Water seeds with various other liquids and also see if castle grow.

Most seeds require warmth, light, and water to start growing. Yet what happens as soon as you change water with other types of liquids? check them out utilizing this experiment!

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You will Need

Four plastic cups

Water, and three various other liquids. Choose any type of liquids girlfriend want, but some suggestions are saltwater, street water, vinegar, soda, juice, or even dish soap!


Seeds - sufficient for 3 for each cup, any kind you want to try to grow. Instances of fast-growing seeds space marigolds, sunflowers, beans, and also peas.

4 brand (one for each cup)

Liquid measure up cup


Paper (to record your experiment and also your findings)


Note: For any type of experiment, that is essential to manage the setting so over there is only one change (or one thing changing, i beg your pardon in this case is the liquid you room using). Make sure the seeds are all the exact same variety, that the cups are set up precisely the exact same way, and the cups are maintained in the same area while you wait because that the tree to grow.

Ask her scientist to pick 3 various liquids. ~ above the sheet of paper, create down i m sorry liquids girlfriend have chose to use. Ask her young scientist to do predictions. What perform they think is walk to take place with every seed? i m sorry will flourish the fastest? i beg your pardon will prosper the slowest? Which will certainly not flourish at all? gather the water and your three various other liquids. If you space mixing liquids, create down the dimensions you use so they have the right to be made the same way each day. (For example, if girlfriend mix 1 teaspoon of salt right into 1 cup the water for saltwater, repeat that same ratio the next time friend water her plants.) brand each cup with the surname of the fluid you room planning come use. To fill each cup about ⅓ full with dirt. Include 3 seeds to every cup and also cover with a tiny dirt. Make sure to no plant the seeds also deep into the soil or they could not get enough light to grow. Place the cup in a sunny, warm spot. Decide on the lot of fluid you will usage to water each plant. Us recommend 2 come 4 tablespoons of fluid in every cup, making sure not come drown the seeds in too lot liquid. Utilizing the brand on each cup as a guide, encourage your young scientist to measure the fluid needed, and pour it right into the equivalent cup. Over the next several days, keep adding the designated liquid to every cup, being sure to keep adding the exact same amount. Only add when the soil is dried to protect against overwatering the plants. Encourage her scientist to make monitorings each day, and also note castle on the piece of paper. What execute they see? those happening v the seeds using level water? just how does the compare v the various other seeds?

Experiment Extensions

Try this experiment using various other variables. Because that example, water all the plants with level water, but try varying the amount of light they get. Or try growing one plant in a heat spot and also another in a cold spot. Try it and see what happens!

How that works

Plants have been cultivation for numerous years, making their own food indigenous water, carbon dioxide, and also light. Once you try to prosper plants using another liquid, the molecules (or what renders up the liquid) room shaped in different ways from water molecules. Because of their various shape, castle block the procedure of photosynthesis native occurring, so the seeds execute not understand they have to grow!

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Key Words

MoleculeThe the smallest unit of a substance that has actually all the properties of the substance. Because that example, a water molecule is the the smallest unit that deserve to still be considered water. PhotosynthesisThe process plants usage to do their very own food, using sunlight, water, and carbon dioxide.