The luminosity of a star is a measure of its brightness. That"s it. Simple. Astronomers measure up a star"s brightness by examining the amount of energy emitted (given off) every second. The an ext energy emitted, the higher the brightness. Researchers use watts to measure energy. Because our sunlight is so close, scientists have actually measured around 390,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 watt being given off all of the time. We need to remind you the not all of that power is sent to Earth. Many of that is simply sent out into an are as heat and also other EM radiation.Luminosity Is resulted in By...There are some particular factors that affect luminosity. Together the size of a star increases, luminosity increases. If friend think about it, a larger star has much more surface area. That increased surface area allows an ext light and energy to be offered off. Temperature also affects a star"s luminosity. Friend don"t even need come look in ~ a star because that this idea. Simply think about a stove, or a fire. Once you see very tiny light, possibilities are the temperature is lower. When an electrical stove is off, it is black. Yet when it is ~ above high, the cooktop glows bright red. The very same idea uses to stars. As a star gets hotter, the variety of nuclear reactions increases. An ext reactions, much more energy.
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