Olive trees are probably the ideal trees in the world. Yet did you recognize that the earliest olive tree is much more than 3000 years old? and also that an ingredient in olive oil can help in the fight versus cancer? check out this facts.

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There space olive trees that are much more than 1,000 years old. Part rich human being love to have an old olive tree in their garden. The price of a 500 come 1,000 + year old olive tree is about 10,000 – 50,000 euros. Many olive trees reach the period of 300 come 600 years, for this reason old olive tree are very fragile and also require one-of-a-kind treatment.


The oldest olive tree in the civilization is located on the island the Crete (Greece). That is 2,000 – 3,000 years old. However, some world say that the Olive Tree the Vouves more than 3,000 years old. Quite tidbit: This olive tree tho produces olives. You recognize that this olives are an extremely expensive. The oldest olive tree in the human being is went to by more than 20,000 human being every year.

You might think the the olive is a vegetable, yet that is not true. The olive is a fruit and can it is in pink, black, brown, violet or green.


Olives can be eaten, however they can likewise be provided to extract olive oil. Olive oil is an excellent for you, particularly extra virgin. Around 73% of the fatty acid in olive oil is a straightforward unsaturated fat called oleic acid. This is incredibly healthy. Olive oil is loaded v potent antioxidants, has solid anti-inflammatory properties and also can even prevent stroke.


Did you know that an ingredient in olive oil appears promising in the fight against cancer? The ingredient is oleocanthal, a compound the ruptures part of the cancer cell, leading to enzymes that reason cell death. Fortunately, Oleocanthal has not damaged healthy cells. The paper was published in the scientific journal Molecular and Cellular Oncology.

The olive branch is a sign of peace. This symbol was offered in background to explain armistice by giving it to enemies. Follow to the Bible, a pigeon came earlier to Noah through a olive branch in his mouth.

The very first eyeshadow was produced by mixing olive oil and also ground charcoal. It was offered in ancient Greece. Yes, olive oil was supplied earlier. In 2014, scientists discovered 8,000 year old olive oil in Ein Zippori, a town near Nazareth.


The olive Tree is defended by law. In France, components of Italy and parts the Spain Is it illegal to market old olive trees. The is necessary, since many old olive trees die during transport. If you desire to buy one old olive tree, please call an olive nursery, such as Finca Hermosa.

Olive trees are hardy and can live in other climates than the Mediterranean climate. What an olive tree requirements is a long and hot summer and a cool (not cold) winter. That"s why you see this tree in plenty of parts of Asia, America, Europe and also Australia.

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Do you think an olive tree can bear fruit indigenous the beginning? No, it doesn"t happen. The takes about fifteen years prior to an olive tree is mature and also you have the right to start harvest fruit. If you yes, really love olives, we indicate you purchase a mature olive tree instead of a really young olive tree.

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