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Jamaica Postal password Form

The Jamaica Postal password SystemDeon ClarkeThe net and technological advances has heralded a renewed speak to for an effective Jamaica postal code system. But where room we now, what is the present state?

Sad come say we room not much additional than we were 40 year ago.

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It’s funny just how time has changed dramatically! ns bet if you room over 30 year old, you will remember the days when you wrote letters to loved ones and friends and also constantly checked at the post office, anticipating the return, right? Those days have basically end up being obsolete. In today’s world, call calls, emails and social media room the bespeak of the day.

Did modern technology Render mail Obsolete?

However, despite technical advances, girlfriend will uncover that mailing is still very much in high demand! probably not for an individual letters anymore, but certainly logistics is ~ above the rise. Digital shopping and shipping locally and internationally has end up being common location for numerous Jamaicans therefore the enhancing request because that a Jamaica postal code, but...

Sorry, No Postal password in Jamaica :-(

Say you are placing an bespeak online and you are asked to go into your zip code or postal code, what execute you do? ns personally get in “00000”.  Why?  Jamaica walk not have actually postal codes.  that’s right. Over there is no postal code device in Jamaica presently.There was an effort however to introduce this device several year ago.  We will certainly look in ~ this proposal in an ext detail.

The exit Postal code System

The plan to present the postal code mechanism was at first announced top top June 6, 2005.  It’s purpose – to aid the international partners the the Postal coporation, group of Jamaica such together the joined States, unified Kingdom and also Canada to be much better able to kind letters that were intended because that Jamaica.  you would find that in ~ times, these letters would ended up in Jamaica in long Island in the U. S. Or even in Japan!Plans to be aborted to present the device in Kingston in July 2005 as numerous persons discovered the it challenging to understand. Despite reports in the Sunday Observer newspaper on April 2, 2006 the the device would have been all set by the end of the year, those to plan did not materialize. Finally, ~ above February 12, 2007, the notice was made that the project was rely indefinitely!

Proposed structure of the System

Under this system, you would view Jamaica being separated into four zones: A, B, C, D.   These zones would have specific parishes in ~ them. This letter would have been provided as the third letter after ~ “JM” for Jamaica. This would have actually been followed by a two-letter abbreviation for the parish, adhered to by a 2-digit code. For example: JMCAN19 – Ocho Rios. Please view the below list v details:

Zone A includes the parishes that Kingston, St. Andrew and St. CatherineZone B includes the parishes of St. Mary, Portland and also St. ThomasZone C includes the parishes of St. Ann, Trelawny, St. James and also HanoverZone D includes the parishes of Westmoreland, St. Elizabeth, Manchester and also Clarendon

You will check out that the parish code is actually the first and last letter of each parish. The "St" would likewise be reduce from appropriate parishes.

The 2-digit write-up Office code would identify the post office in alphabet order by parish:An example of this is the Allman Town write-up Office in the Parish of Kingston.

It is the very first Post Office in an alphabetical list of the write-up Offices in the Parish of Kingston, as a result, it would certainly be assigned 01 because that its write-up Office Code.

Jamaica Postal password Listing

What"s The Alternative?

So the next time you walk shopping digital or friend are sending out a package, no should worry about postal codes for Jamaica - yes, girlfriend can constantly use the one designated above, or must I say to be designated, the doesn"t hurt, or simply, carry out what ns do....... Just go into some 4 or 5 zeros in the interim. :-)

I hope this helped.


"New postal code system before year end",

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