The Californian rabbit breed is a beautiful big white bunny that is gentle and can be good around children. Castle do need a tiny bit of extra space to have a nice run to expend their energies in but they space well worth it to hare fanciers of all levels native novice through to expert!


Breed Name:Californian
Other Names:Californian White
Country the Origin:United states of America
Breed Purpose: Meat, fur, show, and pets
Breed Size: Large
Breed Weight: Female/Doe: 5.45 kgs Male/Buck: 4.9 kgs
Breed Color(s):White through black clues – recognized by the ARBAEngland establish the white through black point out (normal color) they additionally recognized chocolate, blue and Lilac.

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Physical Appearance:They have a well-rounded commercial type body with a cotton tail, short ears that are rounded in ~ the tips and also close with each other on the head.Their bodies room well muscled, and they have actually a course no a soft thick coat.
Temperament:Affectionate, can be fairly active, friendly, docile, calm and gentle


They Californian rabbit breed has an typical lifespan that 5 to 10 years of age.They room a very active breed that does need exercise and toys and also or obstacle to store them occupied. And a many time exterior in bespeak to work off your excess energy and also keep lock healthy.They have a good-sized litter; the babies prosper at a good rate come a marketable age and the females make an excellent mothers with terrific maternal instincts.
Good Pets?They make great pets for family members with children of any ages, singles and additionally the novice owner/breeder
Child Friendly?Children have to be supervised roughly animals and properly taught exactly how to watch after them and also handle them. Rabbits deserve to bite and scratch
Ideal Climate:All climates – rabbits need to never be left outside without ideal shelter and also housing that need to be increased off the ground and predator safe.
Conservation Status: Not listed by the *ALC Status/Rarity: not at risk
Recognized through the ARBA? Yes
Rabbit Associations/Clubs: Californian rabbit Specialty Club, Inc.
Where to buy them? The Californian rabbit Specialty Club, Inc. Would be the finest place to find information pertaining to regional breeders and other information that may be required.
Note: *ALC represents American breed boy Conservancy


The Californian hare breed walk resemble the Himalayan rabbit breed as their noting are rather alike. The Himalayan hare breed has actually a longer an ext cylindrical body type.

It is finest to have rabbit hutches have solid floors together they can build sore hocks. That is likewise best to inspect their wellness regularly particularly if they are spending time exterior or your hutches are external as lock can conveniently get fly-strike.

They can seem shy or timid in ~ times, yet a bit of affection and attention will go a long means in bringing out their loving, gentle and also friendly nature.

Their hutches must be lifted turn off the soil for protection from both the elements, damp earth, and also predators. Their cages need to be secure and also safe with sufficient room for the rabbit to have the ability to stretch your legs and also world off your excess energy.

Rabbits do actually prefer to play and as such enjoy toys together a small ball and also various obstacles, they can weave their means in and out of, hop on, over, under, etc.

A healthy diet of new fruits, vegetable, hare pellets, and also fresh an excellent grade hay will go a long means to ensuring that your rabbit remains healthy and live a lengthy happy life.

Hay is a need to for rabbits to help ensure their teeth execute not get too long. Throughout the rabbit’s weekly health and wellness checks constantly check ~ above the state and length of their teeth. If you room unsure about their this or miscellaneous does not look right around them call your local vet for advice.

When grooming your rabbit, remember to examine their nails together they can be clipped yet if you have never excellent it prior to it is constantly best to look for advice on just how to execute it.

Rabbits can make great companions and may even learn come respond to your names or a command to come to you. The does take it patience and also consistency to get it right and also be certain to remember to reward castle well.


The Californian hare breed was arisen by George West of California in 1923. He want to develop the perfect meat each other of rabbit v a desirable dense coat.He produced the each other by very first developing a tiny chinchilla colored male from breeding Chinchilla rabbits through the Himalayan white hare breed.

The buck native the off-spring the the Chinchilla/Himalayan cross to be bred with a few other brand-new Zealand hare in stimulate to make them enlarge in stature. Thus, after many years, the Californian Rabbit came about. George West then sent some of his new breeds to 2 of breeders he reliable in southerly California and together operated on perfecting this beautiful brand-new breed of rabbit.

The Californian rabbit was presented to the American rabbit Breeders Associations because that the very first time at among its conventions in 1932 in Pittsburgh, PA. The Californian hare breed ended up being a recognized breed v the American rabbit Breeders combination in 1939 and given a functioning standard.

They Californian hare breed is around the second most well-known rabbit each other in the United claims behind the brand-new Zealand White rabbit breed. They were initially bred for their meat and fur production and are good for advertisement production.

They are called after the state in America whereby they were very first bred in, the state that California, United claims of America.The Californian Specialty society was created in 1946 and was established in bespeak to far better develop the breed in bespeak to do it a great breed because that the show table.Their youth members were well-known by the Californian Specialty club in 1958 affording the youth member the same privileges as the adults. The club was additionally the very first club to acknowledge its youth members before any kind of other specialty club.

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The Californian hare breed has won the “Best in Show” title 4 times together American rabbit Breeders Conventions. The Californian hare breed mirrors with a really high traditional as their breeders/members become more and an ext skilled at reproduction the Californian rabbit breed with a an outcome they are breeding show perfect rabbits that conform come high exhibition standards.