One that the most popular wrestlers, Randy Orton, is a third-generation wrestler who ended up being the youngest WWE Heavyweight Champion at period 24.

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The ripe times holder of the WWE Championship and four times WWE civilization Heavyweight championship winner, has also served in the naval Corps till 2000.

Of course, plenty of of us have actually watched and also cheered him throughout his performances in WWE. But a the majority of facts around his an individual and skilled life are still unknown to us.

Who space his father and also grandfather? What is Orton’s height and weight? What is his net worth today? Without further ado, let’s quench our curiosity about him.

Randy Orton

Let’s begin by spring at few of the fast facts around him.

Quick Facts:

Full NameRandal Keith Orton
Birth DateApril 1, 1980
Birth PlaceKnoxville, Tennessee, US
NicknameThe Legend Killer, Randy
EducationHazelwood central High School
Father’s NameBob Orton Jr.
Mother’s NameElaine Orton
Siblings3 (one adopted)
Age41 years Old
Height6 feet 5 inches (196 cm)
Weight113 kg (250 lbs)
Shoe Size15
Eye colorBlue
Hair ColorDark Brown
ProfessionProfessional Wrestler, Actor
Active years2000-present
Marital StatusMarried
Wife/ Spouse’s NameSamantha Speno (m. 2007-2013)

Kim Marie Kessler (m. 2015)

Net Worth$11 million
Salary$2.7 million
Social MediaTwitter, Instagram
MerchAction Figure, Outfits, T-Shirt, Hoodie
Last UpdateOctober, 2021

Randy Orton | at an early stage Life, Family, and also Education

Born in Knoxville, Tennessee, Randy to be the child of skilled wrestler Bob Orton Jr. and nurse Elaine Orton.

Moreover, talking around the wrestler’s family, his grandfather Bob Orton and uncle Barry Orton are experienced wrestlers. His younger brother, Nathan, is a stand-up comedian.

In his early on days, his parents, together they were conscious of the obstacles in the life that a expert wrestler, do the efforts to sway him to remain away indigenous the business.

He saw Hazelwood central High School, from where he i graduated in 1998. Notably, Randy was an amateur wrestler there.

Randy Orton |Life prior to Wrestling: The Marines

Randy joined the Marines after completing high institution in 1998. Yet as a result of disobeying one order from a commanding officer and going desertion two times.

He was discharged in 1999 for bad conduct. Moreover, Orton invested 38 work in the armed forces prison at Camp Pendleton.

In 2000, Orton debuted in a wrestling job at the Mid-Missouri wrestles Association- southerly Illinois Conference wrestling (MMWA-SICW).

His father and other promo staff trained him there. For one month, the wrestled because that the promotion.

Randy Orton | rings Career

Ohio valley Wrestling

After signing a address the then world Wrestling Federation in 2001, Orton brought on his training in ~ Ohio valley Wrestling in Louisville.

There the was, 2 times OVW Hardcore Champion. Rico Constantino, Steven Richards, and also John Cena (then The Prototype) to be his significant opponents.


On March 16, 2002, Orton showed up for the an initial time official in WWF in ~ WrestleMania X8’s fan Axxess yet was televised just on SmackDown ~ above April 25 of the exact same year. Instantly, he obtained love native his fans.

And eventually, he was drafted come the Raw brand. In his debut top top the show, he beat Stevie Richards.

Later, he joined v Ric Flair, Triple H, and also Batista in the development stable, who dominated all the men’s titles on Raw in 2003.

He got notoriety for feuds with respected wrestlers v his self-proclaimed “The Legend Killer” title. During those times, he arisen his well known signature finisher, the RKO.

Youngest WWE Champion

By beating Chris Benoit at SummerSlam, Orton became the youngest civilization champion at the period of 24. Besides, he defended the title versus Benoit in a rematch on Raw.

However, his development mates were not pleased with his victory, and he had several feuds and fights through them, leading to his breakup v the group.

Also, he shed to Triple H at the Royal Rumble for the people Heavyweight location in January 2005.


To avenge his location loss come Triple H, Orton agreed through Edge to form a sign team, “Rated-RKO,” that defeated DX (Triple H and also Shawn Michaels).

Soon, the two ended up being the human being Tag Team Champions. However, later on they competed versus each other, and also the team finally broke up when Edge to be drafted come SmackDown.

WWE Championships

Orton won the WWE Championship in 2007 after john Cena left it as result of injury.

He regained it through Triple H and retained it with Shawn Michaels, chris Jericho, Jeff Hardy, john Cena, and also Triple H on multiple occasions.

Randy Orton inside the ring.

He winner it again in 2009 through pinning Triple H and retained it with Batista. In June 2010, the regained the location in a deadly four-way match and also defended it versus Triple H and John Cena.

But he at some point lost it come Cena in one “I Quit” match before regaining versus him Hell in a Cell match.

The Legacy

Meanwhile, Orton developed an alliance with Cody Rhoades and Manu called “The Legacy” in 2008. They beat Batista and also Triple H in your debut. But the coalition broke soon in 2010.

World Heavyweight Championships

After coming to be the youngest champion in 2004, Orton winner the World Heavyweight Championship because that the 2nd time in 2011.

He won it in ~ the may 3 illustration of SmackDown against Christian, versus whom he defended the title three times.

Further, in a No hold Barred enhance in August, that again regained the title versus Christian.

Later, in December 2013, he beat John Cena in ~ TLC to become the critical heavyweight champion, the 4th for him.

Grand Slam

In the orbit that the WWE United claims Championship, he beat the Champion Bobby Roode to be the 18th cool Slam Champion.

Feuds and Rivalries

Proclaimed together “The Legend Killer,” Orton obtained in feuds countless times in his career.

His feuds include the likes the The Undertaker, his previous tag team partner Triple H, Dolph Ziggler, The Shield (Dean Ambrose, roman Reigns, and Seth Rollins), Sheamus, his former Rated-RKO partner Edge, and also many others.

He teamed with Daniel Bryan and Kane top top the June 14 SmackDown to finish the Shield’s unpinned and unsubmitted streak.

His nickname important reflected his persona that disrespecting countless legends that the competition and defeating castle on numerous occasions.

He also adopted “the Viper” character for his cheat personality, favor a snake.

“No one to win The Legend Killer. That’s why I’m the best in this business!” – Randy Orton quotes.

Randy Orto | acting Career

Orton play supporting functions in comedy-drama films That’s What i Am (2011), Changeland (2019), and also Long shoot (2019) and also appeared in action films 12 rounds 2: Reloaded (2013) and The Condemned 2 (2015).

However, he was replaced every time that was collection to be actors for the Marine movies The marine 2 (2009) and also The maritime 3: Homefront (2013).

He additionally played as a guest in the December 2016 episode of the USA network’s action series Shooter.

He showed up on the talk display Jimmy Kimmel Live in 2004 and also on the game present Deal or No transaction with Edge, john Cena, and Bobby Lashey in 2007.

Randy Orton | Titles

Apart from ripe WWE Championships and also four World Heavyweight Championships, in his WWE career, Randy has additionally won two Royal Rumbles, 2013 Money in the Bank, and WWE us Championship.

Likewise, that is additionally the 17th Triple Crown Champion, 10th cool Slam Champion, and WWE Intercontinental Championship.

Interestingly, the has also been title as ‘Rookie the the Year’ in 2001, ‘Most Hated Wrestler the the Year’ in 2007 and 2009, ‘Most improved Wrestler of the Year’ in 2004, and ‘Most famous Wrestler the the Year’ in 2010.

In addition, Randy has likewise won ‘Wrestler that the Year’ in 2009 and 2010, and also many much more by Pro wrestling Illustrated.

Besides, numerous magazines have also ranked that No. 1 in the optimal 500 singles wrestlers (PWI 500)in 2008.

Furthermore, Wrestling Observer Newsletter has given him titles favor Most Improved in 2004, Most Overrated in 2013, etc.

Randy Orton | personal life and Children

Orton to be married to Samantha Speno in September 2007, through whom he had a daughter called Alanna Marie Orton in 2008 prior to they divorce in 2013.

Later, the married Kimberly Kessler, a member that his pan club, in November 2015. Kim and Randy started dating each other in 2012, after ~ the pair locked eye at a WWE.

Randy Orton through his wife, Kimberly Kessler.

They had a daughter named Brooklyn climbed Orton in 2016 and also have been living happy at your residence in St. Charles, Missouri.

Moreover, Kimberly also has three sons from her previous relationship.

Randy Orton | Tattoos

Randy’s body is covered with tattoos. He has his wife Kim’s name tattooed on his finger and also tribal barbed wire on his top back across his shoulder.

Likewise, he has a holy bible passage indigenous Peter 5:8 top top his best arm by covering previously written “United States maritime Corps.”

In addition, he also has a rose tattoo on his left arm through his daughter Alanna’s name and birthday.

You can uncover the recent news, enhance details, photos, rankings, lists of Randy Orton ~ above the BleacherReport website.

Randy Orton | network Worth and Salary

From his experienced WWE career and also roles in some movies, that is expected that Randy has accumulated a net precious of $11 million together of 2021.

He is listed fourth in Forbes’ highest-paid wrestlers’ list with an annual salary of $2.7 million from his WWE contract.

Likewise, he has a lavish hose at St. Charles, Missouri, bought for $1,225,000, and also owns several sophisticated cars choose Hummer H2 Dub.

On the various other hand, he has made a the majority of charity-related contributions in his career.

In particular, that is linked with the youngsters Wish Network and regularly contributes to the Make-a-wish foundation.

Social Media Presence:

Randy actively uses well-known social media handles favor Twitter and Instagram.

Twitter: 6.2 million followers

Instagram: 6.1 million followers

Some FAQs:

What room Randy Orton’s 5 ideal matches?

Here is the list of Randy Orton’s 5 best matches:

Randy Orton Vs. Cactus Jack: Backlash 2004Randy Orton Vs. Triple H Vs. Chris Benoit Vs. Edge Vs. Chris Jericho Vs. Batista: new Year’s revolution 2005Randy Orton Vs. John Cena Vs. Sheet Vs. Shawn Michaels: Backlash 2007Randy Orton Vs. Christian: over The border 2011Randy Orton Vs. Christian: SummerSlam 2011

What isRandy Orton’s finishing move?

Randy Orton’s famous finishing relocate is the RKO. The full type of the RKO relocate is “Randy’s punch Out.”

It is obtained from his initials, which is a jumping variation of the cutter move. He likewise uses various other finishing moves like full nelson slam, overdrive, and also running punt.

What is Randy Orton’s theme song?

Randy Orton’s theme tune is the “Voices” by Rev Theory. It is among the most iconic song in WWE.

The music reflects his cold and also dark persona with the lyrics talking to him, offering the impressions of his on-stage “the Viper” and also “the Killer” character.

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How much does Randy Orton weigh?

Randy Orton stand 6 feet 5 inches (196cm) tall and also weighs 113 kg (250 lbs). He has actually an athletic, muscular body.