Vincent ValentineSecret Character

Vincent is a secret character the you can acquire from a little side search in the Shinra Mansion. The quest involves discovering the mix to the vault top top the 2nd floor and also it can be excellent the first time you with Nibelheim (but not during the recall scene through Sephiroth that occurs in Kalm).

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Note: This side quest involves finding the combination to a safe yet you perform not have to solve the yes, really riddles provided below or uncover each piece of the mix to the vault. The mix to the vault is always the same and the riddles room included listed below just because that informational purposes. Proceed straight to unlocking the vault utilizing the combination below to save yourself part time.

Combination to the Safe

As pointed out above, you don’t have to use the ideas to discover each the the number to the for sure combination. These measures are provided just because that informational purposes…

To the left of the enntrance gate is a note that stands apart from the background. The keep in mind details research study that to be being carry out on a scientifically changed subject. At the end of the letter is an option to continue reading the attached keep in mind which contains the adhering to instructions:

- The mix must be gotten in in 20 secs or much less - You can not go past the number before selecting it

Selecting every of the dials will carry out a clue because that each. They are:

- Dial (1): The lid of the box with the many oxygen. - Dial (2): Behind the Ivory’s short of tea and ray. - Dial (3): The creek in the floor near the chair top top the second floor… climate to the left five steps, up nine steps, left two steps and also up six steps.

The fourth dial is hidden yet still accessible from the menu:

- Dial (4): The 4th row has actually been created in invisible ink… Dial (4) is (Right 97)



The lid of the box with the most oxygenThis clue have the right to be found by evaluating the north treasure chest on the 2nd floor that included the opponent Launcher weapon for Barret.


Behind the Ivory’s brief of tea and ray.This clue describes the ivory keys of the piano which have the right to be discovered in the room through the doorway to the left the the staircase (on the key floor). Just quick of tea and also ray describes it gift close come the tea room and close come the sunlight rays coming through the stained class.


The creek in the floor near the chair… This clue is situated in the hallway that the 2nd floor in the rooms to the appropriate (use the screenshot to overview you).


You can not go previous the number listed while attempting to open the safe. Because that example, if you role right previous 36 come number 37 ~ above the safe you will have to attempt the mix again.

Make sure that you conserve your game before you effort to open the for sure if you space attempting this ~ above your an initial pass v Nibelheim. You have the right to come ago to Nibelheim afterwards in the video game which will certainly make the ceo fight much easier.

This ceo fight will certainly be among the most difficult you have challenged so far. The is likewise recommended the you develop up your Limit Breaks before the fight.


Lost Number starts the battle off in a split type - fifty percent of the is orange and half of it is purple. As soon as you mitigate its HP below 50% it will transform completely into one of two people the purple version or the orange version depending on what assault you provided to take it listed below 50%.

If you usage a magic assignment it will certainly transform right into its complete magic-based orange form which will just be resistant come magic and only cast magic spells. If you use a physical assault it will certainly transform into its complete physical-based purple type which will be resistant to physics attacks and will only use physical attacks.

The purple physical form is much more complicated to transaction with. In its purple form, lost Number can use a move referred to as “Lost Blow” which can deal upwards the 2500 damage to a single character.

For this reason it is extremely recommended that you focus on magical assaults to transform lost Number into its orange type which will only cast magic spells and will permit you to kill it making use of physical attacks.

Lost Number is prone to

Poison so actors Bio ~ above it an extremely early on in the fight. You should additionally make use of the Big Guard skill through her
opponent Skill Materia. If you perform not have the big Guard adversary skill check out the Gongaga page in the walkthrough section for more information.

A video demonstration of this battle is included listed below for reference:

Lost Number will certainly drop

Cosmo Memory, i beg your pardon is Red XIII’s most powerful Limit rest (and can not be learned till all other Limit Breaks have been learned) and also
Odin Materia will pop out of the safe and also land beside Cloud.

girlfriend will get the A cosmos of ache Trophy once you teach Red XIII his Level 4 limit Break, Cosmo Memory, utilizing the Cosmo memory item that shed Number drops at the finish of the battle.

inspect out the Learning brand-new Limit Breaks ar for an ext information on how to teach your characters their strongest limit Breaks.

Trophies are optional accomplishments that you can unlock through completing specific tasks in the PS4 version of the game. A complete list that the trophies that you can obtain can be uncovered in the Trophies Section.

Pick increase the “Key come the Basement” out of the safe and travel earlier down to the library where Cloud met up through Sephiroth.

Part way along the pathway to the library is a wooden doorway at the top of the screen (shown in the screenshot below). Continue through the doorway i m sorry is now automatically open and examine the coffin in ~ the earlier of the room.

Choose come “talk around Sephiroth” as soon as presented with the option. Open the coffin again after Vincent shuts it and choose “Who space you?” from the alternatives presented and also you will acquire to name Vincent. Together you effort to leave the area Vincent will offer to sign up with your party.

you will achieve the Won’t You it is in My Valentine Trophy when Vincent joins your party at the end of the battle and the dialogue.

Trophies room optional achievements that you deserve to unlock by completing particular tasks in the PS4 variation of the game. A full list that the trophies the you can attain can be discovered in the Trophies Section.

Vincent is among the the strongest magic customers in the video game with very high Magic and also MP stats. The is relatively average when it involves most other stats though, consisting of Strength, Vitality and also Dexterity. Vincent’s biggest downfall but is his Limit Break abilities.

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His Limit breaks transform that into an additional character and, while that character is occasionally quite strong, you totally lose manage of his plot in battle. He will proceed to usage the attacks in his arsenal until the fight is over. This deserve to be problematic if:

1) Vincent is acting as your major healer 2) If the biology that Vincent transforms into uses elemental assaults as these may inadvertently cure the enemy and also there is nothing that you deserve to do to avoid him from making use of that move

Yuffie and also Vincent space the just two an enig optional characters accessible in the game.