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But the doesn’t mean I don’t have actually some actual reactions to who the new Russo family members wizard is. That was the winner? Well, come avoid any spoilers because that those that you not watching Disney Channel at 8:00 on a Friday night, inspect it the end after the break.


Well, the winner is… Ok, let’s backtrack. The answer isn’t that easy. First, let’s talk around the competition.

This isn’t the an initial Family sorcerer’s Competition the we’ve checked out from Wizards that Waverly Place. The an initial was in the movie, where Alex and also Justin combated for the title, and also Alex won. The competition was quite straightforward — obtain to the facility of the course before your sibling. Numerous spells were cast, and also frankly, it was quite cutthroat. In the end, Alex won, yet given them any type of other time worries with the movie, they every went back to normal, and the Russo clan was ago to prepping for the genuine competition yet to come.

I think that’s why this vain surprised me so much. In the movie, we had no game show setting, no cheat to watch whether they can get along without powers. We just had the obstacle course. And also many, countless spells.

This one feeling a little lackluster. It’s no that the game display wasn’t funny (Max was entertaining the entire episode, let’s challenge it). And also yeah, ns was fooled when I believed they shed their powers, also (though i figured they’d acquire them ago somehow). But due to the fact that of all these different reasons, I came to be angry at Justin a lot.

I mean, he didn’t want to save Zeke, his best friend? Harper was usually a sister to him, and he was just going come let her go? i mean, as much as they knew, Harper and also Zeke wouldn’t do it out alive. So see him so upset at Alex simply seemed a small much. And to it is in so angry. The made me fairly annoyed; Alex was just doing the best thing. Fortunately, that eventually resolved in your favor.

Now to the competition. The vain wasn’t a blank course wherein the siblings to be slowing each various other down much more than anything else. This was yes, really an every-man-for-himself competition and also race v a maze. Personally, i wouldn’t have actually minded a few more spells. Clearly, that was the point. Alex has constantly been the ideal at casting spells on the fly (Justin has always had more book smarts), which intended that it was no surprise she to be the very first one to go through one of the stone walls.

And the winner? that is the new Russo family wizard?

I currently said it to be a little more facility that you’d expect. The an initial one to the finish line to be Justin, only because Alex conserved him. But in the last moments, before being bestowed v the family magic, to be Justin’s see Alex saying good-bye to Mason, as a werewolf can’t be through a mortal. This was the minute Justin had to phone call the truth: that wouldn’t have won without Alex, and also it was her rightful crown.

So after 5 years in the do (and a few after the movie), Alex reigns as the family members wizard. Most civilization were probably not surprised — after all, the present was really about her anyway. Yet it’s what happens following that was the surprise.

I often thought that all 3 Russo children would save their powers. Well, i was partly true. Justin ended up to win his own competition, now becoming the head of Wiz Tech. He it s okay to store his powers, so he deserve to teach the future generations.

And Max? Well, Max obtained squat wherein magic is concerned. He acquired the family organization (and it was no surprised that he’d be excited around that). Honestly, ns felt poor for the guy, till I remembered that it to be his magic the released all the monster on earth, which got Juliet kidnapped, which at some point led to Juliet and also Mason’s fight, i m sorry made she old and also him a wolf, supposedly forever. Perhaps he wasn’t the finest to keep the magic.

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It to be a happy ending, also if one Russo walk lose. I have to admit, I’m a tiny sad to watch Wizards of Waverly Place end, as it was one of the finest shows top top Disney, and one of the couple of that actually had actually adult feeling of love, loss, and consequence.