At room temperature and atmospheric pressure,oxygen and also carbon dioxide space both gasses. Infact, they room close to what scientists call idealgasses. Appropriate gasses are much an ext easy tounderstand 보다 non-ideal gasses. Because that idealgasses, the thickness of the gas (the weight for agiven volume--basically the heaviness) is directlyproportional come the massive of an individualmolecule. Because that oxygen, a molecule consists of twooxygen atoms, and also has a load of 2 x 16 = 32. For carbon dioxide, there is one carbon atom(weight 12) and also two oxygen atoms (mass 16 x 2) fora total of 44. This way that carbon dioxideshould be around 44/32 = 1.375 time as hefty as anequivalent volume the oxygen. In reality, oxygengas has actually a density of 1.429 grams/liter at theso-called standard pressure and temperature(basically room temperature and atmosphericpressure) while carbon dioxide has actually a thickness of1.977 grams/liter. If you do the math, friend willfind the carbon dioxide is 1.383 times together heavyas oxygen. This method that the "ideal gas model"is very an excellent in this case. Incidentally, if you cooled these gasses down andpressurized them till they liquified (liquidoxygen is offered as rocket fuel, fluid carbondioxide is supplied to carbonate soft drinks) youwould acquire a various answer. Fluid oxygen isactually heavier 보다 liquid carbon dioxide by alittle bit. 1.149 grams/ milliliter because that liquidoxygen in ~ its boiling allude versus 1.101 grams/milliliter for liquid carbon dioxide.Ifyou cool even much more and get solid oxygen and carbondioxide you would find than carbon dioxide isslightly heavier 보다 a similar volume that solidoxygen. Heavy carbon dioxide is additionally known together dryice, and also is used to store thing cold when ordinaryice is not an excellent enough.

Answer 2:

What you room really interested in the thickness ofthe gas, quite than the weight.For most gases atatmospheric pressure, a offered volume has thesame variety of molecules at a provided temperature. This is recognized as the appropriate gas law. The density(or exactly how "heavy") other is depends on theamount of mass per volume - a lb of lead and apound the feathers has actually the very same mass, however take upquite different volumes, and hence have actually quitedifferent densities, with the leak having actually a highdensity (heavy) and also the feathers having actually a lowdensity (light). For perfect gas, the density isjust the molecular weight of the gas, separated bythe volume that a given number of molecules. Since agiven variety of molecules constantly takes increase the samevolume for a gas, the higher the molecule weight,the "heavier" the gas is, or the greater thedensity. Carbon dioxide has one carbon atom andtwo oxygen atoms, and a molecular load of 44grams every mole ( a certain variety of molecules).The oxygen in the air is in reality O2,or molecular oxygen, v a molecular load of32. Hence, carbon dioxide has actually a greater density,or is heavier 보다 oxygen. The is why you needto be cautious with carbon dioxide. That candisplace the oxygen in a room and also lead toasphyxiation.

Answer 3:

Carbon has actually an atom wt of 12, oxygen in diatomicform(O2) the 32 and also CO2 of44. This means that the mass of 6x1023atoms that CARBON has a mass of 6 kilograms, themass of 6x1023 diatomic oxygenmolecules is 32 kg, and also for CO2 its44kg, so carbon is the lightest and also CO2the heaviest.

Answer 4:

Well, what renders up oxygen gas? Oxygen gas ismade up of 2 oxygen molecules stuck together. That"s why you"ll occasionally see O2 when they meanoxygen (get it...two oxygens). Anyway, carbondioxide is consisted of of two oxygen and a carbonmolecule. For this reason which do you think isheavier?The answer is carbon dioxide. Bonus question: how much heavier is carbondioxide 보다 oxygen?

Answer 5:

Well, oxygen molecules have actually two oxygen atoms. Carbon dioxide molecules have actually two oxygen atomsplus one carbon atom. So which molecule perform youthink is heavier?

Answer 6:

I"ll provide you a hints on this one and also then i betyou"ll be able to figure it out for yourselves.The symbol for oxygen is O and also the prize forcarbon dioxide is CO2.

Answer 7:

I to be going to assist you prize this one foryourself. All gasses (like oxygen and carbondioxide) have about the same variety of moleculesin, lets say a gallon of air. Therefore the differencein weight of the gasses is in proportion to difference in weight of the individual molecules.Now, the each oxygen molecule has actually two oxygenatoms. Each carbon dioxide molecule has twooxygen and also one carbon atom. Also without knowingthe load of this atoms, have the right to you tell currently whichwill it is in heavier? Write ago with your answer!

Answer 8:

That is an exciting question. Once, when I wasat the Exploratorium, a scientific research museum in SanFrancisco, I witnessed a great exhibit the actuallyanswered your inquiry perfectly! The exhibition hadyou punch a single soap bubble right into a large tubwith dry ice at the bottom. The soap balloon sanktowards the bottom the the bath tub at first, together youwould expect, however instead that hitting the bottomand popping, the bubble gradually stopped fallingand lastly sat suspended in the air! dried icegives off carbon dioxide gas, and so there to be athick layer of carbon dioxide in the bottom of thetub. Due to the fact that carbon dioxide is heavier 보다 air,and the bubble to be made that air, the bubbleactually floated above the carbon dioxide layerbecause it was lighter. Eventually, the chill fromthe dry ice cream froze the soap ~ above the surface of thebubble and the bubble sank to the bottom of thetub and stayed there, a perfect ball of hollowice.If you"ve ever before seen the smoke thatcomes turn off of dried ice, you probably already knewthe answer to her question, as that "smoke" isactually carbon dioxide gas mixed with watervapor, and also tends come "sink" and also collect top top thefloor or on respond to tops till it mixes through theair and also disperses.Here"s one exercise: thechemical formula because that molecular oxygen (the kindfound in the atmosphere and also which us breathe) istwo oxygen atoms bound together (two atoms total),while the chemistry formula because that carbon dioxide isone carbon atom plus two oxygen atom boundtogether (3 atoms total). If a carbon atoms weighs12 atom mass units, and oxygen atoms every weigh16 atomic mass units, how much more heavier is carbondioxide than molecular oxygen?

Answer 9:

Oxygen has an atom mass that 16 gram every mole. Thegas oxygen the is in the "air" has the formulaO2. That way that there space two atomsof oxygen. The formula because that carbon dioxide isCO2, that means one atom of carbon andtwo atoms of oxygen. The atomic mass the carbon is12 grams every mole.So one mole ofO2 weights : 2 x 16 = 32gramsOne mole of carbon dioxide : 12 + (2x 16) = 44 grams.Which one is heavier?

Answer 10:

Here"s a clue come the answer. Chemistry havecalculated a measure dubbed the atomic load formany different kinds the atoms. The atom weightof oxygen is 16 units and carbon is 12 units.

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Carbon dioxide is comprised of one atom the carbonand two atoms that oxygen. So, which is heavier oneatom that oxygen or two atoms the carbonDi-oxide?