of creature, the meat, which is a byproduct of theprocess, have the right to be consumed by the local populace or offered as fertilizer.

Pearls after ~ the Harvest

Once the harvesting procedure is complete, the pearlsare then subjected to cleaning and standard treatments, if required. These include soaking thepearls in a cleaning systems to remove dirt and odors frequently followed bybleaching, polishing and sometimes pinking.

The pearls room then graded and also matched. The pearlsare poured into huge sieves that separate them based on size. Indigenous here,workers can additional categorize them based upon the pearl worth factors. This is a time-consuming jobrequiring great attention to detail.

After this the pearl are more examined andscreened, specifically if it’s come be set into fine jewelry. The ships aregrouped come exacting criteria and also sold in ‘hanks’, i m sorry is the hatchet usedfor loose matched pearls. The hanks room then sold and also ready to it is in crafted intobeautiful jewelry.