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Have an 87 (03/87) 2.9 v 5-speed....138,XXX miles... Man who had it prior to had placed ATF in the infectious diseases world fashion (short period of time)..... Manual dubbed for 80-90 in all 87"s trannies... (88 1 was atf, the other 90w) so thats what i put earlier in. Now that it"s really cold.. Periodically shifting is a little an ext difficult, till the infectious diseases worldwide "warms up" indigenous use.... Is this typical?? was the other man wrong to usage ATF in an 87.. That was ns wrong to placed it back??


Here"s a connect you might find interesting. Ford Ranger hands-on Transmissions in ~ The Ranger StationLooks favor your transmission calls for ATF
Got the toyo kogyo 5 speed, yet nobody seems to perform what the derned LUBE is!!! Been anywhere the net searching....

ATF doesn"t sound right at all.. Albeit I have actually heard of that in a few cases.Amsoil"s encourage product for your 2.9L 5 speed is 10W40 engine oil! inspect it the end yourself: AMSOIL online Product applications Guide
"11 ram Quad Cab 4x4 SXT 5.7L hemi (stock); 75,000m"06 Pontiac G6 GT 3.5L 220hp; 83,000m"17 fusion SE 2.5L 16,000mAmsoil in all vehicles!

There is a Technical organization Bulletin (TSB #01157 INFORMATION regarding TRANSMISSION FLUID consumption CHARTS. *SLC) for your 87 however I can"t discover the details.The easiest way to uncover out is contact your neighborhood Ford company dept top top Monday.
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