We had actually a potluck thing today in ~ work, and one the the employees made bars through cream cheese in them:


I learned that they were no refrigerated, which kind of freaked me out, yet then ns remembered I"ve do cookies with cream cheese in lock that stayed at room temp and I never gained sick.

Yet the internet seems to be divided? since cheesecakes should be refrigerated? i can"t phone call what"s right.

So now I"m worrying the I"m walk to get some food-borne condition from this recipe since it wasn"t refrigerated. I know unbaked cream cheese demands to be refrigerated, but tons that baked items that "sit out" have cream cheese (like danishes and also such).

I have seen tons of cookies that use cream cheese and people don"t refrigerate those? Shouldn"t this it is in the same thing?

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Your question is not really answerable. Also, that is based on quite a few misconcceptions around how food safety works.

remembered i"ve do cookies through cream cheese in them...

You seem to think the you have the right to predict, based on an ingredient, whether the final product is shelf stable, or not. This is impossible. The final product is either shelf steady or the isn"t, yet this depends on its physics properties together a whole, not on the visibility of a single ingredient, or top top the shelf security of the most perishable ingredient, or some such thing. Somebody v a laboratory, a degree in food technology, and some totally free time on your hands deserve to tell girlfriend whether this things space safe when out the refrigeration, or not. Nobody rather can, especially not from just looking at the recipe.

cookies v cream cheese... Cheesecakes ... Danish"s and also such... Shouldn"t this it is in the very same thing

Related come the above. You cannot take a random recipe which is in some means similar to the one you space using, and predict shelf stability from it. There sometimes are great of foods items in which usually all members space shelf secure - because that example, raw, dried rice is shelf stable, no issue if it"s basmati or arborio - yet outside of such one-of-a-kind cases, every food needs to be thought about on the own.

internet seems to be divided

There is no single meaning of what "safe food" is. On our site, we analyze it as safety regulations produced by a federal government agency, as this take away it out of the completely subjective area, yet even in this case, the rule of different agencies differ. If you translate it as "I don"t problem when i eat it", then you obtain just people"s gut feelings, and they are almost everywhere the place. So, the expectation is to get divided opinions.

and ns never got sick

This go not provide us much information regarding whether they to be safe. Safe food is food i beg your pardon is basically guaranteed to not make friend sick. Unsafe food is food because that which nobody knows the chance of making you sick, i m sorry is very different from food which constantly makes girlfriend sick.

now im worrying the im going to obtain some foodbourne illness

This is also a nonanswerable question. Because the bars are not known to it is in safe, the possibility of you acquiring sick is unknown. Also if we knew that they room unsafe, the threat would likewise be unknown (see above).

Bottom line: you are not walking to uncover any more (reliable) info than you already have. Not also after time has passed and also you know that you haven"t (or have) gotten sick. You might want to review up an ext on just how food security works, because that future cases, however for now, you have to live v uncertainty.