Kite area formula

Kite is a quadrilateral through two bag of equal-length sides, nearby to each other. Dragon is a symmetric shape and also its diagonals space perpendicular. There space two basic kite area formulas, which have the right to be used depending upon which information you have:

If you understand two diagonals, you can calculate the area that a dragon as:

area = (e * f) / 2 , wherein e and f are kite diagonals,

If you recognize two non-congruent side lengths and also the size of the angle in between those 2 sides, use the formula:

area = a * b * sin(α), where α is the angle between sides a and b.

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Did you notification that it's a double formula because that the triangle area, discovering side-angle-side? Yes, that's right! dragon is a symmetric quadrilateral and also can be cure as 2 congruent triangle that room mirror images of each other.

How to find the area of the kite? How around kite perimeter?

Let's imagine we want to make a simple, classic kite. Just how much paper/foil perform we need? and if we're walk to make an edging native a ribbon, what length is required?

Think for a while and choose the formula i beg your pardon meets her needs. I think we discovered two rod in the forest, let's use it for our kite!Enter the diagonals that the kite. The ones we have are 12 and 22 customs long.Area the a kite appears below. It's 132 in².

Calculation that the kite perimeter is a bit tricky in that case. Let's have actually a look:

Assume you've chosen the last kite form - you've chose where the diagonals intersect each other. For example, the shorter one will certainly be break-up in the middle (6 in : 6 in) and also the longer one in 8:14 ratio, as presented in the picture.Here girlfriend go! as we understand both sides, we can calculate the perimeter. Type the a and b sides. The result for our case is 50.46 in. So buy a tiny bit an ext ribbon 보다 that, for example 55 inches to do the edging.

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Convex and also concave kites


The kite can be convex - it's the common shape we associate v the dragon - or concave, together kites space sometimes referred to as a dart or arrowhead. The area is calculated in the exact same way, but you must remember that one diagonal is currently "outside" the kite. The dragon area calculator will job-related properly likewise for the concave kites.