Byline: TANITH CAREY united state Editor in Jackson, Mississippi as HE placed together the perform of credits for the covering of his very first NSync album, Justin Timberlake struggled to find the right words. Finally, he detailed one of the special people he wanted to say thanks to as:"My point of view in Heaven, mine sister Laura Katherine." The dedication baffled fans who believed Justin to be an just child.Wild rumours circulated, part speculating the she to be the popstar"s dead twin. Yet today, because that the very first time, the Mirror deserve to reveal the real storyof Justin"s heartache. Laura to be the infant daughter the his dad Randy and his brand-new wife Lisa.She died of complications soon after birth just as the singer wasstarting the end in N Sync, his hit boy band. Now she is remembered through a plaque and also a winged cherub in a shadycorner the the Garden of Innocence in Justin"s home town ofMillington, Tennessee. A bunch of man-made flowers likewise marks the spot, whereby theinscription reads: "Laura Katherine Timberlake. In the eight ofJesus." record label boss Lou Pearlman, the mastermind behind N Sync,recalls: "Justin was just 16. It yes, really upset him. It to be on hismind the entirety time. "He sat down and said he was going to compose as that felt in hisheart. He wrote it native his feelings." Justin"s grandmother, Sadie Bomar, adds: "That babydidn"t live but an hour. It to be a sad thing. Randy had their firstlittle boy, and also then two years later on they had actually this tiny girl. Justinwanted to comfort Randy."
this particular day Justin, 22, is the world"s hottest masculine singer sincegoing solo through his hit document Justified. Yet though he was carried up in a close-knit community inAmerica"s bible Belt, he has actually had an ext than his fair share ofheartache. ~ his parents" divorce once he was simply four, his fatherRandy to be often missing from his life. Yet the arrival of hishalf-brother Jonathan - come be adhered to by Stephen - helped bring fatherand son close again. A girlfriend says: "Justin was at one impressionable period when thelittle girl died. "He had grown to adore Jonathan, who was simply a toddler, so hewas yes, really looking front to a brand-new baby in the family. "He offered to walk over there and play through Jonathan and check howLisa was getting on. "When the baby didn"t endure he was shattered. That wasJustin"s first experience that anything favor that and he want hislittle sister to be remembered. "Justin has actually a strong side to him. There is a part of that thatbelieved her tiny spirit was in heaven, the town hall him." back the tragedy lugged Justin and also Randy close, it had notalways been the way. It to be only as soon as his mom Lynn married hersecond husband Paul Harless that Justin acquired the dad he had alwayscraved. Sadie, 70, says: "Randy walk not have actually too lot to carry out withJustin for numerous years In fact, not until he acquired on The Mickey computer mouse Club children"s TV show. "Lynn always said the only thing he obtained from his daddy was hisbeautiful voice. I am certain Randy loved him, however he just wasn"tresponsible then. "Later on, Randy said: "I am going come quit mine job and gowith you and be her manager." Justin rotate round and said:"No, you"re not. You"re gonna to be the dad to thosetwo boys the you wasn"t come me."" Lynn was simply 17 and Randy 20 once they married in 1978. Lock hadmet when Lynn"s household started attending the neighborhood church whereRandy"s father Charles was pastor. Sadie recalls: "I wasworried around Lynn gift so young. We tried to talk her the end of it. Lynnhad three scholarships and also we want her to go to college. But she wouldnot take it No because that an answer." Sadly, within 3 years of Justin"s birth Lynn divorced herhusband ~ above the grounds the irreconcilable differences. DIVORCE records seen by the daily Mirror expose that she receivedjust pounds 25 a week boy support indigenous Randy, a self-employed builder.

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as a solitary mother required to do ends meet, Lynn functioned at a localbank, the an initial Tennessee nationwide Corporation. There she met her second husband Paul - a gaue won analyst and theman who was to end up being the person Justin now thinks of together his true dad. Sadie says: "After he and Lynn acquired married, every day Paulkissed Justin on the forehead and also said: "You have a an excellent day, son.I love you." He has raised him favor his own due to the fact that he was five yearsold. He has taught the to it is in honest and also straight forward and Justinloves him. He has been a guardian angel to castle both. Justin idoliseshim." Randy, who is currently choir director at the local church, wishes thingshad turned out differently. "Divorce is constantly tough top top on everyone and I am certain Iaffected Justin," the says. "I lost a most quality time withJustin, which i regret. We obtain on well, but I recognize I haven"tstayed as close as I wouldn"t have liked to." Sadie claims it to be clear native the moment Justin was born top top onJanuary 31 1981 the he to be something special. She recalls: "Justin was just the most precious thing. Hewould sit in the earlier seat that the car, singing and harmonising v theradio. He wanted to be an entertainer. It was just formed in him." His mommy was determined to foster his talents and entered him intalent shows where he typically did a turn as a country and also westernsinger. Sadie says: "He won so countless that we would come earlier on theplane v eight or 10 trophies and also they to be taller than he was." however though Lynn"s side of the family were an ext than happy toencourage Justin"s talents, Sadie claims his other grandparentsstrongly disapproved. She explains: "Justin"s other grand is a Baptistminister and also they did not want him to get into the entertainmentindustry. Castle didn"t think the was right." every the same, Lynn took Justin the end of high institution so the he couldbe tutored privately and be complimentary to pursue his goals. A friend recalls: "Lynn was totally focused on Justin"scareer. She knew her son had actually what it took and also she wasn"t providing upher or Justin"s dream because that anyone, family members or not." In fact, theteenager was so confident the he was currently practising his autograph. Former girlfriend Deanna Dooley says: "We would talk around howhe to be going to it is in famous. "I told that we necessary to begin practising his signature, so Imade one up because that him in course - with the large J and also the big T - becausehis surname was so long. "He still uses precisely the exact same as the one we practised." when the Mickey computer mouse Club present was cancelled, Justin was out of ajob. Back in Memphis, he was terrified his career was currently washed upat 14. An additional ex, daniel Ditto, says: "Justin went despite a littlesad duration after that. His mother was even thinking around going to LA toget him exhilaration in movies. "He stated to me: "Danielle, i have got to obtain intosomething now while civilization still understand who ns am." He to be reallyworried." The rest he had been looking for came once his old Mickey MouseClub pal JC Chasez said him popular music entrepreneur Lou Pearlman to be lookingfor members because that a brand-new boy band. Justin - and Lynn - didn"t hesitate. As N Sync toured theworld, his mommy travelled through Justin together his chaperone. She is stillhis consistent companion, taking treatment of his organization matters with hiscompany Just-In Time Entertainment. Sadie says: "Sometimes Justin will gain a tiny irritated withher. She just says: "OK, contact me ago when you can talkbetter." "But Lynn is the most necessary person in his life. If you askhim, Justin will tell you that his mom is additionally his best friend." currently he own a pounds 5million Spanish-style Hollywood Hills homeand high value cars. But he still comes residence to Millington. However rich and successful the becomes, Sadie to trust Justin willalways store his family members close by him and also his Christian values will seehim through. "When Justin comes house he would not even sit down and have asandwich that he doesn"t say a blessing for," she says. "I constantly make that a peach cobbler dessert every timehe"s been home. One time, i made the one and also put it on one airplaneand flew it to brand-new York for him because he loves them therefore much." despite his phenomenal rise, Sadie is encouraged Justin will certainly keephis feet ~ above the ground. She says: "I say to Justin: "Son, be an excellent and know whereall her blessings come from." Justin says: "Granny, Ido."" CAPTION(S): MUSIC-MAD: Justin aged 3; MOURNED: sister Laura"s well-tendedgrave; FUN: Justin, Jonathan and Stephen; HUG: through mum Lynn ~ atalent present win, age 10; TRIBUTE: Timberlake specialized his first albumto Laura, the half-sister who passed away soon ~ birth; CLOSE: Left, withgrandparents Sadie and Bill; REGRETS: with actual dad Randy
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The mirror (London, England)
Sep 30, 2003
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