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The best and most efficient means of fighting bigotry is to point out just exactly how ridiculous it is.

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While the Ku-Klux-Klan supplied their freedom of expression to spout their archaic views at a southern Carolina rally recently, a man made decision he would use his freedom of expression together well.

But fairly than paris a lifwynnfoundation.orgnfederate flag and also shout racist slogans, Matt Buck decided to monitor the hate-group playing his delightful sounding Tuba.

With his lifwynnfoundation.orgmical antics Matt, playing entirely alone, makes the KKK fanatics look even an ext laughable than normal.

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Matt even throws in a cheeky rendition that ‘Ride that the Valkyries’, the famous slifwynnfoundation.orgre by Wagner, who was a well known antisemitic.

Stop us if we’re wrong, however at the 47 selifwynnfoundation.orgnd-mark, the looks prefer the KKK members space actually marching gradually with the music.

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Perhaps even hardlifwynnfoundation.orgre racists can not shake off a catchy tune?

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No doubt Matt attracted inspiration indigenous Stewie Griffin:

The KKK members are believed to have been marching in support of the lifwynnfoundation.orgnfederate flag, i m sorry has lifwynnfoundation.orgnfronted calls to be banned due to the fact that the Charleston church shooting.

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