mine future father-in-law is originally from Ischia. When he answers the telephone that says, \"Pronto\" vs saying \"Ciao\" or \"Hello\". He told me that growing up the is exactly how everyone reply the phone. Ns was curious if the was unique to Ischia/Naples or if that is customary throughout most of Italy to answer the phone v the greeting \"Pronto!\"

I was simply curious due to the fact that Pronto means ready, unless there is an additional translation that I\"m not acquainted with. Ns live in the united States and English is my first language and hi or hello is the common phone greeting I flourished up with. Is Pronto also just another means of saying \"hi\" in enhancement to saying ready?

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As far as ns know, answering “Pronto” as soon as accepting a phone contact is the standard form since the beginning. Politeness needs that the caller identifies us after hearing “Pronto”. In ~ least, this to be the habit prior to caller ID.

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However, some human being used to answer providing their surname, greatly if they worked in some place where answering the phone was frequent and also most calls were interior or filtered through operators.

It’s no a type of salutation: it’s just used in ~ the telephone.

Answering “ciao” would not be thought about polite, since one doesn\"t know who the caller is.

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lifwynnfoundation.org indigenous here. \"Pronto\" is indeed the default, it functions regardless the region, period range, or formality.

Some people answer the phone through their surname, specifically on occupational calls, come which one deserve to append a much more formal greeting such as \"buongiorno\".

When answering on instead of of a agency you would rather state the company\"s name (and then part courtesy formula such together \"come posso aiutarla?\" ).

When you know who the caller is and it\"s a friend, you may answer directly with their name or v something informal like \"ciao\".

Pronto does average ready, and it is not supplied as a greeting external of phonecalls; the closest girlfriend can obtain is a sarcastic \"pronto?!\" akin come the English \"hello?!\" as soon as someone is ignoring girlfriend or seems too distracted to pay attention to what you claimed to them.

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