Too lot OJ ~ above hand and no idea on just how to usage it before it go bad? How about putting that in the freezer? deserve to you freeze orange juice?

If girlfriend don’t drink OJ regularly, it’s simple to end up v leftovers. Friend buy a carton, drink a glass or usage some in a baking project, and have nothing to execute with the rest.

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If friend don’t an especially enjoy it, it’ll probably sit in the fridge until it spoils.

Fortunately, there is a far better way come go around this, particularly if you’re willing to sacrifice a little bit of quality.

Fresh OJ in a glass

Can You freeze Orange Juice?

You surely recognize that you deserve to put the OJ in the freezer, and also it’ll freeze solid. What you’re interested in is if it transforms out any an excellent after thawing.

The ideal answer come that concern is: the depends.

To me, the frozen and thawed OJ tastes perfect fine. Come get better insight, I run a check on my wife, together she is more crucial than me once it comes to such matters.

I asked she to drink a little bit of new (pulpless) orange juice and a little of thawed one, without telling her which is which. The job was simple: tell which one was previously frozen. She couldn’t phone call the difference, and guessed wrong.

That way that the tastes are rather similar, and you’ll gain frozen and also defrosted OJ too.

Here’s just how fresh OJ (left) compares to a frozen and thawed one (right):

Fresh (left) and thawed (right) orange juice
As you have the right to tell, both juices look almost the same.

Besides drinking OJ as-is, over there are number of other choices that work perfectly fine because that frozen and defrosted OJ. Ns list those in the following section. If one of two people of the suggestions work-related for you, freezing the juice is an option.


Pulpy orange juice doesn’t freeze and pulpless one. Think about straining the liquid prior to freezing if you’re working through the former.

Pouring orange juice in an ice cube tray

How To usage Frozen & s Orange Juice

There space a pair of options, depending upon your preferences:

Drinks. include a cube or 2 to a glass the water top top a heat day. Or use rather of ice cream cubes in a drink or cocktail.Baking and also desserts. some pies and also cakes need a little of OJ to include flavor. Frozen and thawed one normally works just as well as a new one. Exact same thing through sorbets and the like.Drink as-is. In many cases, friend won’t be able to feel the difference. But if you have super-sensitive taste sprout or speak to yourself an OJ connoisseur, go with one of the other options.

Orange juice in a carton

How To freeze Orange Juice

Before we go any kind of further, I’d favor you come think around how you’re walk to usage the frozen juice. If require be, go with the perform of possibilities once again and also choose one or two.

That’s important since you’re walking to part the OJ based on how you’re walk to usage it in the future. This way, you always defrost as much as you need, and also you don’t need to bother through the leftovers.

Figured out just how you’re going to use the orange juice? Great, let’s obtain to freezing it.

Label and also freeze. label the container(s) if you like and put them right into the freezer.If you’re using an ice cube tray, transport the cubes right into a freezer bag as soon as they’re frozen solid. friend probably already do that with constant ice cubes, add to you acquire your ice cube tray back.

That’s it. Your leftover orange juice is frozen and also ready to be used when you require it. It can sit in the freezer for at least a couple of month without any significant loss that quality.

Frozen orange juice cubes

How come Thaw Orange Juice

When it pertains to thawing frozen OJ, there room two options:

In the fridge. The easiest means is to move the OJ into the refrigerator the night before you need it. The entirety defrosting procedure takes between two hours for small cubes come 8+ hours for large containers, so plan accordingly. You have the right to submerge the container in lukewarm water to speed things up a bit. Don’t expect miracles, though.Use without thawing. You currently know at the very least a pair of ways just how to use cubed OJ. If you’re going with either of those, climate you deserve to skip defrosting.

Glass that orange juice

Freezing Orange Juice FAQ

Can You freeze Orange Juice In Cardboard Carton?

Yes, girlfriend can. The cardboard carton withstands freezing simply fine. The only thing come remember is to pour turn off a couple of ounces before you chuck it right into the freezer.

If the carton is full and there’s not enough head-space in it, the broadening liquid will rip a hole in the cardboard. That method cleaning increase the freezer, and also I’m certain you’d prefer to prevent that.

Can You frozen Orange Juice In Mason Jars?

Yup, assuming that your jars are freezer-safe, and also you remember around leaving an inch or two of space before the shoulder or the rim of the jar.

Can You frozen Orange Juice in a Glass Bottle?

Sure, as long as the party is freezer-safe and also you leave enough head-space.

How lengthy Does s Orange Juice Last?

Generally speaking, you must use the thawed juice within two to three days. It could keep because that longer, yet you never know.

I suggest you frozen it in little portions and also only thaw as lot as you need. This way, girlfriend never have actually to worry if it’ll last until you require it or not.

Can ns Refreeze Frozen and Thawed Orange Juice?

Yes, as long as you thawed it in the fridge. The idea that refreezing gift unsafe is usually a myth. If you’d choose to read more about that, inspect out this brand-new York time article.

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That gift said, the juice’s high quality will be even worse after one more round that freezing and thawing. In short, you have the right to refreeze orange juice safely, but it’s much better to setup ahead and also defrost only as much as girlfriend need.