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vertically striped orange-white-green national flag. It has actually a width-to-length ratio of roughly 2 to 3.

In the mid-20th century Félix Houphouët-Boigny, an afri from the French swarm then well-known as cream color Coast, served plenty of years as a member of the national Assembly and then the the governing room of France before coming to be president the his homeland. He had an excellent admiration because that the success of French culture, and his country maintained close connections with France. For this reason Côte d’Ivoire rejected the pan-African color (green, yellow, and red) preferred by plenty of neighbouring states for their national flags.

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The referendum of the French 5th Republic in 1958 gave swarms an chance to end up being autonomous, fully independent, or a component of France. Côte d’Ivoire made decision the first option and proclaimed chin a republic ~ above December 4, 1958. Under the leadership of Houphouët-Boigny it adopted its national flag on December 3, 1959, and also no flag readjust took ar when complete independence was gained on august 7, 1960. The selection of colours because that this flag express the conservative nature that Houphouët-Boigny’s government. The 3 equal vertical stripes, mirroring the French Tricolor, to be orange, white, and also green. Their positioning was claimed to stand for the young human being of a nation striving for nationwide development, while the three stripes corresponded to the words in the nationwide motto (“Unity, discipline, labour”). The symbolism the the colours was said to it is in dynamic national growth (orange), peace developing out that the purity and also unity of all citizens (white), and hope for the future (green). Unofficially, the green may describe the special virgin forests along the southern coastline of the country, when orange might be linked with the savannas in the north.