We have actually gathered the best Saber this tiger facts to permit you understand all about this exceptional animal. Saber this tiger (also called Smilodon) is one extinct animal that belongs to the genus Machairodonts. The cat was native to north America and South America.

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The saber tooth tiger is thought to have existed around 10,000 years back during the Pleistocene era. There is more to this amazing animal than you have seen in the Ice period movie, proceed reading come know much more about it.

Saber this Tiger Facts

Physical Characteristics

S. Populator has the longest canine this measuring 28 cm (11 in). They stood 100 cm (39 in) tall at the shoulder with the body length of around 175 cm (69 in).S. Gracilis is the the smallest of Smilodons weighing approximately 55 come 100 kg (120 to 220 lb). The median weight the S. Fatalis is 160 come 280 kg (350 come 620 lb). The largest Smilodon is S. Populator which is 220 come 400 kg (490 come 880 lb) in weight.Its teeth might be as long as 7 inches. Smilodon had actually to hunt fairly vigilantly since their this were fragile and could rest easily.Smilodons could additionally open the mouth large open choose a snake—in fact the cat had to keep their canines far while eating.The shade of the coat is still unknown and the fossil record is not enough to reach any kind of conclusion.Unlike modern cats, saber tooth tiger did not possess forward-facing eyes.They had strong legs, mighty jaws and robust neck which offered it a distinctive look. Saber tooth tigers are regularly admired for their teeth that might be viewed in the saber tooth tiger picture. They had shoulders higher than the hips. The two long canines to be not provided while preying animals. These two canines room flimsy.


Smilodon is a sit-and-wait predator and also it just pounces once its food is nearby enough.The structure of the skeleton tells us that saber tooth cat could roar in the same way as existing day cats do. They supplied to fight end mates.The upper canines of the saber this tiger room 30 cm (12 inches). The saber tooth cat to be neither a subspecies of tiger no one lion.Scientists perform not know if saber-tooth cats were society or solitary.Saber tooth tigers passed away out 10,000 year ago.It was an ambush predator.Smilodons were remarkable jumpers.

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Saber tooth Tiger

Saber this Tiger Diet and Ecology

The tiger’s diet also consists of ungulates consisting of litopterns and also toxodonts.Smilodons possibly preferred eating just the meat leaving behind the bones because that scavengers.

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Geographic Range

Saber this Tiger Habitat

They had actually to live in locations where they could find your prey. They prey on herbivores (plant eating animals). Smilodons desired to live in close up door habitats so that it can ambush its prey while hiding in bushes.The habitat of saber tooth tigers to be open grasslands, shrubby areas and also pine forests where they might feed on huge herbivores.Fossils record suggests that they additionally lived in icy lands together they lived throughout the duration which to be the finish of the Dinosaurs and during the ice cream Age.

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Saber tooth Tiger Extinction

Saber this tiger had become extinct roughly 10,000 B.C. Apart from other causes for their extinction; prehistoric people would have been supposedly responsible for the absolute extermination the Smilodon.Biologists believe that the come of ice age readjusted the vegetation pattern because that these animals and could possibly cause extinction. Saber this tigers space not tigers at all; quite they are regarded the family of tigers.

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Species of Saber tooth Tiger

Smilodon gracilis (2,500,000 – 500,000 year ago), weight 55 – 100 kg (120 – 220 lb)Smilodon fatalis (1,600,000 – 10,000 years ago), weight 160 – 280 kg (350 – 620 lb)Smilodon populator (1,000,000 – 10,000 year ago), weight 360 – 470 kg (790 – 1,000 lb); size 2.6 meters (100 inches); Shoulder elevation 1.40 meter (55 inches)

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