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Flashing lamp on Ezgo Charger

We typically get calls around the flashing LED indicator lights on the OEM Ezgo golf cart battery charger through Delta Q Technologies. Us will get in some specifics here to cover what every light color represents and any combination of colour flashing together. The LED display screen is a good visual representation for charger condition at a glance.The Delta Q QE EZGO golf cart battery charger flashing LED fee indicator lights interact several different degrees of charger status during the charge cycle.

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1.) A quick Green speed = The golf cart charge condition is much less than 80%.2.) A Long green Flash = The golf dare charge standing is much more than 80%.3.) Solid environment-friendly = The golf cart charge condition is 100%.4.) Red flash = error Code.

Fault password Information

LED fault Codes1.) Red flash – Light comes on briefly but nothing after that. Check for precious AC power going come the golf cart battery charger.2.) One Red speed = Charge permitted Fault. Examine for bad contact in the DC side connector. Check the plug place in the dare side receptacle to ensure great contact. Might likewise be a battery temperature concern or fault. Battery Temperature can be better than 122 levels Fahrenheit or 50 levels Celsius.3.) two Red flicker = Battery Voltage Fault. This outcomes from too lot voltage or no enough. If the golf cart’s battery financial institution is less than 36.0 volts or an ext than 67.2 volts you may obtain this fault. It is usually since the battery bank voltage is as well low and also the battery charger does not sense sufficient voltage to kick on and also start to apply voltage and also amperage.See my post – How to get your golf dare battery charger to fee dead batteries.4.) three Red flashes = Battery Charger Timeout. This way the charge time was exceeded. This can be any mix of things:a. The Battery bank is severely depleted over 50% D.O.D. (Depth that Discharge)b. The batteries space old (sulfation/build-up on lead plates walk not enable amperage and also voltage to happen thru openly causing extreme resistance, generating heat. In this case you can need to replace batteries.c. Charger output present severely diminished due to too much length of electrical extension cord used to reach AC power source or high ambient temperatures.5.) four Red flicker = Battery Charger Timeout. This method the fee time surpassed the safe parameters and operation that battery charger collection by the golf dare battery charger manufacturer. It shows a problem with the battery bank voltage no attaining the compelled nominal voltage level required to close up door the charger turn off within the preferably time allowed.6.) 6 Red flashes = Charger Fault: Detects an inner fault. Shot to disconnect AC and also DC connectors from cart and wall socket. Wait a couple of minutes (10 minutes) to it is in sure. Reconnect Ac power first then DC connector come golf cart. If fault 6 is again shown after unplugging and also then plugging in the DC strength cord, the charger will must be changed or have to be brought into a qualified business center.

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