What friend see: Brownish color inside her eggplant. What that is: Oxidation. Eat or toss: Eat! This aubergine likely had actually a traumatic endure (most most likely cold temps; possibly it was dropped), yet the brown coloring doesn’t signal that any kind of harmful microbes have moved in.

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So, deserve to you eat an aubergine if it has discolored spots prefer these on the inside?

Amy K. That Washington, D.C. Obtained things right when she save on computer this eggplant on her countertop and also not in the refrigerator (eggplants don’t choose being cold).

And yet, when she sliced it open, this discoloration, something favor the consequences of a toddler’s watercolor session, stared earlier at her.

She often has this trouble with eggplants native her regional grocery store. So, ns consulted kris Gunter, vegetable production specialist at north Carolina State University.

He suspected the eggplants are most likely being preserved too cold en path to the store.

Cold temperatures can damage cells, leading to their membranes to leak compounds and also enzymes the spur chemical reactions. Those reactions leaving behind this not attractive look.

An impact, like being reduce or the push from sitting at the bottom the a heap of eggplants, could have a similar cell-damaging effect. But, the doesn’t median that something unsafe is growing inside the eggplant; the still perfectly fine to eat.

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The egg plant clock ticks quickly

The great for your eggplant parmesan and baba ganoush is just to plot quickly.

Too lengthy in the fridge and the eggplant could get weird spots like this. In the short term, many civilization recommend save eggplants on the counter, yet there they can shrink and wrinkle as the room-temperature air leader to water loss.

If you deserve to minimize the time in between harvest and dinner, both you and the eggplant will be fare better.

“In our dwellings we don’t have actually ideal storage conditions for eggplant,” Gunter said. “Our refrigerators are too cold; the counters space too hot. It’s a stressful environment.”


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