Black Tie guide visitorsoccasionallyask me if it’s okay to stay suspenders through cummerbunds.My an initial thoughtis “why don’t these civilization bother analysis the Guide before writing?” My second thought is “why do so manypeople assumethese two write-ups are mutually exclusive?”


I doubt that a generalunfamiliarity v the cummerbund leads many to equate it with a belt because of the way in which it is worn. In the regard, the would certainly seem redundancy to use two species of trouser holders in ~ once. The is also possible that most people today assume that braces space no much more than a decorative novelty.

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Therefore,I frequently respond come this inquiry by explaining the role of every item. Suspenders room a valuable accessory designed to organize the trousers in location like a belt when the cummerbund is one aesthetic accessory intendedto concealthe trouser waistband and the undecoratedshirtwaist choose a waistcoat.

Asking if it’s agree to undertake thetwo short articles togetheris favor asking if shoelacesand socks canbe worn together. Not just is that acceptable, it is essential.

I will also often usage the chance to repeat the writerthat there is no have to worry around the 2 articlesmatching because, unlike shoelaces or belts, braces are never ever meant to watch the light of day (or night.)

An exciting cummerbund. It appears to have actually no pleats, a characteristic that I have not seen very often.

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PeterI have a question concerning braces & a belt coat together. Ns haven’t seen any treads relating come this combo.

Does the color of the cummerbund have actually to complement the collar of the tuxedo jacket? I recently saw a beautiful tuxedo jacket the was navy in shade with an complex pattern top top it. I was unsure about buying it, though, because I was not sure around this rule. The remainder of the coat is black, so would a black cummerbund it is in the appropraite choice for this jacket?

If i am attending a black tie optional wedding, should I wear one of two people a cummerbund or a vest, or are both optional?