If girlfriend haven"t do the efforts Jeffree Star"s makeup yet, where have actually you been? The mogul"s androgynous style, shining hair, and also many tattoos assist him cut a distinctive figure, first in the music business and also later in the makeup industry, and his larger-than-life personality makes him a force to be reckoned with. Born Jeffrey Lynn Steininger, the celeb"s name adjust to Jeffree Star would prove to it is in prophetic together he has clearly transformed himself right into an above star.

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From music to makeup, Star has had a prolific career since an initial becoming famous on MySpace in the mid-2000s. Native there, the singer/songwriter transitioned into an entrepreneur, and made a name for himself together a beauty influencer on YouTube. Today, Star operation a hugely successful makeup company. His influence has won him plenty of fans (and enemies... And drama, ahem, Kat Von D). But no issue what you think around him, friend can"t deny the Star"s success story is an inspirational one. Here"s whatever you never knew about Jeffree Star.

No one is perfect, yet how celebrities take care of scandals and also controversy can reveal a lot about their character. In Star"s case, the problem was a quite racist video of his, which resurfaced in 2017. Rather of do excuses for himself, Star issued a publicly apology for his past mistakes. "In these videos ns say some really disgusting, vile, nasty and also embarrassing things," he said in a YouTube video. "Those videos were 12 years ago and ns look at them and it just makes me ailing to my stomach because I don"t understand who that person was."

Star revealed that he had been in a negative place once he created that video, and that year of childhood and also trauma had added to him being depressed, however that the is a various person now. "That human being was simply angry in ~ the world, that human felt favor they were no accepted, that person was seeking attention," the said. "But does that make that okay? certain not."

Star regularly sports pink hair and has a live-in boyfriend, but he"s still no going come make any type of sweeping generalizations around his sexuality — and he shouldn"t have to. The business man is perfectly happy rejecting labels and just gift himself. Back in his power days, that expressed disappointed at being labeled. "They think I"m simply a "gay artist" since I prefer guys," the told Westword. "But I"m a worldwide artist."

When the was an initial making a surname for himself, Star would often refer come himself together gay or androgynous, however now he recognizes that this was taking "an easy route."

"I am attracted to both genders and I have actually been with transgender people and I just don"t even know if there"s a surname for it," he told Paper. "And also with every these brand-new labels the end there, i still am simply like, "I"m Jeffree, and also I"m attractive to everyone I desire to be.""

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He could have sufficient money and fame to live a rock and also roll lifestyle, but Star doesn"t go too crazy. The assembly mogul doesn"t drink alcohol and also doesn"t even smoke cigarettes, although there is one substance he likes come consume: marijuana. Fortunately, Star stays in California. Marijuana is legitimate in the state, for this reason he isn"t to run afoul of any kind of laws once he chooses to irradiate up a joint. "I love marijuana," he told Cosmopolitan. "I simply love the feeling of it."

It seems like weed might be among the ways that the celeb deals with the pressures of call — and there are a the majority of them. "I would certainly rather simply be successful and have money 보다 be famous," that admitted."I know that"s crazy comes from me, of all people, yet I think it"s simply old age. Not old age — it"s just wisdom and also life experiences."

Many human being associate caked-on assembly negatively, and also view makeup together something to enhance your appearance or to cover up flaws, yet Star is do the efforts to readjust how we look in ~ his favourite beauty tool. Follow to Star, makeup is a powerful means of me expression that goes far beyond trying to do yourself watch good.

He told Glamour that once he an initial started playing with makeup as a kid, the "didn"t really recognize what that was," yet he to be transfixed by it. "I just loved the idea of transformation," he said. "I loved the you could end up being a character. So to me it to be an extension of art... It"s practically like a mask or a costume. You just feel different, prefer a boss-a** b****. And I love that at the end of the job you have the right to wipe that off, and also you"re back to you. It"s an expansion of your imaginative side."

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Star"s decision to live life top top his very own terms has inspired a many people, however he hesitates to speak to himself a function model. When he very first popped increase on the music scene, a lot of people didn"t know what to make of him, however soon thrived to love his individuality. Once asked earlier in 2009 if he taken into consideration himself to it is in a duty model for young world in the LGBTQ community, Star said that many people have said they look approximately him but he finds it "very weird."

"I don"t take into consideration myself a function model," he told Out Magazine. "But in fact it"s like, if my music or my being myself can help other people, that"s all the really problem to me. ... Therefore if me living my life and people see it digital or top top TV, if it helps their lives, climate that"s the most important thing i think."

If you"ve ever before seen a picture of Star, or to be lucky enough to angry his star strength in person, you"ll have noticed that he is extended in a lot the tattoos. Star"s love that inked skin is legendary, and his tattoos all have a story behind them. Countless of his tats space of world he admires and wants to immortalize on his body. Amongst his tattoos are portraits that Sharon Tate and also Princess Diana. "I"m obsessed through art, and also you understand when you"re younger and someone speak you the you can"t change your appearance, you"re going come want change it an ext than normal," that told Out Magazine. "So currently I"m prefer a go canvas."

He does, however, caution people not to obtain tattoos uneven they"re serious around them. The hated his very first tattoo so lot he had it lasered off, a procedure he claimed was painful and stinky. "It smells prefer chicken, therefore think before get a tattoo!" that said. "Because the s*** hurts!"

Star originates from a troubled childhood. He defines himself together coming native a family members where alcoholism and abuse to be the norm. Fortunately, his mommy was constantly on his side. He discovered his mom"s assembly stash when he was 12, and also instantly dropped in love with trying out with it. As soon as he remained in 10th grade, he began wearing assembly to school. The college didn"t approved and also called his mom, claiming that Star to be distracting the other students. "My mom dealt with the school and I obtained to wear assembly every day," Star told Nylon.

Star said that his mother has constantly been supportive of who he is and who that loves. "There was never like a, "Hey mom, I favor men, and also sometimes women,"" he told Paper about his coming out moment. "It was type of just like, I discover dudes attractive. That wasn"t yes, really a huge deal. And thank god I have a mother that constantly raised me to it is in open-minded."

Star is an pet lover, yet that doesn"t typical he"s the finest at looking after them. He and also his boyfriend, Nathan Schwandt, have 4 Pomeranians: Diva, Diamond, Daddy, and Delicious. Schwandt, who functioned in a pets shop before he relocated in with Star, has a many experience taking treatment of animals and also now looks ~ the pets, yet he doesn"t mind the chore. After all, as he told Cosmopolitan, his boyfriend "needs his beauty sleep."

Star loves his dogs, yet admits that pet parenting isn"t because that everyone. "Unless you have actually a Nathan, don"t obtain a dog," he said. Star might not it is in a hands-on pet parent, but the dog are far from neglected. They pretty much have the operation of Star"s mansion, i beg your pardon honestly sounds like the kind of pampered presence anyone would certainly love to have. Between a love boyfriend and also four adorable fur babies, Star is life the life.

When it pertains to loving animals, Star doesn"t just talk the talk. That backs increase his love for his furry friends through his business, i beg your pardon is cruelty free. His assembly line has actually the support of pet rights organizations PETA and Leaping Bunny. "I think it"s so archaic that cosmetic companies are still using animal by-products and insects in their products!" he told Logical Harmony. "Why is anyone tho doing that?"

Star"s line can be vegan-friendly, however he doesn"t desire anyone come think the he himself lives that lifestyle — even if letting them could mean boosted sales. "I personally own non-vegan materials and am really open around that," the said. "I don"t think it"s best to pretend to be someone you"re no to acquire sales."

So why did he ensure that his heat is cruelty free? "It was a an easy choice: i didn"t want to exclude, anyone, that wasn"t fair," that said. "And it"s morally right. Finish of story."

Way before he was known for his cosmetics line, Star was making a surname for self in the music industry. You can remember that from his MySpace days, when he enthralled listeners with glam absent tunes. He also collaborated with rap emotion Nicki Minaj on the song "Lollipop Luxury." His first album debuted in 2009, and he carry out on the Warped Tour. Though Star stays a much easier life these days, he gained a tiny wild back when music was his career. "I"m all around business, usually, however of food I favor to walk out and have fun," that told Red flow Noise in 2010. "The other night i punched a girl and threw drinks everywhere."

At one point, Star was advertised as the following Lady Gaga, but an imaginative differences brought about his second album not being released, and by 2013, he had quit music altogether. It was the finish of one era, however Star didn"t let the end of his music career sluggish him down for long.

After Star"s music job ended, he made decision to revolve towards another one of his passions: makeup. While the had built up a surname for himself and amassed a legion of pendant in his pop star days, that wasn"t exactly rolling in money. In order to launch his assembly business, he had to do a risky move. The sank his whole life savings into his first product, a heat of fluid lipstick.

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Star had actually some experience in the industry, having previously functioned as a makeup artist at MAC Cosmetics, however the bold move right into product production was a big step. "It to be either this was gonna work-related out for me or i was gonna have to go ago to the mall... And work at MAC again," Star told Cosmopolitan. "It was probably the most scared I"ve been in my entire life." Fortunately, the move paid off, and also Star now has so much money, he"ll most likely never have to worry about it again.